Monday, August 8, 2011

I'll Try Again

Let's see if there is more photo than field this time.

Also, no comment regarding the quality of the photos due to the quality of the photos.

I am trying to get this computer working for matters other than photos and have better material yet to post, so there.

It's a process at the moment...

Sun Today

Yeesh...I have to try a different computer...this isn't popping up the way I had thought it should...

Several quick snaps above, will have to look and post better this evening.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


The movie Rango was a little slow but has much to offer on many levels, humor high on that list. Well worth your time.

That's all...

I Still Roam the Earth

I should just poke through and post a bunch of photos to catch up...and I shall...just a note to mention returning...

This summer's highlight so far is not getting burned, then pinched by a crab and subsequently drooled on by stray dog w/no rabies vaccination. (see last summer)

Keep banging my head against things though...and seeing flashes of light...and, well, maybe this rabies thing is more pesky to shake off than I had anticipated.

At any rate carry on and I will use this computer access to post for next few days as work allows.