Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin' Carvin'

A great holiday and a lovely American method for the carvin', sadly the tool is Austrian.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I am supposed to call up an Alzheimers program...and I keep that in mind all day and then forget the name...

That's Handy

The Gentleman's Guide to Villainy

via BSBfB

The Gentleman's Guide to Villainy from Aidan McAteer on Vimeo.

Also from Borderline:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Obama's Cousin

Against Obamacare?

Washington times:

and an unconfirmed blog, "about" section here:

I'm not sure I like that Obama I get to vote against my enemies, or simply get shuffled to the back of the bus?

Now this gladhander has already called his grandmother, who raised him, a "typical white woman".

Where is the outrage, he has a pattern? He is a bigot.

If I am wrong NPR will condemn me...

Busy Bees

Beat computers.

via C2CAm

This is Awful

It's hideous and not in the least funny at all.

It is absurd.

I heard this on the radio again today, haven't heard it in quite a while. Opie and Anthony played it.

Larry King interviewing a victim of a particularly heinous violent crime.

Was Larry hungry during this interview?

"HALL: Uh-huh. And I did, and as I came out of the grocery store and got in my car, Phillip knocked on my window and said, you know, I can't seem to get my car to start, it's cold, do you think you could give me a ride, you know, which way are you going? And, of course, he was going to go anyway -- any which way I was going. And so, I did.

KING: Why did you let him in the car?

HALL: I don't know. It was the worst decision I've ever made, I think. It truly was.

KING: What happened when he got in?

HALL: When he got in, I filled his hands with a lot of food that I had in the front seat anyway -- I tried to engage him.

KING: He was holding your food?

HALL: He was. I tried to engage him in small conversation on the trip. Tried to stay on the main street, and when I got ready to turn, he said, where I'm staying is right up the road here. And it was again on another main street that I turned. So I took him a little further up, and then he said, well, it's just around this corner, and I said, well, okay, and I just turned around the corner and pulled over, and he slammed my head into the steering wheel, and pulled out handcuffs. He took my keys out, threw them on the floor, and pulled out handcuffs, and handcuffed me, and said, 'I just want a piece of ass. If you be good, you won't get hurt.'

KING: What did he do with the food?"

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Stop donating and make yourself heard over there.

They just fired Juan Williams.


If Mr. Williams is the victim of political correctness where do you think they managed to bury a victim like the truth?

They have no shame, they are robots in a fascist P.C. factory.

Poor Juan, I have no ill words towards that man. He was naive and well meaning. If that is the worst you can speak of a man then canonize him now.

Bastards. I officially hate NPR now. I predict a backlash. Those pricks deserve all the bad press they will garner. Sadly with punks like that the decision makers won't face the music, they will throw lackeys under the bus.

Again, JUAN WILLIAMS was fired for his free speech, not on NPR, but, of course, on FOX.

Any way you view this NPR is dogshit. Morally, ethically, in terms of character and courage. F NPR.

Now I can't wait to see what Laiassen (sp?) et. al. have to say through their gritted teeth and fear of termination.

NPR are bigots towards honest patriotic Americans, amongst others. They depict Tea Party people in a manner which is beneath contempt. I defy any person who has made a Tea Party joke to have a discussion with 80+ percent of those I spoke with at tea parties. The fact that you are upset enough to participate is a self selecting quality which puts it fair enough towards the educated end of the historical and political spectrum.

What are the chances that Mr. Williams was fired by someone who doesn't even know what the hadith is?

That is, unless they were themselves muslim. Leave it to NPR to hand the keys over and declare the whole establishment a dhimmi enterprise.

Williams often pissed me off and often made me sad for my own society and nation, but they were lucky to have him.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Islamic Intolerance

at the nation-state level. A very good thing, at that!!

So from anything I have read over the years more than 80 percent of the funding of mosques, those redoubts and pillboxes of intolerance and misogyny, have, in the U.S. been funded by wahhabi's Saudi money. (I continue to go back and lower case any term dealing with islam. Cult's don't get the treatment of a respectable religion)

So grim. Such an ugly spectacle with so little potential for sunlight and open discourse which is necessary for an alteration of our heading. We have no viable "fourth estate" to address any enemies of enlightenment. Only a Dhimmi fifth column. God Damn our journalistic class to hell. God Damn them for pissing away my vote and stifling the expression of my thoughts and very voice as an American who believes in freedom and the right to liberal expression. P.C. kills. It kills freedom.

They oppose liberty with every effort to conceal the darkness of Islam's exports from muslim nations West.

Via Gates of Vienna we have a fantastic and refreshing response at a significant level to this clear effort at soft conquest and a blessedly bold refusal to submit.

'Norway refuses to allow mosque-building millions from Saudi Arabia

Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre [also known as “bin Gahr Støre” since he caved in and hung a newspaper’s editor-in-chief out to dry and ran around apologizing during the Mohammed cartoon crisis — translator] has made a surprising about-face today.

The Saudi government and a rich private person want to build mosques for tens of millions in Norway. They have the full right to do so, according to Norwegian law. However, there is a clause in the law that the Norwegian government has to approve the financial support.

The Foreign Ministry does not just refuse to accept the mosque-building contributions. In an answer to Tawfiiq Islamic Center, the Ministry writes: “It would be a paradox and unnatural to accept funding from sources in a country where there is no religious freedom”.

“We could just have said no, by principle the Foreign ministry doesn’t approve such a thing. But when we were asked, we used the opportunity to add that an acceptance would be a paradox while its punishable in Saudi Arabia to establish a Christian congregation,” says Jonas Gahr Støre to VG.'

Infidels are not allowed in Mecca or Medina. The very mention of those cities should send a chill up the spine of a westerner. One period in the life of the big "Mo" held the potential for a more relaxed, more tolerant cult leader. It would have changed history and spared blood on an unimaginable scale. The other period assured the current insanity.

I admit that I know very little of the enormity which is islam, but I seem to know more than most "journalists".

If you are a "journalist" please accept any apologies genuinely due, and please leave a comment with a manner in which I may take you to lunch and ask you questions for this blog.

Otherwise--for journalists--PISS OFF!!! You libtard jackape DHIMMI twats!!

NOTICE: this stand which their government is taking is only possible before the representative democracy is overwhelmed by the demographics of a sharia demanding immigrant class.

There is a man whose initials are M.C.--not myself--who, in front of a couple of other folks, asked me if I was afraid of losing my vote during a discussion of illegal immigration. I was, but in the early nineties I was uncomfortable saying so. I did not have the fortitude to make a stand. I hesitated and faltered before saying that at some point I would be uncertain as to the strength of my vote. I still regret not being more firm and certain in my answer, and damn the liberals for whatever they felt about me.

Parts of Europe are overwhelmed and such a stance is no longer possible for them.

I have friends who are Turk and Serb and, just as my legal Uruguayan and Brazilian and Portuguese friends are the most vociferous in their importuning, they think...well...what does anyone with half a brain assume they think?

CSpan Video Library

I enjoy some of the NPR content, though I find myself sputtering and turning it off more and more these days.

I find it ironic that those self important and arrogant twats kept their mouths shut and accepted 400 million dollars in McDonald's money.

The upshot? They have an excellent website and archiving. I am torn. I know that I will never give them a donation again so long as I can know what they are about to preach to me as soon as I know the topic. If only they could step up to a more vigorous and inquiring intellectual level, it would be backed up by such a professional and functional web presence.

So be it, they won't take the blame as they drive away listeners.

I notice that the Volokh conspiracy has a mention of the CSpan library, and it is fantastic.

Volokh is a great blog which attends to far more matters than simply law. The comments section can be very informative and lively, if at times discouraging. The amount of Liberty and self determination which these affluent and successful legal minds feel quite comfortable assuming we don't have and never should have had is vile. People don't believe me when I tell them that many in the legal universities are trying to establish the notion that humans have NO inherent rights. No baseline of liberty whatsoever. They are struggling with more passion to establish that animals have rights which are neglected, while striving to castrate every Western citizen of their last iota of freedom.

At any rate CSpan rocks! Yes, I wrote that :)! Does that make me a nerd or a geek? Sure, why not, they sound like fun things to be!

You can browse at the link. I thought that a few hours of Michio Kaku would be fine chamber music to round out the environment while you are up to other tasks. A very fine background, or, a fine focus, depending on which part of his conversations catch your mind. I know that you can even embed the videos now, and adjust the portion of the video you wish to view or send. Super friendly! Transcripts also!

Hulu now has a caption search engine which can lead to all sorts of discoveries. I never tried to conceal my love of libraries and archives. I have spent countless, honestly countless, hours in libraries throughout my life. I felt like the card catologue was a candy counter growing up and would poke through the random sweetness as if time were an immeasurable commodity. That's why this internet thingie is such a complementary compulsion to those old curiosity weaknesses.

So go and poke around CSpan and NPR why doncha'?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Letter to Obama

A co-founder of The Home Depot writes a letter to our magisterial President Barack Hussein Obama, published in the WSJ.

Ken Langone states very clearly that it would not be possible to start that business today, read why:

That sonofabitch millionaire Obama preaches to us that we are our brother's keepers, an odd bastardization and twisting of the response to God by history's first murderer. Yet his brother is still languishing in Africa and his Aunt is being put up by the taxpayers while she illegally resides in Boston. From Africa to Boston, movin' on up. Why won't the press ask Obama about that? Oh yes, they are the press, after all.

I can think of only one thing to like about that arrogant and pathological commie Obama, and that is what he has done for gun sales.

A Campaign Ad

Honest and transparant, it is, in fact, the ad of every politician, everywhere.

TWKUK,(they have some very funny material) via Maggie's Farm:

Here is a presidential press briefing involving, I think, Iran:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our Media

CNN reported last year that our military burned confiscated Christian bibles sent to Afghanistan amid fear they may be used to convert locals or...well, you know muslims when it comes to anything in the library other than the koran or hadith.

My issue is not even with the actions of the military, and that in itself separates my civilized response from the islamic world, a world which will not stay "over there".

My issue is that CNN reported that, and yet never mentioned it during their ridiculous and relentless coverage of the Florida minister who threatened to burn korans.

The media also reported that Arafat and his goons literally wiped their asses with pages from antique bibles during their seige of a christian site while butting heads with the Israelis. Not mentioned during the Florida hullabaloo.

Gitmo reporters learned after the koran flushing episode that muslims routinely desecrate their text in an attempt to blame us, yet they did not follow up and convey to their consumers their new found knowledge.

My loathing of the media is no secret.

Any editors out there care to have dinner?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Jackass 3d

Funny, violent and disgusting, it will make you laugh and cringe.

Also fascinating with the super slo mo in 3d when you don't have your head turned to avoid vomiting.

Two thumbs up.

Here is the NYtimes analysis with it's intellectual onanism.


Here is the Big Brother video "Shit"

Here is the Big Brother video "Boobs"

both are largely skating though you can see cast and template for jackass. Very profane at times not at all safe for work.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


So the government can attach tracking devices to your car without any probable cause or warrant as decided by the 9th circuit.

This is chilling and nauseating. Shame on the conservatives and the liberals for this one. Also dam the cocky prick who threatened this individual to hell. As for the individual, who knows? Perhaps he is guilty of something nefarious. That is immaterial to the egregious violation of decency and privacy emblematic in this entire process and situation.

via VFtP

Update: CAIR is involved. The individual probably needs tracking, which leads us to incompetence on the placement of the device etc. in this instance. However the 9th circuit's ruling still disgusts me. Alas, poor liberty.

My Favorite Billboard So Far

Bandit Obama billboard sparks storm ...

Update: This billboard and expression of free speach taken legally at the expense of an individual and efforts and labor of the billboard company has been taken down due to death threats.

Was the person upset over islamic terrorism or Obama? Homosexuality or borders? Corruption?

Let's tar and feather the death threatenors, they need to learn tolerance the hard way.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Projection displayed on Prague's 600 year old astronomical clock.

Jay visited the landmark on his recent trip and gave me a bookmark, which I use and stare at, compelled by the exquisite masterpiece. I would love to see it someday.

The display is amazing, it almost does not look as if it could be real and not a video effect.

via BoingBoing

The 600 Years from the macula on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Read This

If you are surprised or disorientated you are an idiot:

this will make much news. I predict. Give me one year.

Important Post

over at Instapundit.

a little more, if you are unaware, here.

Here is Pamela Gellar, piss off if you don't like her...I vet her as all...if she has valid info it is to your credit and benefit once you vet it, if not, discard or note.

Lizards and Ranges

A friend just called with a siting and capture of a lizard.

It was out of range according to the map.

Ranges are suggestions, not tax and district voting lines.

The little bastards don't turn in change of address forms.

Well, many civilized overlook that as well, but still.

It was a fence lizard.

I have seen timber rattlers out of range as well.

That's a good thing.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Louie Louie

And a progression that I did not know.

You will want to bookmark that site, it is essential for well rounded knowledge.

You have to give an extra moment to the thoughts of folks who use terms such as "horse-whipped."

also a must bookmark: the borderline sociopathic blog for boys.

Borderline has a wingsuit video. A different one than I have posted in the past, and, as always for those sick wingsuit videos, quite riveting.


The state of our nation's finances is past crises.

We do, however, seemingly have a few million to make sure children in Nigeria have an HIV positive muppet for their viewing pleasure. (alright, and learning)

No doubt we bought them the T.V.'s and power plants as well.

also at boing boing a very interesting link to the story of a woman who left her apartment in Paris before the war. She never returned and has since passed, and the apartment was opened revealing very neat items including a painting valued at 2+ million.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bill Bryson

Always worth the time.

via Althouse er, I think I just linked that at the top.

Either way, Bryson is awesome.

So Very Cool

Field Gun Competition also via Maggie's Farm

Very Hardcore

Click over and watch the full frame, I think.

Paddy may know a bit more about this as he has read quite a bit regarding the Brits and their naval literature.


American Kestrel

I had no idea.

They hover?

They need the open space of agriculture?

They are very colorful?

Did I ask if they hover? That may aid in chasing migrating dragonflies?


How cool is hovering?

Search this blog for hovering critters and machines, there are many.

Thank you Maggie's Farm!

Very interesting, all I can add is that they once made a wonderful bicycle, and may still.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Perfect for Jay

Here is a gift idea which I thought would be perfect for Jay this time of year:

Lil' Alligator


This is sooo cute. Notice how the lil' feller closes his eyes on that last hug and kiss.

What could possibly go wrong?

As liberals would have us understand, any behavior which occurs at all, no matter how rare, is perfectly natural.

Still though...freaky:

Friday, October 1, 2010

Which Scandal is Which?

So it is as intense of an election cycle as I have ever paid attention to and, sadly, nerdily, geekily, I have honestly paid attention all along, and from those lost days when I was so very young and even Frank Reynolds was still paying attention.

There will be tempests in teacups and there will be gargantuan disasters unexamined. We have no reporters, save Jake Tapper who comes to mind offhand.

Whatever corruption occurs on the party with a "D"'s watch will not be covered. I am fairly surprised the DOJ and the New Black Panther's are starting to flicker ever so faint a blip.

Greta Van Susteren I have mentioned before and, honestly, I would have to go back and look up the context. I believe I had checked out her political donations and her marital situation...oh, and maybe her boat. It's coming back now. (You can follow the links at that jump)

She was awesome tonight. Greta kicked ass in a very entertaining and satisfying manner. She was clear and intelligent and articulate and polite, and she asked devastating questions and allowed the guest to hang themselves with their facial expressions and far out failed ripostes. Greta has very little time and I have watched her pursue shallow material just to log out time as it seems that is the nature of the 24 hour news business these days, but not tonight. She made use of her woefully short time (for this topic and with this guest) and the very uncomfortable look on Alred's face is worth 23 dollars an hour, I'm thinking.

The scandal was the Whitman billionaire housekeeper-gate all out earth shatterer.

Women and minorities hardest hit!!
Interestingly the Gov. document questioning the record confusion counseled that it was wrong to fire the individual for...well...maybe being illegal.

I'll stick a couple of hypertexts up above for a background so you may gleen the framework and enjoy----The Greta Van Susteren interview of Gloria Alred (God Bless-er, scientific God-er, well...Simply-Bless Greta!! )

It Actually Happened

Take back your freedoms, please.

Here via Maggie's Farm, which, again, if you haven't bookmarked you are asserting a recalcitrant idiocy, is a brief animated exchange illustrating the occurrence of insanity at a school. No news there, but this one is beyond the pale, if sadly not unique.

MF links to this NatRev page which in turn links to the vid production of the story, in vlog format, titled Hannah's Story. Hannah has transferred to Pacific Coast State University. PC State.

She get's involved in starting a pro-life club.

I winced a little at the corny quotient in the production but found myself compelled. It reminded me a little of the original Degrassi. They take actual incidents from the University sphere in contemporary America and reference the idiocy depicted in real time in the player as you watch.

I am enjoying the notion of weaving the disparate vignettes into a length of hangman's rope involving a single character while indicating the paths to find more about each situation.

Here is episode 1 of Hannah.

Here is the Pyramid of Hate which is in episode 5 or so:

According to this pyramid every single group advocating for homosexuals or latinos or blacks is guilty of "acts of bias." I for one will, in light of this new understanding, reject any such group and stand proud and firm against their hate.

See? Even I can learn and improve my character, and I encourage you all to stand against the NAACP and La Raza, Hamas and the Southern Poverty Law Center, GLAD and CAIR and the list goes on and on...

Actually I will support F.I.R.E. as they are doing the work the ACLU is undermining, which is fight for liberty on campuses.

Is that
Xtranormal site free for producing these animated pieces?

I would love to write out some ideas and produce them in that format, the character rendering looks perfect for the delivery of dry humor and wry observations of our fubar mediaspace which has sadly become so confused with what would be actual culture.