Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Good Music is Still Being Made

While not safe for work this wonderfully produced gem is worth a listen.

Something tells me this is the sort of song which practically wrote itself.

Hat tip to Adam on the video sizing. If that's a word.

I think Adam is a word, I am not so sure about "sizing".

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Mom

This may be a rare video of my mother before we, as a family, decided it was unwise to let her continue driving.

She seems to have been driving quite well in this video, but such episodes, after a fashion, reduce sleep for those who care:

Maine Water

Update: O.k., So I am happy to have photos at the moment (hard drive still scaring me) and must back them up. I also realize that the above snaps are not the most poetic images ever rendered.

Still ask yourself, I insist, how busy that top photo looks. How many people do you see? Does it take some manner of cunning to photograph nature in environments which cooperate less in the endeavour?

I think Adam may remember a farm in which the photos were pre-zombie.

I love looking for the frame with the fewest folks...

Anyhow...more photos shortly.


I love them.

I had some fantastic and fantastically prepared oysters last week.

The sad news is that the Gulf has had such a difficult run, and that could be good news for the people who work the Sound.

"It's not clear how many oysters are produced in Connecticut because oystermen stopped reporting that to the state several years ago, when state legislation was proposed to tax the harvest, said David Carey, director of the state's Bureau of Aquaculture."

The CT legislators are jerks and buffoons and need a good tarring and feathering.

Effigies and Tar and Feathers will be delightful symptoms of real hope and change.

The article does not mention Damariscotta or PEI or points in between.

If you want a truly sublime oyster moment you would be hard pressed to find a better one than on the rocky waters of Maine.

A local oyster prepared by an insanely delicious restaurant is also a way to go.

I'm sure they sensed that a cretinous reprobate was lurking in the Victorian structure that evening, but they were too kind to throw me out. Tacky can be a crime, and I was certainly guilty of poviding my tacky presence and I am sure to have diminished the establishment's dignity.

Still and all, what a wonderful restaurant, wow was that tasty.

Just a word to wind up. A couple of words that I love, they are yummy and playful damnit.


I love that. It's like I get to think about romping jubilent puppies while savoring succulent exoskeletal butter soaked flesh. Even though "pound" does not imply a good time for the puppies.

Not subject to reason that fun fun and more fun term.


I love that.

As for the less playful and giddy and more clinical aspect of the term:

"According to “A History of Lobster” published by the Gulf of Maine Aquarium, a lobster pound used to refer to the tank that was built inside a shack on a deep tidal creek or harbor through which sea water was piped to nourish the lobsters therein. The first such lobster pound – modeled after those on lobster boats called “smacks” – was built in 1875 on Vinalhaven, a small island off the coast of Rockland and west of Isle Au Haut.

(The fact that part of Acadia National Park is on Isle Au Haut begins to explain the relationship of geography and etymology when it comes to lobster pounds.)

A second definition of lobster pound seems to be a large holding area for lobster created by wharves and netting. The tide cleans and refreshes the holding area. Today you can still witness this design at Riverview Lobster Pound in Pemaquid, Maine, which was built in 1888 by Freeman Grover. The area of this pound is two acres of surface and, according to its owners, “can accommodate over 50,000 pounds of lobsters comfortably.”

Whether we’re talking about the holding tank or the tidal lobster pound, the one thing the historians suggest for both is that they were wholesaling operations, intended to hold lobsters for long enough to take advantage of price fluctuations. "


Uh oh.

Just knocked my external hard drive off of the table. It has all of my photos and currently no back up.

If it still works I should...let's hope it will work. Ugh

Update: This could be bad. It was not running when it took the hit, I will simply have to walk away and try again later with fingers more tightly crossed. That's a really bad one.

Whew! I really need to back that up ASAP

Why is blogger so inconsistent, I did not place that photo at the top and the other evening they were uploading out of order?

Just glad to still have them, 60 dollar hard drive here I come!

Democrat Robbed

So many jokes and cruel ironies, and all sure to fall on deaf ears. Deaf progressive ears.

Too many jokes and ironies, actually.

It is clearly an example of "The Three Stooges Syndrome", too many gags trying to get through the door at the same time:

"Burns has numerous physical ailments and health problems, or more accurately he has nearly 'every' physical ailment and health problem. He is often to the point where he seems to straddle the line between life and death. On prior occasions, Burns may have died. Presently, Burns has a condition known as "Three Stooges Syndrome" where a delicate state of homeostasis is created by the presence in his body of every disease known to man and other newly-discovered diseases unique to him, which, when all trying to invade his body simultaneously, cancel out each other. Mr. Burns took this as being invincible, although the doctor who told him this implied that the slightest breeze could kill him.[7]"

It's rather like a Rorschach test. I don't believe in the notion of a Democrat mugged, it implies a level of learning to which they are immune, otherwise they would already be independents. Nope, clarity raping the unicorns which draw the liberal's insanity wagon is simply too rare an event to spark hope.

That known it is certain that democrats will see in the episode a need for more laws, government, grief councelors and spending.

So at first I thought the episode was too funny, and then I read the woman's vacuous and idiotic platform.

Chock full of brilliant gems such as the notion that if we give all illegal aliens green cards we will immediately know who they are and where they are at all times.

Not making that up, I will quote the dumb broad right now:

"Giving green cards to undocumented immigrants will protect our National Security. We’ll know who the immigrants are and where they are at all times. Lastly, giving green cards to undocumented immigrants will help protect our borders."

I can't laugh at that, progressives won't cease until they destroy the country and then they will point their fingers all around while demanding it all be fixed because they "feel" they have a right to the cushy civilization they are destroying.

This blog hates Republicans.

This blog hates Obama and his idiot minions.

This blog needs a mountain top like Winnebago Man.

Monday, August 23, 2010


It has been ages since I have worn moccasins. So long ago that I felt more haunted by the notion of them than I seemed to feel like a consumer with a purchase in mind.

Boy am I glad to be wearing them now.

Sadly and ironically I have never liked wearing socks, and I have hiked and biked my way through years of fouled boots and sneakers replaced of noxious necessity long before their potential was kicked through.

Knowing this I have embarrasingly flinched while donning the moccasins inside.

What would filter and delay the spigots of sci-fi hazardous waste otherwise known as my feet thereby giving my suede booties a fawn's chance in a forest fire?

Hmmm...uh oh...whatever may help it must also be comfortable. Very comfortable, otherwise why the moccasins at all?


Hideously I have arrived at BLACK DRESS SOCKS.

Thin, so thin that I feel comfortable in the scout boot.

They breath.

Yet they are enough to interrupt, however briefly, the corrosive powers of my dogs, (I hope.)

I must now address my ears. --- Hold on a second --- Could I be some manner of cyborg whose power cells have breached their containment systems?

Nah. Just Irish.

More Antique Transport

Owl's Head Transportation Museum

I loved it.

If only my timing were felicitous enough to have had me watching the WWI flyers and taking a ride in a biplane...Still! What works of staggering beauty!...Each station a cocktail of time and history and craftsmanship, color and contour, brilliance and movement. Gears and cams, ignition, torque, leverage, warping, fabric, dope and velocity...Beauty all...

A few photos are, I think, in order. Expect, however, no particular order.

The folks were so nice, something I have found in train and truck museums and nothing of a surprise.

I felt very comfortable wandering and snapping. I think others should have come along, they would have enjoyed it.

I will hit "PUBLISH" right now, but more is in the pipeline.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Adam Nails It

So this McAllister bloke is wondering about Obama's address regarding unlimited corporate spending and freedom of speech around elections.

I have a litmus test for sucker. It's real quick and easy and virtually unbeatable. If you fall for Obama's hypocritical rhetoric, you are a sucker.

Anti-Obama Bumpersticker - Suckers buttons

Adam has a fine riposte regarding this video of Obama on Youtube.

To quote:

"Adam Devalt
Dude, be careful not to piss on the couch, because it sounds like you're tripping that hard again.
Do you seriously believe that this inexperienced and pompous POS could have ever ascended to his "throne" without the aid of both corporation...s and foreign entities. Obama is Soros' sock-puppet.
I agree the system is broken. BTW, I consider myself neither right nor left. I try to distrust and hate all comers equally.
Backing away in disgust is not the same thing as apathy.
--On a lighter note check out track #5, Phil takes a bass solo at about 15:50 that will melt your face
See More
10 hours ago"

Twitter Comment

While I am at it how about "I had a grand and wonderful time in Maine, and am sad to see it reach into the past"

Twitter Comment

I don't have a twitter account, and my phone is almost out of battery juice at the moment, while I can't find the charger.

However, if I had those ducklings in a fit little row, I might tweet: "I am wearing moccasins and enjoying it."

Carry on...


Maggie's Farm had a brief post with an exquisite Vacheron Constantin.

I would love an RGM

The Telegraph

A U.K. paper has a piece on the top ten reasons for the Obama administration's tanking approval ratings.

this via the great Alphecca.

I need a new computer, but I also wish people would hit his tip jar enough for him to replace his, so that he could post much more often, and even enough for him to get high speed internet.

We have had no choice but to look to foreign papers for info regarding our nation, it is no secret that "loath" and "hate" are words which lack sufficient venom to indicate how I regard our fourth estate.

More foreign perceptions of our hobbled and troubled nation here:

They are also seeking assistance, and they are a valuable resource.

Along this theme let me add a great service which will allow you to peep through a hole into the vile islamic world and view, read and listen to the translations that our fourth estate is actively denying you, literally conspiring to keep you ignorant lest you have some sort of redneck backlash. It is MEMRI, link at bottom.

Islamic savagery is exotic and understandable to them, while Americans demanding freedom from Islamic intolerance is anathema and an embarrassment to the likes of Meecham et. al.

Remember all of the press over the one individual Matthew Shepard?

Where is the info and outrage over contemporary "Honor Killings"?

People want to know, and the press wants to manipulate you in your ignorance.

'“Honor killings,” someone wrote recently in an online forum, “have arrived in America.”

Not really.

In fact, honor killings have been going on in the Muslim communities of America for years. They haven’t just newly arrived: We’re only starting to know about them--in part because my colleagues in the media are only now summoning the courage to admit it.'

"Courage"? Please. That bit turned my stomach. The press reporting on facts, the press relating the sad tales of brutal murders takes some manner of "courage"?

Dear God, I need only see the media stammer and grope for some line with which to discredit Ayaan Hirsi Ali to get a vivid relief between courage and cowardice. If you have the stomach read this short bit at Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish in which they purport that Ali's personal narrative is "irrelevant", can you imagine after all of the bullshit about context and Obama's life story infusing him with a deeper understanding of the world and a vision blah blah blah...but Ali's life is irrelevant to her understanding of Islam and Muslim culture, which the writer asserts is bigoted and intentionally misleading. They also use her to slam conservatives as closet bigots. Sullivan and his crew have become such insufferable assholes, but the good news is that they are on the short list for muslim stoning, the useful idiots.

Female circumcision may not be in the koran, I don't know if it is in the hadith, but neither is the burqa or veil to my understanding. They have both gained much ground with the influence of radical Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood and the like since the '60s. If anyone ever tells you that the veil is necessary for religious reasons including while driving or having to be I.D.'d, don't buy it. Though I'm sure The Daily Dish will exonerate the one while invoking the other.

Type the word "Honor" into google, there must be desire for facts and information as the phrase "Honor Killings" is suggested in the first five auto returns, but the press is uninterested, they would much rather run interference for the evil cult which would applaud the Shepard killing.

Bookmark, the Middle East Media Research Institute

Oh well, I started off with one type of post and then started down a different path...Need I remind anyone that the term "Mess" is already in the banner?

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Wonderful Compound

Night Bay

This last worked out well.

There are more...I will be testing photo patience along the way...


That crazy New England weather, it happens in an instant.

I became so disorientated I could have sworn I had seen cows.

Sweet and candy colored cows.

Now that's crazy.

Happy Birthday Jimmy!!

Happy birthday and may you avoid any and all tactical errors in your celebration at the ball game.

Happy belated to Scott and Dave!

Canvas, Ocean Pups and Bottom Bugs

Wednesday, August 18, 2010