Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh Well

It's not that late, just have that feeling where you are more awake now than the whole day, so turn off everything and tune out with no self fulfilling prophecies...

D' it's the longest broadcasting MSM feller with a pilot's license who...ahh,

Toss and Turn Time

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Oh well...nice hike and found a new one. This image is altered, 'cause I'm screwin' around instead of going to sleep and then not sleeping.

(Watching some odd t.v. show with a celebrity board that determines if spouses are at fault for whatever annoying thing...They should load them all up with ambien, including the celebrity judges. That would be worth staying up for...never needed ambien but wow are there some yarns)

More anon.
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Not Much 'Puter Time

Though I do have a pressing need to organize the photos. Sooner than later, this may explain the poking around and posting "archive" snips.

As now (with the above old snaps), hope to actually read news and get things done in the next couple of days, dangit.

It's Been a While

I should work this feller into Helicopter Friday

You'll have to give me a second to think of some cool reason to have a Select-A-Tenna chopper pad, other than, well hell they are cool!

That and it is a challenging landing.

Dirt Road Blue Sky

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flintstone and Artifact

So I leave it to any and all to discern between the two.

One is a surprising artifact.

One is simply a photo from the archives of Fred Flintstone.

(I actually don't know how Fred always erred in that fashion. I had to work at it with him in mind. Must have been that quarry ale.)

A Couple Country Pics

Race Across America

and a ruined bike.

Paddy emailed me of this stunning and sick-minded is awesome.

So cool.

Then Mike emailed of a bicycle savaged by fixed-wing orangutans.

That poor bastard, it reminds me of a song:

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I can't power up my own computer without an hour plug.

This screen is as good as any I suspect, so here are a couple of photos:


This computer is telling me it's too large (too many bytes) to wrangle.

I need to fetch a power cord dangit.

Will try one more time...

This blows


Thursday, April 22, 2010


Excellent video of Hitler reacting to the takedown of Hitler parody videos from Youtube. Funny as long as it lasts. Via Volokh:

also, you may have been wondering. Does Hitler like Knock-Knock jokes?


Just because.

A link to Forvo: All of the Words in the World. Pronounced.

and translated.

I have linked to this before but used it again today.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BDay For BBowick

This week, as close as I can get. Today for all I know.
Happ Birthday Don!
That's you on the Right?:)
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Mark Twain

This year is one hundred removed from his passing.

CT is rich with his former presence and work.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Prism Glass

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More Cropping Purple Now

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Product Placement

I'll give them this first one, in anticipation of business.
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Another Camera Bounce Back

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In The DVD

Season three of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia"

Wow that is some good deranged humor.

It must be popular as when you type "It's..." into google that is the first prompt.

I should get some Paddy's paraphenalia for Paddy.

Today's Date

Isn't today some kind of date that is probably appreciated by Alfred or Adam or some such?

I know BoboKnickers birthday is this week, so happy birthday sir!