Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Unlucky People

I think I would have spotted that ad.

I am rarely not tense. These days especially.


Not Sure

I wish to link to this, but it is another thoughtful post at Samizdata.

also via Overlawyered

I Thought It Was Me

but I remained ignorant as well:

"Navy settles anti-sonar environmental lawsuits filed by Natural Resources Defense Council. I can’t tell from reading this AP story precisely what good the settlement will do for the Navy, or for whales, porpoises, and dolphins, but it appears money is changing hands"

..and this link to a site which is not always sfw but undertakes an important endeavour:


There Will Be

more than twelve months of "Fitzmas".

via Overlawyered

WSJ has a law blog. Also never skip Volokh.

What Do You Call

a baby platypus?

No prize as I have not honored Jay yet with his prizes, though I will...


Anyone without cheating?

Update: Come on now!

A "Platypissant"?

A "Halfpintopus"?


legalize crucifixion.

'Tis the season!

Hey Ant!


Click the photo for the story. To answer Jimmy, it's a Liberal Democrat. A lot of work is involved in protecting it from itself as a result of it's meager brain capacity and it is a hoover for the industrious ants and their production, innovation and hard work.

It doesn't help that they are incompetent:

Monday, December 29, 2008

Helicopter Friday


Here is a nice post at the always necessary Danger Room.

Speedhawk1Difficult, that prop speed.

Lou Costello

The topic came up in something I was listnening to and I looked up his name with the term "pool".

Paterson N.J. has a Lou Costello pool. Do you not get a shiver taking your kids to that one?

I noticed in the process that subjects come up enough to merit their own tag, if I did that.

His namesake was fetching.

She died from T.B. and it was not that long ago.

Taste Test

It's in order and asap.

Could we have been right all along, and yet it took the better part (and likely yet still all) of a quarter century to play out?

I go with "YES".

Just Watched

"Slumdog Millionaire"

It was good.

Perhaps I should say "Slumdog Millinare"


Marty's bobcats are FAMOUS now!!!


Careful now...


Sunday, December 28, 2008

What's on the Camera?

I have been negligent. let's look...

Ignore the above...still working on camera goodness...

Still awful...


and I spent some quality time:)


This one won't print...keeps coming out terribly. Maybe it's the paper...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Friday, December 26, 2008


Lawrence of Arabia...

he was an English guy, he came to fight the Turkish.

Roger L. Simon

Raises a valid and important question:

"What do we do with great artists whose political ideas are anathema to us? How do we regard their work?"

We have all been there...someone's work you loved. Then you learned more of the creative mind behind it. Too much more?

How to metabolize the art without even tacitly endorsing the artist.

How to enjoy sausage after seeing the factory.

via Instapundit and God Bless Mr. Simon and Mr. Reynolds for Pajamas.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dear Lord...

It could always be worse, so count your blessings:

"...You will need a fireplace stoker, a tube of KY, and a half pound of Acorns...."

Now for the important question.

How in the hell did I come across that anyway?

I Tried This Notion

This morning, Merry Christmas.

I'm declaring it a setback.

Another combo, trial and error. Thus the skeleton of Man's advancement.

That is one fantastic beer!

If You Like Christmas

and you like beer.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's too Rare

and important to be trucking around in January.

Besides, he'll steal it.

Powerline links to something related.

Monday, December 22, 2008

In the DVD


So far they really seem to capture the post zombie war feel.

Billy Connolly's performance ("He started to cough. It was like a storm building up-a thundering storm from miles away. He ended up with these noises that sounded like a platoon of cavalry galloping through a swamp in Wellingtons full of vomit. Then it came to an end; all calmed down. I says, "Jesus, lam, that's some cough." He says, "Fuck off?" He says, "Did you pass the graveyard on the way in here?" I says, "Aye." He says, "Well, the graveyard's full of people that would fucking love my cough." And that's basically my philosophy: if you think you're having a bad time, the graveyard's full of people who would love to be doing what you're doing.") and casting is reminiscent of George Clooney's Southpark role.

He is even called "Sparky" in one scene. Must be Billy Connolly night, X Files was earlier.

Sister's Birthday

Today is sister's birthday, Happy Birthday sister!

Thursday was Father and Brother's birthday. Happy Birthday Father and Brother!

December 22:

It's Mother's day in Indonesia, where the coelacanth stands on it's head invoking it's sick curse and celebrating it's own strange "anniversary".

Colo is slightly older and wiser!

Same birthday as Barbara Billingsley and Hawkshaw Hawkins who died with Patsy Cline.

Here's some astrological science on the matter.

The SR-71 set a record on this date.

The very day she was born the chipmunk song reached number one!

More on December 18th shortly.

Lots of Birds

A whole bunch. Flock, that is...lots of them.


I have posted this before but this is a longer video of higher quality.

It's mesmerizing. via Haha.nu

wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

They Just Gave Themselve's

a raise.

The time has passed. We are all still watching...

Helicopter Friday

Way behind. Missed last week and today is Saturday.

Well this RC helicopter that fires a .45 1911 is a sweet way to hold the spot!

That via Murdoc.

He also has a cool pic of a Coast Guard helicopter. I tried to take a picture of flying Coasties in August while walking by the water but didn't move fast enough to get it while it was close.

Helicopter Friday

Over here is an article with a video from the Coasties themselves.

Here's a Flickr photo of the MH-65

That's all for now.

North Pole

Oh dear.

Kringle, Elf Union leaders present draft bailout plan (Iowahawk Photo)

This is unfortunate.

via instapundit

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Marty's Wildlife

Marty H. sent over this note with these shots. Very cool.

"I took these pictures about two weeks ago. There were actually THREE bobcats in the yard at the same time."

Related shots from nearby Newtown here.

Of course Marty's Shangri La was the setting for the hummingbird photos. You can find some back here if you scroll down to the bottom and keep going through the older posts.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Weston the Pedestrian"

"In Connecticut he encountered rain, mud and slush, was chased by a dog and sprained his ankle, but still kept on..."

Take away his ambition and that sounds pretty typical for a day around here even now, in my opinion.

Take time to read it all and even look around for more. What an amazing man : "
Going it alone at distances of 1,000 mi. or more, he could keep up such a relentless pace that it was necessary to provide relays of fresh horses for the referees and timekeepers."
I have been meaning to link to his story for quite a while. Perhaps I already have. I think I heard about him through Paul Harvey. Just wanted to put this in while it was in my brain.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hi Pup!

"Say Connecticut!"

That effort made me smile!

Rare Photo

Of some odd primate with some odd quadruped.

What a pretty girl. If it weren't for her that photo would never have made the cut.

Those pictured have nothing to do with this blog or it's editorial decisions.


What to do, what to do...

More Sea

A little Abby also, she mugs up the cute in this shot. She is thinking "STICK STICK STICK STICK!!"

Except for Abby all of these photos are near the sea, thus the tag.

Oh well. I believe we've sean enough for now.


More sea.


Alright, now some sea for real. Nothing startling or super cool, just a couple of pics with water nearby.


Now some sea, I love the sea, scary as it is, and chilly as it is.

Well, actually first some Luna moth. Expertly captured and displayed by the talented Doctor.


Sea my photos;)

First, a doggie. Then some sea.

(I like doggies a lot!)


That bluefishtown freak has been posting this weekend. He went to see the Kinks with Gator.

I'm a little envious, it must have been a great show.

Go check him out, I am going over there right now.

Oops. I mispoke or miswrote or whatever the politicians say nowadays.

Jimmy saw Ray Davies, not The Kinks.

Whatever, that just means they missed seeing the brothers wrastle onstage.

Friday, December 12, 2008

In the DVD


So far funny and witty, but does that mean good?

Discussion is welcome...

Instant update: Some idiot diologue assumes that all guys don't just want all girls by simple default, that "jocks" want...whatever...as opposed to the truth...guys all want...whatever...

Points off for creating complexity where is does not exist and extra off for the "hip" and "insightful" veneer...fun diologue though, she definitely knows language and cadence...

I am enjoying the film so far.

'nother update: Juno's family sucks and are not believable but are something of a good metaphor for the baby boomer generation or late 20th century Western culture. WTF?

Update update: The Bluth boy looks so disconcertingly like the woman portraying his mother (minus 300 pounds) that they could both do a 3 act stage version of Elvis' life story.

This Juno broad is a trooper, I have to get out more. These chicks must be everywhere, what the hell am I doing home watching this crap alone on a Friday?

Er--oh yeah. I'm not! this was all time posted--Ladies, I'm single!!!!;)

(Grrr...I did not type in "duologue" repeatedly...I am not that far gone...)

Will correct and update tomorrow a.m.

Update once again: It is now tomorrow a.m.

I was distracted with a phone call last evening and will have to queue up the movie for viewing once again today.


This blog is officially sophisticated and respectable and, dare I say it, erudite.

I know so because I have just noticed that when you Google the terms '"Second Amendment" AND "scholarly journal"' this humble blog is currently the fourth return.

I must check the mail for the certificate or the badge or whatever it is that the society types must have sent.

Carry on...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What Am I Doing Wrong

With my scheduled posts?


Holy Crap

get the popcorn!


Update: Who will be the first to mention the 17th amendment and the fact the politicians chose, through whatever "smoke filled back room" arrangements, our Senators before it?

Anyone care for an over/under?

It will certainly be injected by the media in a know it all and condescending fashion which is intended to minimize the Democrat pigsty stench.

But they will be too stupid to mention it on the first day. When they do mention it they will ooze the condescension and make like they had a clue. The morons need to be cowed.

Boy I want those editor spectacles darn it!

Let's see, Slate is ahead on the matter with this from one hour ago.

I am waiting for the A.P. etc. to use it as a dodge on calling the Dems to task, so that does not yet count.

Update on that Update: Jesse Jackson Jr. is going down? He was in on the auction of the seat if this is any indication regarding his dealings with Wyma:

"I have spoken with several people who have access to the governor to determine the appropriate criteria [of] who and what he is looking for," said Jackson, who is among the few contenders for the job who has yet to meet with Blagojevich. "Mr. Wyma specifically said, 'If the governor grants you a meeting, be yourself.' "

Others who have expressed interest in the Obama vacancy, including Reps. Janice Schakowsky, Luis Gutierrez and Danny Davis and Illinois Senate President Emil Jones, said they have not contacted Wyma for assistance.

Dubious encouragement before his potential meeting with B-vich by one of the snitches. Did they not meet?

Oh well. Hope and change will win out in the end.

Hearing Loss

There is an article in the NYTimes today, it is definitely a concern.

Being eternally rosy in my optimism I shall point out these two bright sides:

"A landmark study in 1975 found that children in classrooms on the noisy side of a school had lower reading scores than those whose classes were on the quiet side."


"Once damaged, hair cells can neither be repaired nor replaced. The damage makes it difficult to hear high-pitched sounds, including certain speech sounds and the voices of women and children."

so the hearing loss should improve these children's reading skills and once they have grown into adults they will listen to fewer women and children!!

That fulfills this blog's cheeriness quota for whatever time frame is currently involved.

Be well!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Entraping the Police

I heard a comedian on the radio say something to the effect of "between those on the left and those on the right they are both swinging with axes at Liberty's trunk and doing a quick job of bringing down the whole tree."

This looks fantastic at first glance: Biongboing has a post.

I prefer Radley Balko's to which they link.

FYI the term "trees" is very popular these days for what the officers were actually hunting.

I Wonder

what Alfred would think if he(?) were to read this Guardian piece on how Japan was forced into attacking Pearl Harbor?

Here's a quote and I will render a segment in bold:

"Japan's military thrust into southeast Asia led President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's administration to impose sanctions. The US froze Japanese assets, an example followed by Britain and the Dutch East Indies. When Japan responded by taking over southern French Indochina, the US retaliated by imposing an embargo on oil exports to Japan. Rather than telling Japan that the US was determined to search for a diplomatic solution, America's categorical reaction confirmed it to the Japanese as an arrogant and conceited enemy. Moreover, by transferring its Pacific fleet from San Diego to Pearl Harbor, the US encouraged the Japanese understanding that the US fully anticipated war with Japan.

The second world war in the Pacific finally came about for many different reasons. But it was, above all, the sense of encirclement and humiliation that united the deeply divided Japanese government. Feeling defeated by a series of failed approaches to the US, including an overture to hold direct talks with Roosevelt, prime minister Fumimaro Konoe resigned on October 16, making hard-line army minister Hideki Tōjō his successor.

The high-handed tone of the Hull Note of November 26, demanding Japan's withdrawal of all its troops from China, was a final blow to the moderates in Japan's government, who still hoped for diplomatic negotiations. By this time, many policymakers were convinced that the US was not ready to hear them out. It was ultimately in the name of saving Asia for all Asians from what was regarded as western arrogance that the government united to wage war. On December 1, it was decided that the war would commence in six days."

I forced myself to finish Iris Chang's "The Rape of Nanking" and having read some of what was done by the Japanese in the Philippines and Korea as well it is enough to make one understand her eating a pistol after all of her research. When I say that I "forced" myself I don't impugn her writing or the book, but the odious and evil litany of actions which it documents and which are truly hard to stomach even in the most vague manner, let alone in simple clinical depictions.

This jackass Eri Hotta can consider the invasion, occupation and atrocities of the Japanese machine and then take issue with the "high handed tone" of that Diplomatic missive?

So Japan "thrust" into South East Asia but it's "thrust" into southern French Indochina is to be painted as a "response" to having it's assets frozen by clumsy Americans and their lack of nuance in their diplomacy?

Sure. They would have stopped, we drove them to it...

Railing against common sense is highly esteemed by "high-handed" liberal elitists who love their own intellectual onanism.

This is how it begins. They get a satisfaction and sense of superiority by opposing conventional notions of whatever sort. They then repeat the new construct and congratulate themselves for being in the elegant minority as they echo the new mantra over and over until those too young to see the idea in all of it's preposterous nudity will give it an unbridled consideration.

"It was ultimately in the name of saving Asia for all Asians from what was regarded as western arrogance that the government united to wage war." Try and read that bit again, but this time without an audible manifestation of your disgust and creepy amusement at this individual...that is a challenge.

To quote the PresElect, if you see folks of this ilk "get in their face", step on their toes, fart in their general direction!

Update: On further consideration I think it worthwhile to mix that roster up a bit. Get in their general direction, fart on their toes, step on their faces! Any combination should do!

Monty Python "I Fart in Your General Direction" T-shirt

(see also the CT jackass Kurlansky)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Maybe One More Photo

I hope...So much to see, so little captured.

Update even before the post: Link is tenuous and I will see if this goes in, now for the third and last try...oh well, don't even know which photos are less blurry now...

Beautiful Weather

coming in if you are not out in it...clipper weather so long as you are far from a clipper...

A couple of more to add if the connection holds...

More Puppy

She looks like she was just given detention in that last shot! She really just knows that she was being feisty and impertinent, and I can't blame her!

Update: What a girl!!!! I love that freak and I want to get her and Tuck together for an elegant portrait!

Irresistable Puppy

Zooming in like a fighter jet through the chill!!