Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just a Note to Say Sorry

I just found out.

God Bless

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Jimmy has some new photos up of his recent trip to Boston and they are well worth a look.

He seems to have borrowed an Amtrak, which is cool, and then he visits spots which evoke memories, I want to go there as well. Some nice photos.

Go look, or you are a total like jerk-face or something, and so there.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Dear Lord.

This man would have, and did as far as his precocity allowed, oppose and agitate against every single action which prevailed over the "sputnik moment".

Whitey's on the moon and someone's sister was bitten by a rat.

If You Love

the environment, you hate illegals.

They leave their trash all over and kill and kidnap and also they leave their silly prayer rugs out there while practicing the whole "alalalalal -------- booom" thing.

Don't take my word for it, look it up.

If you care to ask I will leave a link.


I made the mistake of noticing.


In all of my life I have never seen so clear and wide open the horseshit of a naked emperor.

What a disgusting body politic, all assembled, both sides of the aisle.

Eff all of them.

Update: It really is a train wreck. Who wrote this embarrassing drivel?

I personally think he is a crap speaker on top of it. Never heard anything but a bullshit huckster when he spoke.

Finally over. What a cringe inducing set of lies and bullshit platitudes. They all make me sick, but that jackass in chief most of all.

I really don't think I like this feller.

And now they trip over themselves for autographs, the celebrity minded douches.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

That Wasn't Very Nice

Somehow I don't blame them, and it is ironclad testimony to the fact that we do not have individuals in critical positions of our own power who understand the nation which holds our very future in their hands.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beyond Words or Understanding

I don't feel politics enters into this grievous and lurid horror story regarding a doctor in Philly.

(ChicagoBoyz address here.)

It is a difficult read and you may wish to pass, it involves the notions of late term and infanticide, add insanity and filth and the notion of torture also comes to mind.

I don't believe this insane individual should affect the discussions regarding "sensible" abortion laws any more than the insane individual in AZ should affect the notions of "sensible" gun laws.

I do not intend to get into any discussion of abortion or gun laws right here, and yet---

Funny how the one will get all the attention despite the lurid and traffic driving potential of the other.

Really, if you have the stomach go read and ponder on how much media space would be granted if it weren't surrounding that coddled and untouchable media baby, late term abortion. Obama is all for it, that's a fact. (Many articles on his quiet support of the latest and worst modes of the actions depicted here. Just don't use a gun.)

Bad press however, nope, the JournoListers will not abide.

CNN, a network that had a politically adversarial driven show called "crossfire" is now stooping to new depths insisting that discussion generates insanity and crimes against humanity---when they can use it against the second amendment and anyone to their right.

Are you a journalist?

You would have a whole heck of a lot to prove to me before I would trust your ass, let alone have any regard for your skills involving observation, research or deduction.

Rot in hell journalists, is that inflammatory?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

She's Adorable

Honestly, who could not be smitten with this skilled artiste?

Bali Song, I have an older Benchmade example, wonder what the going value is, tough to look up actually.


You know who you are!!

Accepted to Harvard and interviewing at M.I.T. and all over, you worked so hard and everyone is so proud!!

I said yesterday I think the old man knows, and I think that dream means the old man knows.

You must be on cloud nine, enjoy all of it you earned every bit of it!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I stumbled across the site Wonkette today.

I had nearly forgotten about that site, and just as well.

It is horribly written and so arrogant and consumed with it's own "brilliance", the only thing worse are the comments which are all in ideological lock step and each tuned up to the same derisive condescension.


Lord, I hate wonkette right up there with what little green footballs has become.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow So

So, I am thinking I may well be walking through some snow to get anywhere tomorrow. Which is o.k. and I will have my camera charged, it's on the wall now.

That being as it is I have a strange longing for all of my puppy pals. Abby and...well, in no particular order, alphabetical or otherwise I wish I could romp in the snow with Klara and Colombus and Mendel and Quin and well, I would love to get some kibble and some icecream and have a pooch fest.

Odd, the things snow and winter and early gloaming get you to consider....

Monday, January 10, 2011


Jimmy called and mentioned that Instapundit has some material regarding the mess in Arizona, which has become, or it sums up, the mess that is our political class and our media class.

I listened to NPR and it was awful. Maura Liasson was on Fox with patently ignorant questions coming from a clear political arena. "why does anyone have a need for those high capacity magazines"--if you don't know guns go and read up to find out why that is such a telling and pathetically ignorant question. She should not have any access to public moneys.

I looked at NPR online and the comments section is just deeply discouraging.

How does a person blame hyperbolic political rhetoric for murder while condemning others with hyperbolic political rhetoric?

By being a liberal.

So, on Jimmies sound wisdom I shall take some time and go over Instapundit's links, which should take a spell and yield a field of common sense.

In light of the blowhard liberal nonsense over a LIBERAL murderer (one of theirs kills and they are blaming us. That seals it. Liberals know nothing of responsibility. They only know how to muck things up and lay blame. The more they screw up the more blame they can throw around and the more opportunity for them to glean power in the process. Rahm's never let a crises go to waste gets right to it. They would love to make this nation fail, blame everyone else and divvy up the booty and the power. If you are a liberal and not shamed by what you see then you are an enemy to Western liberties and freedoms. You are a cub scout tyrant.)

I knew this would happen Saturday. The gloves are off, my rhetoric will soar.

Oh--this also seals the deal on me taking a class to get a multistate carry permit.

I need to renew mine and while I am at it I will get a 30+ state concealed carry permit, just to feel it get warm as I love my constitution and country more and more while the liberals love freedom of speech and our nation less and less.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I see Opie finding his eye in this piece "Stalking the Homeless Hoarder"

His editing and framing and timing has come into it's own.

Yay Pudding Opie!!!

Swans Island

I have a wonderful new scarf, and as I wear it out in the snowy cold I wonder how those sheep are huddling against the wind and ice and snow off of the coast of Maine, God bless them and their lovely fleece.

The only thing better would be if my actual mother had hand knitted the scarf for me, but that's just hokey old fashioned sentimentality that never comes true here in New England. (inside joke)


Now you can play at home!!

Re-enact his slave owning!

Raid and thieve another caravan!!

Marry an older woman for money!

Lop heads!

Steal your son's wife!

Hold hands with men on a Thursday AND MORE without being gay!

Wipe your ass with the divine number of stones!

Dance around a meteorite and kill others for not!!

Snap into a camel! Snap into a donkey!!

Kill!! Kill!! Kill!!

So, So much more!!!


In his defense I believe Aysha was 9 when he finally consummated the betrothal promised at 6, and that precocious camel milk infused harlot had the body of an 11 year old!

Apropos of Nothing

I hate David Brooks.

You probably do as well, the little douche is insufferable.

Go and read any article of his at random and you will surely hate the little turd more than you can anticipate.

He speaks much of his assumptions regarding the left and the right.

I do believe, be you on the left or the right, that you will cringe at his writing and wish to squish him contemptuously beneath your heel.

On that I believe I can find common ground with a leftie turd.

If you are a leftie turd and take my challenge and afterwards agree that you find him a failed self satisfied voice as well, please inform me in the comments!

I am seeking this common ground out of my love for humanity:)

Good day!


I don't think that's any way to treat a baby. Don't get me wrong, I love throwing my nephew up into the air, but this extreme baby x-game stuff I can't even watch. The link for the two is here, via Instapundit:

Be warned, it is not easy to watch.

Antarctic Lake

You may have read of the oxygen rich lake under all that ice. They have been dreaming up heated probes and much thought has gone into sterilizing any instruments which will be involved.

The Russians seem close:

The assumption being that the water with the ice upon it is under pressure it seems. Hmmmm.

Somehow that untouched world seems like it needs to remain untouched, I have little confidence in the technical methods, but what do I know. Those Russkies must have it all battened down. It's not that I don't think we should go, it's that I don't have confidence in how we are going.

Regarding extremophiles it seems that NASA may have been a little over-excited recently.

Ugh, the retractions should be as prominent as the headlines. That was a doozie:

On Thursday, the researchers issued a more modest claim. Instead of saying the microbes had completely substituted arsenic for phosphorus, a new statement says the arsenic replaced "a small percentage" of the phosphorus.

A number of biologists say they'll be surprised if even this stands the test of time.

The claims "do not follow from their results," said Simon Silver, a University of Illinois microbiologist who specializes in heavy-metal resistance in bacteria. "This conclusion is not merited from what they did and measured and I think it most likely is a mistake and should never have been claimed or published."

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Apples and Oranges

This Brit takes astounding photos of the night sky.

I don't think it is quite so directly comparable to the NASA photos other than to say it is more impressive for the Brit, fighting above his weight as it were:

I Stand By Imagery

Update Anew: Man do I loath the little prick who did this. It is difficult to separate the loathing from the understanding that he is/must be mentally ill. Funny how that happens. I think I have heard of it before...


I am beyond sick and tired of the castration performed by politically correct media and social engineers regarding how people express themselves.

A good deal will be made by liberals of Sarah Palin's map with the cross hairs. The image is valid, the link to murder is absolutely specious, and I refuse to alter clear communication for inert but accepted milquetoast norms established by a political and media class that I resent.

update: Jack Shafer in Slate speaks clearly:

So---with all due sympathies to the families and victims, and all due loathing of the perpetrator and potential accomplices-- I will post the screen cap of the map which will be used to flail Palin, a girl I get tired of seeing in the media herself:


Here's a snap of that DailyKos feller:

These individuals are targets to be countered and defeated. I won't even address the killing aspect as having anything to do in a sane mind with the imagery.

As far as assassination imagery used in the liberal left pantheon of protest, it is unending. ( I have read that post twice and am now looking through some of the others that are more clear with the same sentiment...blogprof is usually better...the new link will go here ______________

(also you will be inversely rewarded in your perusal. That sight takes a strong stomach at times and much of the material is off topic, a libertine sty, but there are lots of pics of protests staged by those who hate the tea party and are conveniently angled out of the msm wire photos. If you don't see that which I refer to look further and drop an email or comment)

Here is a zombietime compilation:

So, flat out, before I see others respond, may the left who choose to highlight gunsight imagery rot in their own vile attempt to control the ways and means of communication. Language and imagery do not add up to murder.

Having said that the reactions to the representative republic which is our nation will be dire. This hurts. It is now an excuse for those who are already removed from our opinions and norms, those who believe they live a separate existence apart from the laws they make for us, to not have to face us closely to explain their decisions and actions in our capitol.

This act threatens our citizen participation in our own political choices and liberties.

I hope the individual who did this is treated with extreme prejudice by those who have him in custody.

Liberals are hopefully racing to make sure he is protected and given warm meals and not frightened or insulted, as they have for muslim terrorists.

Speculation on a "tea-bagger" ought to be taken very lightly as she was pro immigration enforcement and pro gun, although there were people angry at her Obamacare position.

Again, this is awful and dire for our participation in our own rule, and the media as always can be relied upon to view this in the most juvenile terms and narratives.

I wonder if it could have been an extreme left winger angry at a blue dog for obstructing single payer and not opposing war and for tax cut extensions etc...or it could just be another massacre lunatic.

Update: Unfortunately it looks like we have a real whackjob Timothy McVeigh style kid of 22.

He uses some freaky beyond tea bagger rhetoric of clearly insane processing.

That's a shame. Again, this damages the necessary feedback and town halls which have helped this nation since before it's existence. The bastard will have driven a security wedge between us and our representatives at a time when that gulf was already far far too dividing.

I hope he gets some serious treatment.

Update: There are now nascent rumblings asserting that the individual was Left Wing. Sadly, if he was left wing his actions will have fewer repercussions upon our liberties and associations with our representatives. I say this because the media will lose the story at a much more accelerated rate, that's a fact, period. Also there will be a far milder attempt to abrogate liberties and pass laws attenuating, say, the 2nd amendment, for the same reason. The politicians will be reluctant to bring up left wing whack jobs.

Sadly, on a level with less visibility, the politicians will draw back from the public contact. The public's hostility is bound to increase for other matters, and this matter will weigh upon the security which intercedes our access to our reps.

This is a bummer.

Can You Mouth Off to Cops?

I may have linked to this article closer to it's publication, and frankly I can't remember what I was reading that made me go and look it up again recently.

Behave with some measure of class and the notion is immaterial, but having worked in environments subsumed along with hostile attitudes into a miasma of indignity, and having watched officers dealing with the same folks, I must admit I was uncertain as to the answer.

Do You Have the Right to Flip Off a Cop?,8599,1923125,00.html

The NYTimes

Has a compelling analysis of our dogs' current cultural and political bearings.

I think it is spot on.

h/t Althouse

Friday, January 7, 2011

Dumbo Wants a Snack

Eiiww...This coprophilic pachyderm fetish clip may not be safe for work:

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dennis Miller

Fantastic in this clip:

via TheoSpark

Go visit, Great Satan's Girlfriend's contributions are absolute must reads for the info driven...

Also via TS--all the Earth's water:

Picture of Earth showing if all Earth's liquid water was put into a sphere it would be labout 860 miles (1,385 kilometers) in diameter.

I don't buy it...though I will understand it represents the best of our current knowledge. (Currants need water too, yum)