Monday, June 20, 2011

Food for Thought

Gun owners at higher risk for drinking and dangerous behavior:

Also at higher risk for not dying in the ten minutes it takes for the police to arrive.

F*&^%k the media.Link

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Die Antwoord

Yow...Progeria lad from Die Antwoord's efforts has passed?Link

(h/t melissa stetten, can't seem to link to that specific tweet, just glad that odd news travels...That's the Anthony girl from O and A)

Sad...sad also is why I know that but I do not know who is on any of the dancing/singing/reality programming. Or happy...that?

I am out of step with the usual troops, that's a certainty.

Though I think I saw them on Boing Boing, (Die Antwoord) and that's be it.

R.I.P. person beyond your age, R.I.P.!

Well This is a Sticky Situation

I just tried to use an old and tired Krazy was all frozen and useless.

I tried to poke the hole in the new tube and it exploded, squirted all over me and the couch and primarily my left hand, though as you try to understand your new limitations and risks the right hand grew an understanding.


Was that a joke they pull once in a while on the production line?

What an effing mess, what a damned Fine Mess.

Where it's even the least bit deep it just stays, posing a danger, biding it's time.

It does not need to be that deep at all, a surprise to me, I thought it may just cure.

Rats all and heck with things, I say.


This sucks but here is a site that tries to help:

Monday, June 6, 2011


Was considering posting photo of some significant thumb damage but the charger for the g battery is not with my camera dangit.

Count your blessings, they are each finger minus missing flesh plus not seeing my thumb if you are not me...

Carry on...

Oh, if you have my charger please lemme know, and if you know the whereabouts of my blue mug please lemmeknowaswellthankyouverykindly...



(also lastly: oven door hinge made for sweet crush and torching of digit, never try to catch pizza, though trying to catch chicken pot pie last year was also an error in judgement, let's count!!---ugh---thr--err--yow --- rrrmmmph)

Sunday, June 5, 2011


If you esteem the dignity of the presidency of the United States, do not look up Obama and bicycles.

Do not look this notion up at all, and not in any manner of language whatsoever, and particularly not with the intent of "images".

Carry on.

Lyme Disease

I won't even venture into the whole doctor/ or changing protocol issues.

I will merely state that my new approach to ticks is to eat them.

I will eat each I find.

Follow for info regarding this brash new protocol.

Eat 'em up Yum Yum!!

Remember, Doctors hate to disagree with one another, and are sick of Lyme questions!!!

Er, that almost begs a bit of finishing wisdom, sadly there is none.

Questions are arguments to a snotty doctor. I will email them an offer to be less of an ass, and hope they don't charge a hundred bucks, but I doubt the bitch will respond.

Certainly she is in over her head if the challenge is to respond articulately.

So much in a diagnosis, it's true, however, one need not be, well, her.