Friday, April 29, 2011


Now there are two things I love in Pittsburgh!,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=c9365e657b732f11&pf=p&pdl=3000

I will take a moment now to thank the lucky stars for KK and CM and the NRA.

The little yippers still miss you KK;)!!


Wow, I just saw the new Mossberg 930 SPX, Kell, while you're at the show can you pick me up one with the Trijicon sight, it looks really cool and I think every American should have one, even if they already have a 12 g:

In fact I feel we should all have a bail out bag and that should be in every one. One each for every member of the family, including the rug rats, they simply don't get access to their BoB's for another decade give or take. Have the material now though, like a cub scout being prepared.

You never know, those democrats could get their wish and prevail in their struggle to castrate every American.

Why do Democrats hate our American liberties and robust sensibilities which include an admiration for self reliance?

Good News

Walmart is going to sell guns again:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beautiful Suit

Thank you for the lovely suit!

It is gorgeous.

Apologies for any light gunplay, who knew we were disrobing?

Lovely Easter all in all, I'd say!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jimmy's Horseradish


Jimmy's horseradish with some lox spread (make sure it's salmon heavy, no silly poorly mixed crap, which I was disappointed with at my local bagel shop. An unfamiliar girl charged me more than usual for my bagels, did not have the compliment I desired in the bagel assortment and the lox spread turned out to be incompletely mixed and waaay light on the seafood. Grumble.)

Where was I?

Jimmy's horseradish and a robust lox spread on a lightly toasted onion and garlic bagel, proportions essential for the magic...and...wooooowwwww!!! :)

Texture and flavor and heat and aroma and sinus circus beyond the pale!!!

A grand slam of a delight!

Very very cool and I still have several bites left!


Beer soon, soon, soon---

CT Wildlife

Someone is waiting for a link, and as I work against a recalcitrant computer to present it more formally let me cut to the chase and say that you would be wise to venture over to:

which flies under the banner Connecticut Wild Life and has some lovely photography and a stylish presentation.

It will be available on the sidebar here on a permanent basis, which I am getting back to right now, and I have to restart this horrendous beast of a computer.

I might add that this computer was purchased used at the suggestion of the proprietor of Connecticut Wild Life, and it has been nothing but problems ;)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt is pretty.


We've all been thinking it, I just said it.

Is she nice or interesting or smart?

No clue, that google search is the only thing I know, and I only did that to accompany the "she is pretty" statement, my journey ends here. I didn't even click on any of the google hits.

She is pretty though.

Carry on now...


Boy would I love a new computer.

As you can possibly guess from the post below this little unit keeps crapping out, making start up itself a lengthy process.


So Jimmy has set me up with some righteous beer for my parched pallet as I wander in out of the desert.

It's been a long wandering route through that desert Jesus!

God Bless and Happy Easter, beer will be on the menu soon, very very soon.

Friday, April 22, 2011


I am reminded of rumors which likely still trip computers up and down the guv'mint structure.

Go and try iterations of the carnivore theme, you may get paranoid over the delay or odd--well, anything odd will make you pause when you are thinking.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=38378e84586d88e6&hl=en

They had to do with programs and/or devices which would open up electronics like a skeleton key for the purposes, good or evil, of the keyholder.

It seems like the matter has trickled down to a degree which matters concretely to us, each and every one.

---"...reports have surfaced that police in Michigan are using an electronic device, the Cellebrite UFED, that can pull data off a variety of cellphones and smartphones, including Android devices, iPhones and iPads. According to Cellebrite’s website, its UFED can obtain email, Web bookmarks, Web history, SIM data, cookies, instant messages, Bluetooth devices, GPS fixes, call logs, contacts and much more from your phone...."---(

Read more: Are Smartphone Searches Legal – Michigan State Police - Popular Mechanics

At any rate the subject came up what with the police having a window and a quick one potentially into our lives with a magic lantern style tool. If not quite now, at some point it would seem. Ugh.

Muchas Gracias Jimmy!!

Jimmy rocks!

If Jimmy recommends something, be it a market, a neighborhood, a restaurant or clubhouse, you name it, if he endorses it you can take it to the bank.

I just met up with him and had my favorite little growler filled. The market is enormous with a huge cheese selection and a bar built right in stocked with items not available over the border because of the idiots representing this state, curse them, may they rot in hell. No joke, they need to dismantle scores of laws, instead they go to the capital and pass laws that are already covered. Interested in freedom inasmuch as they wish for us to be free from the potentials of others freedoms.

They wish to make us safe from liberty, right down to our beer selection, the pricks.

How did that rant start?

Oh yes! I saw the selection which our state denies us.

He also makes a hell of a horseradish, wow is it hot this year!!

So here I am for a moment, not having a nice chilled pint, though I would love one. Sunday? Saturday? Later today?

Well, simply not right now is all for the moment. On with the day...

Alright, yum. Just had a freshly toasted onion bagel with lox spread and very hot horseradish and some ginger ale.

Again, yum.

Very Important Guidelines

Andrew Klavan on how to behave during an Islamic massacre.

You wouldn't want folks thinking you were in the least small minded or that you would judge anything at all on any level based on the screams of alahu ackhbar (go ahead, comment on the spelling. Make a complete ass of yourself, the opportunity beckons) and the explosions, smells and running blood of that peaceful religion and social structure which those savages wish to subjugate the planet under...

Ululate Ululate Ululate BOOM!!!!!!!!

Take a moment to reflect upon the lives of Jesus and Mohamed today. Was one evil?

What a piece of crap Mohamed was, and his followers are just that, followers of his vile decisions and depredations as exactingly as they can manage with the assistance of the Hadith and their insane mullahs. The grandparents of todays muslims aspired to an increasingly benign and productive life by engaging in Western societal practices while striving to leave a world in complete contradiction to the hideous disaster that young Islamics struggle to strew across the current landscape.

If you are a Westerner and can drive by a mosque without discomfort on some level you are a problem for freedom and a tool for vile cult addled tyrants and their soldier.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Medical Blog

I am poking around a very cool site called Polite Dissent.

Much to read but while I have it fresh in my head I think I should put a link up and recommend you voyage over there and enjoy the fruits of the individual's labor.

He does thorough reviews of House episodes, which is how I wandered in, but much more also:

Worth bookmarking.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Worth Bookmarking?

Maybe, worth looking back at now and again:

I'm still telling whoever listens to check out Boston Globe's Big Picture feature:

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Jimmy is a big fan of the classic suds:

Monday, April 11, 2011

What's Adam Think?

Adam is basically the musicology go to guy so I am wondering if he enjoyed or had thoughts on Althouses recent Dylan post:

MoDowd is just silly, I had difficulty and looked like a brute pointing it out to to someone who looked forward to her articles some time ago.

Bob Dylan "Folk music is a bunch of fat people."

I enjoyed his radio program on satellite for several reasons and not necessarily flattering ones, wish he had not dropped the program.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=c875dd2b8adea15a

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Buy a Gun Day

I have a store credit that cannot be cashed out, the money was originally used to purchase a rocking horse for a little girl.

It can be tough to figure on what a child will cotton to, but I suppose Buy a Gun Day is as good a day as any to use that credit. Not sure there is anything else in that shop to put the money towards, but I will check.

I should check on what birthdays are coming up, it would help for that, but failing a gift I think supporting the 2nd in the first ten is dandy and important, so's to speak.