Friday, February 29, 2008

Strategy Page

is a necessary bookmark. Here they have an F-22 observing a shuttle launch.

Yankee Magic

"another sign that the Americans are in league with the devil."


Strong Women

I am all for this.

via MichaelSavage


A Gi-Raffe baby at



brings up Ayaan Hirsi Ali who is wonderful.


posted today at A Little Bit of Almost Everything.


Is questioning his process.

USS New York

I couldn't have said this better myself.

Here is a photo gallery, from her site.


I love led lights almost as much as Lunarlites. (I'm a complete sucker for surefires.) This piece sums up and more what I mentioned at work following the insane CFL legislation. Some spare money to invest? That Forbes article via instapundit

I pointed out this article at the time.

CCrane has been on it!

Dheli Boy Eaten by Herd of Pigs

Quick, someone check on Adam!!!

via FreemarketFT

Fantastic Reagan Quote

over at Samizdata

My Name in Chinese

You will have to know Chinese to pronounce it:

from via Generatorblog


Someone is unaware that European royal blood lines are rife with reptilians that control our world.

For Shame
--we need to wake up.

Weather Germs

Boingboing links to this piece.

They also link to this Nature article with nice video of a bat in slowmo in a wind tunnel.

Finally they link to these hapless morons who tried to hold up a motorcycle gang.

Beijing's New Airport

Is opening.

Photo by Nigel Young

Wow. Covers equivalent of 170 soccer fields. That via Drudge

They now consume all of Australia's iron ore and half of the world's concrete.

San Fransicko

I think that is a Michael Savage joke. They are now spending tax dollars advertising for illegals.

via Boortz

Worlds Biggest

Ferris wheel. Video at link.

Also giant sea spiders found.


has a very interesting piece on time spent with Bush.

That also via instapundit

Barak's Trenchant

intellect. It is easy to see why so many people are fainting at his miracle gatherings.

via Instapundit

Prince Harry

They must find everyone involved (British) in the leak of that information and hang them all publicly. No joking here whatsoever. Seeing any "journalists" swing would elevate the sweetness of the schadenfreude. The fact that this is not going to happen is merely example #18 billion in the list of observations of the West's suicide.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

What Sorts

of people aren't heeding the new laws in Australia?

It looks as if they are very bad kinds of people not obeying the laws.

Was this in any way predictable?

Now what can the good people do to protect themselves?


Also: 12 hour swim saves boatmates down under.

Great White Whale

Sperm Whale - Physeter catodonI am currently reading Herman Melville's "Moby-Dick" and am enjoying it thoroughly.

You may also read along, the full text is here. I have just finished chapter 68 and am beginning the next chapter entitled "The Funeral."

Be sure to read chapter 64 "Stubb's Supper" which is very funny, and chapter 65 "The Whale as a Dish," in which you see Melville's moral relativism if you want quick diversions.

(Photo via Marinebio)

64 is here in part 6, near the bottom of the page.

66 is here, in part seven. is an absolute bookmarker.

A Fine Mess will entertain the idea of a book club.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wheat Prices

way up.

"In fact, US stocks of wheat are now at their lowest level in 60 years. By the time the June harvest of spring wheat begins, there will be 27 days of wheat left in storage, estimates the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). (The normal supply is three months.)"

via NewsAlert

also via newsalert, Rush's points regarding Barak's middle name and the fact that he is pure liberal, but noone will be allowed to say it.


bad bites.

via Boortz


getting any pieces."

Well done!!


Sent a couple of links over.

If you are going to China for the Olympics, or any other reason, don't miss out on the cooked dog paws.

Today should be the first day of an amazing new resource with information on living things...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Friday, February 22, 2008

Damned Stars

Well I hadn't known, but it certainly doesn't speak well of the date.

The cogged railway I had heard of, and outer space's vile gloved one--offset somewhat by Rebecca De Mornay...

hmmmm...much looks bad.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Snake Heads

Now in the U.K.

Don't expect this possibility to get any further inquiry, we can't blame rogue elements of diversity now:

Mr. Courtenay said the first local snakeheads could have been discarded or intentionally released - perhaps as part of a Buddhist ceremony called prayer animal release.

They are also considered a delicacy, immigrants couldn't have seeded the local waters out of a desire for convenience, could they?

Just asking the question is taboo.

First link via Coasttocoast

Also from Coasttocoast:

Strange life in Antarctic waters

Egyptian warrior tomb found

and processing greenhouse gases back into fuels.

Real Life Ent

Paddy sent this video of a human tree...He questions it's veracity, but I read about them somewhere.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"...thursday evening sharpeners..."

That's a gentleman with a nice grip on the language, (his slipshod grammar aside.)

His opposition to the inevitable nanny-state is also admirable. When I think of the word "nanny" now I think of the "Republican" Mike Bloomberg. Unfortunately there won't be anyone worth voting for in the near-term, and anyone with talent, brains and sense will be too wise to run.

I'm genuinely surprised by that entire process in the last link. That the law was passed and has been enforced in NYC this soon, with essentially no response from the constituents, perplexes me and reinforces my most cynical observations.

I have not read much Sullivan for a while but I do believe he largely subscribes to the "leave me alone" school of governance.

Latest Post Ever?

About being up late.


When folks at work get tired of my drawings of them and my illegible handwriting I resort to self-portraitry (new word?)

I certainly need practice on the dryboard.

My self portraits look very much like second rate versions of PJ's rendition of me...(PJ really does draw these all by himself!!) He was generous on the hair in the first work. He seems to be engaging in verisimilitude, it's photorealism-esque!

I saw this Dali print today, he must have made it before computers made things easy.

Passionate Love

I think that this is another case of science trying to catch up with perennial wisdom. Listen to a song, read a classic play or book, and notice how often and for how many ages humans have watched the infrequency of intensity matching up with a requisite counterpart. Many confounding factors at play in this study.

So two souls (or brains) which brush up against one another and stick is a remarkable thing at risk of all kinds of culture and chance, no?

Otherwise why would movies, songs, poems, paintings etc. strike everyone with their notions of longing and beauty and romance so readily? Everyone. There would be no Hollywood or published drama without a hardwired gamble...I find his analysis with which he concludes his post weak, but it is late and I will probably look at this post later and shiver and correct and update it tomorrow.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Kangal Dog

I think some folks who click over this site know Ollie, the hard working Turk. He mentioned a breed of dog which was completely unfamiliar to me, the Kangal. It is a large, quite large, Turkish pooch.

He also informed me of a Turkish cat, the Van.

So much to learn.

Thank you Ollie.

Reading about the Kangal reminded me of bear dogs.

Doodle Drama

Well the bad news has been mentioned. However matters are still unfolding...I think. A couple of days of no news could mean the end.

I'm rooting for them. I once left the counter and was walking down the street through a drizzle towards the green when the chef caught up with me and pointed out that I had left half of a bill for the tab. The other half had torn off and I found it in my pocket...He could not have been nicer and I was glad that he did catch up with me.

Go Doodle. (I have not tried the fried donut.)

You never know.

Used Computer

I just acquired a smaller, cheaper web device. I will give it a whirl and see if it adds any utility to my world. I will also give a report on the new Jawbone device, but the initial experience does not merit recommendation...

Oh Rats!!! I should have just cobbled together my own.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Errant Satellite

Danger Room has much on the matter. Here are the posts labeled "Missiles" which should have most of it and will likely get the updates as well.

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Voter


via Instapundit


Snakes. The distribution is different anywhere you look for info, and I don't believe that they pay attention too closely to where they are "supposed" to be...

It was Old Enough

for Mohammed. The animal rights folks sure aren't drawing too much attention to Eid.

This should be about the little critter, I don't know why I bring up the religion of pieces (I think Jimmy has that phrase trademarked.)

Though here is a bit about camels set on fire to defeat an army using war elephants.

Ultrasound: The calf foetus is 10cm long with the

beginnings of a spine front and hind legs.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Have a chimp speak on your behalf, an essential service provided here.

via Monkeynews

Lovely Utah Photo



also "Shooting Light Trails"


Be free!!!

Stay off the monorail track!!!

"...the seal appeared lethargic and gobbled up several mouthfuls of sand — not a good sign, possibly a reaction to stress or dehydration." Such behavior resulted in a fine album for Brian Wilson.

Jew Eating Rabbit?

It's on HamasTV!!

via Boortz

Shark Video

It jumps out of the ocean and right onto the boat.

Salmon News

Not good for the country cousins of the aquafarm fish.

JarJar Binks

is a SuperDelegate? Gov. Le Petomane is obvious.

via Instapundit

More on SD's here.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Eagle vs. Pike

Swimmin' Hole

Atop Victoria Falls.

More Helicopter Footage

Just because I like helicopters.

Fish Beer

Or, rather, scallop beer.

via Dave Barry

He also links to these hideous Japanese demon dog commercials. Someone braver than I should watch and report back...

Finally what do you get when you cross a goat with a sheep? Lisa.

For the Conspiracy-minded

If we all turn up dead after reading this, we'll know it was all true.

Ms. Abedin

More Ms. Abedin

Sturgeon Spearing

season ends in Wisconsin with a 172 pounder. Black Lake was another story.

Ed Blatz of Fond du Lac is shown at Schmitty's Oar House Bar & Grill Tuesday with his 172 pound sturgeon which is the third largest on record. The Reporter photo by Justin Connaher

Name that Satellite!!

Nasa is taking suggestions on the GLAST!!!

History Page has many nice links.

via boston1775

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

An Inspiration

Drudge links to an article with more photos of this body builder, seemingly the worlds smallest.

Romeo and his 1.5kg dumbbells

Big dreamer: Romeo hopes to become a famous star both

in India and abroad.

Top Charitable Contributors

A list via Boortz


Robert Rines is getting up there. He has quite an impressive profile. He played a violin duet with Einstein.

He also saw and then searched and searched for the Loch Ness Monster. You can look/help search right through your screen.

First link via Coasttocoastam.


Eating fungi.

That came up and was posted a long time ago, but it has come up again.

Measuring Worth

Some interesting calculators.

"His job...

was to extract the brains from swine heads."

He became ill.

He wasn't the only one.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Survival Blog

Be prepared.


Amusing Iraq video. Via Samizdata


I spent some wonderful time with PJ yesterday and afterwards the creative muse struck him and he drew an exact likeness of me!!

It's very very cool, and he is two and one half!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Gift in a Box?

I can't tell, but I think that is what everyone is excited about regarding this new hit song...(vid lyrics not safe for work...this one brought to our attention with a hat tip to Dan.)


I put this post up previously regarding frustration with the bluetooth device I have been trying to use in the car. I ordered a Jawbone today. I priced around and Apple carries them. So does Bestbuy and the Verizon kiosk in Circuit City.

Not surprisingly Verizon had the worst price and the most clueless employees. They were nice, but when informed that the item was priced a staggering 50 dollars more than anywhere else they asked me if I merited any discounts. "Does your employer get a discount through us? Is your account up for a new contract?" no. It's rather startling to experience a business that asks if you will sign a contract for hundreds of dollars before they will consider competing in the marketplace at large. Sell your Verizon stock folks; I don't care what it's activity has been. Obviously if you are making a killing you need to decide when to jump but they are fat, ill, staggering and yards from the safety of the herd. They are perfect for revitalization (yeah, right) or demise.

"Well What's Wrong

With that? It could help!"

Before anyone has a chance to suggest the above let me remind them that any individual who has lethal aggression in mind can deface the stamp or carry away their brass. That is assuming (accenting the first syllable of course) they followed all of the procedures for procuring the device with the ensuing paper trail to begin with, no?

This is clearly understood by all, most of all those who created and support the legislation. Their point is that the eternal problem of human violence lies not in the decisions and the will of those who chose such actions, but in the inanimate tools available to the benighted society at large. Allowing the misguided and honest recourse to anything other than crying for help under threat only makes the picture uglier for such superior nanny elite.

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em

Remember this?

Rock'em Sock'em Robots

Now there is this:

via Gadgetmadness

A Joke Whose Punchline

hinges on the echoes of decorum and civility.

"What is it a man can do standing up, a woman sitting down, and a dog on three legs?"

Sadly many males are being castrated through conditioning while the U.N. does nothing.

Old People

Friday, February 8, 2008


I cannot believe that the Kelo ruling has not yet yielded such incidents. In years past I suspect the outbreaks of retribution would have been numerous and immediate.

"Cookie" article via Drudge

Mr. Young

Seems to feel that a song can't change the world any longer.

via Drudge

Top Ten Books

of the year according to Time.

They now have 25 "Top Ten" lists.

Here is a page containing stills from LOTR. Move the mouse over them to compare DVD quality with HiDef.

Here are 10 unusual ways to utilize Google, the safe proxy function looks helpful.

Finally something important. Everyone thinks my cell phone chime sounds like a duck. sounds like endangered Piney Tree Frogs.

These, however, all look like a duck. Important work...I am relieved someone is on it.

All of the above are from, always go to Haha, it's like Boingboing only safer for work.

"Public stupidity

is always disagreeable to witness. Public stupidity fired by misplaced self-righteousness and underwritten by obvious cowardice is a positively emetic combination."--Roger Kimbal's once again trenchant and wonderful words.

Napier's quote regarding sati is mentioned, which came up recently.

File under "the dhimmis deserve all that they are working towards."

via instapundit

Update: Jimmy links to more.


The shuttle is up again...track it and the ISS here.

Immaculate Komodo Births

we've seen it before. It has reached our shores...

via Dave Barry

Also via Mr. David:

"RUSSIAN boffins could be one step closer to creating a time machine."

What an age!! Advancements on all technological fronts!!

Finally Dave links to this

Holland Park sculpture

rhapsodic artistic interpretation of this woman

Sajida Talfah, Saddam's wife

she was Saddam Hussein's first wife. That masterpiece
earned the artist 2,000 pounds.

Mr. Barry never dissapoints.

Er--wait. One more link from Dave. "The first people in Britain to be charged with interfering with a dolphin."

Nuke Sub

Interesting first hand account of a sub mission (the Sculpin) during the Vietnam war.

via Ultraquietnomore

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Year of the Rat

Eat up!!! Lovely video from NatGeo.

Also see this video regarding an 1872 law which allows mining companies to purchase federal land at 5 dollars and less an acre...

Performance Per Dollar

The new 2009 Corvette zr1. Six hundred-ish horsepower and 200-ish top end. Also a uv clear coating component to display the carbon fiber weave which sets manufacturing back $60,000 a gallon!!:

"There’s even a secret ingredient in the clear-coat for the carbon fiber body panels that costs $60,000 a gallon, G.M. said. Caution: Use sparingly – that works out to $900 worth on each car."

That car for 100 grand-ish should embarrass some more exotic vehicles...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Obama Winds

In Indonesia.


via Boortz

Update: Yikes!!! The computer was very slow yesterday and yet I was slower. The heading should not include that "d."

Eastern Hemlock

Richard Preston, whose book "The Wild Trees" I look forward to reading or listening to, had a compelling article on the woolly adelgid ravaging the Eastern Hemlock in the Dec. 3, New Yorker. It's not available online, but well worth the read if you can acquire it.

American Chestnut

Joey Chestnut

Monday, February 4, 2008

Sunday, February 3, 2008

For Adam and Jimmy

Via Free Market Fairy Tales:


The prospects are beyond bleak viz a viz the current talent roster.


Over at Wired. I have really enjoyed mine, actually I will take a moment to try and post a photo I haven't yet, just because. It's not great, but I like it nonetheless. Actually maybe that has been posted.

Spider Vs. Bat

A video for those holding on until Halloween.

Global Warming

will increase the predations of the undead. No joke. via Instapundit.

I have mentioned the menace before.

Michael Colameco

Has a decent radio and television program. I like food. I realize that I'm out on a limb with that statement, but I will stand by it.

Also regarding food, here we have cheeseburger in a can...yum. It's all true.

Glenn also mentions the closing of the Yankee Doodle. Rats.

Update: I have noticed some activity on the Colameco reference and I feel I should add that my dry endorsement may come up short with those unfamiliar with me. He's actually pretty cool and I like the shows much. "Decent" does not do him justice.

So there.

Update: Here is a link to the Colameco show.

Update to the update: Oops. I do realize that last link is superfluous. I will poke around and find more to link... I really like his stuff and he rescues Sundays from radio hell...God Bless that man...