Sunday, June 29, 2008

File Under Tar and Feather

While it is not surprising that a representative from freedom and America hating Massachusetts would behave in a shameless and loathsome manner, the clarity in this instance demands response.

Respond as you will:

Congressman Delahunt can be reached at 202-225-3111 and by fax at 202-225-5658.

There is a quote I must look up to get correctly, which I will, but it has to do with the fact that politicians ought to be in awe of their constituency.  They really ought to feel the confidence of our support as they walk down the streets and make their way to work and attempt to chat at their cookouts and cocktail parties, don't you think?  They should also consider the sentiments of those individuals who disagree as they function day to day, and on a deeply visceral level.  If you disagree with this man let him know in no uncertain terms, I think that in past generations he may been brought to awe by his constituency.

Jamband or Taliban?

Clearly the the two are nearly interchangeable---Adam stumbled on this during his wanderings.


has been enjoying the great outdoors.  Frankly I think some of the company he keeps is beneath him, but somebody's gotta row!


Has been hard at work corresponding in the muggy summer conditions and is well worth looking in on...Beer Sunday is never to be missed!

John Batchelor

Is on now and his new website is up.  Rather his website has been reconfigured.  Best show on the air.

"What's Up With White Women?"

"The Cheyenne people have a saying: A nation is never conquered until the hearts of it's women are on the ground."

via the comments at Althouse

He goes waaay too easy on those French whores.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Speaking of Crass

Well trying to copy/paste not working well.  It seems there is a "wolf-whistle" scandal and the sociopolitical metaphors are ripe and, by now, tedious...via that TN fella.

"Mr. Conrad was the more crass of the two."

Oh?  I personally view Mr. Dodd as entirely lacking in any class or etiquette, though he possesses an undo sense of both in spades.  The stories are nauseating and legion, his dad would be proud.

Blogging Will Accelerate Soon, Quite Soon

I have been dog/house sitting and the DSL is atrocious, I'm going with maybe 3 or four minutes out of ten there is a connection. I don't know what the company or plan specifics are but having a service you cannot count on using even a tiny bit could not be worth even ten dollars a month.

The first few times I thought it was me or my computer. After using other wifi spots I realized that it was not me. Then I thought it might be the wireless transmitter, which is definitely part of the problem. 2wire devices are horrendous and would gag a maggot after being pulled from a freezer if this unit is at all typical. The hard line connected desktop does not have these derailing hiccups. It is also a gorgeous Apple with an immaculate screen.

Helicopter Friday

Last week involved a grave error which saw "Helicopter Friday" lapse.

I must insure those devotees not ever again see such dearth. The first is a slideshow view of a man's experiences in Vietnam, he was serving our great nation on the day I was born.

This next is brief but odd to me as I have had recurring dreams for years which are slightly similar:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Remote Car Start Attack

A man was attacked by his own car as he tried to use it's remote. Via DaveBarry

Maybe links without photos go faster...

(not much faster. I will re-embrace my regurgitator capacity for now and post links as they come up.)

Many Seagull Photos

My many recent Seagull photos are almost all contained in this snap of these three:

Update: Those other two may be worth a gaze, will post for now...

Update Update: With the connection flaking out and the screen I will have to be patient and leave all as is for now...changing anything seems to be hit or miss.

Not a problem.

" changer."

Anyone who can read this without shivering is probably making money off of it or seeking higher office trumpeting "change" and "talk without preconditions with all" as the countermeasure:

China (or anyone not us for that matter) + Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile = Castration on Many Levels

Update: Looking at the comments you see some old standby's. "Innevitability means don't worry/give up," "China is greedy now (capitalism has altered them) don't worry/give up," "We have invaded a country recently so we are scarier than any other emergence, feel guilty/give up,"...feel free to add your own...


"Telly Without Context."


Has anyone been to Strada18?

Noticed at 50 Things to Do...

Newspaper Archives

Boortz links to the Times archive from 1785 to 1995. Should be very neat. Always check Boortz.

God Bless Her

Miss Tennessee carries, via Instapundit.

Obama Rips Off the Ramones

He is completely unoriginal in all matters, that marxist commie cultist messiah!!

I am surprised Adam did not post on the connection.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Train Waits

Haunted Lighthouse?

Pool Photo


Folks are Launching

Fourth of July Cheer. I witnessed a test run the other day, and these are the results...

Is There Time To...

...look at the computer?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blogging Light Right Now

but that's fairly apparent...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summer Reality Check

We really are not very far from the above.


I have to squint for that first one, anyone else?


I know someone out in those parts. Instapundit links to some photos. Very nice.

Happy Father's Day

To all you Fathers, and Dad.

Have I mentioned that I love this photo?

Saturday, June 14, 2008