Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dressed Up as a Tiger

I don't understand. So this exuberant chap dresses up as a tiger and has a couple of tylenol during a stressful campaign.

What's the problem?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lincoln Doggie In Need of Home

(Update: Thanks very much to Alphecca for the link, the more who know the better a shot at a loving home for this little guy)

So down a few posts but a number of days ago as I have not been posting much I told of the lovely dog Lincoln, who needs a home.

I have some photos now and the computer hasn't crashed so I certainly wish to get this post out clearly and quickly.

I would be willing to drive hours to place him in a loving home, so distance is maybe not as great a problem as you may think. The dog lives close to Hartford, CT.

I believe that his caregivers spelled his name "Lyncon" or "Lyncoln" or some such waay too cutesy uniqueness or such.

That in itself surpasses the abuse and indignity any mammal ought to experience in a lifetime, but he needs a home.

I will be spelling his name Lincoln and may even make reference to the famous "Lincoln Tree" which is another matter, we'll see if this computer keeps ticking.

I had hoped to have more and better photos but I also want to post this while this old Dell is ticking right now.

Officially here is the note I was sent, along with the photos above of this sweetheart. You never know, all it takes is remembering to ask as you move through your days. Ask and listen, the happy owner could be speaking to someone else at the coffee shop or who knows? I placed a rabbit that way once and absolutely turned around a very sad child's time by asking a stranger right out of the blue.

Lincoln is a wonderfull little doggie:


Thank you so much, I just sent some more pics that C.C sent me. He is a Husky. I believe full. They did get him from a pet store I remember. He's bigger than Quinn, he's gotten bigger probably b/c of no exercise the past year or so like he should have. He is a good boy, he's good with the babies so his tempermant is good. He was good with Quinn when he lived here.

Just feel so bad for him, Corley loves him she just can't handle everything anymore. Still can't even believe it.----

Domestic Violence

I was somewhat less than inclined to check upon the news this evening as it seems that it is simply a sure way to get bummed out with all the bad news they focus on in our media space.

I was wrong and may just quit while I am ahead with some cheery GOOD news. Domestic abuse is now a thing of the past, but don't take my word for it:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

3D Sweep Panorama

3D Sweep Panorama?


Althouse sounds as if she is getting one. I will be very curious and paying attention.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Worth a look, after the news sites:

Wisconsin here.

Ugh...fireworks outside right now.

Today should be over and sleepy by now.

at any rate damnit

Monday, February 7, 2011


Update: I will post photos of the cute pooch. The Owner, CC, is a fantastic photographer. I have had problems with firefox because I am trying to function on a level that is 7 years, at least, older than this computer can handle. I am also stubborn.
much cuteness here soon...

Hi everybody,

I am going to put up a couple of photos of a cute doggie named Lincoln. It turns out that, through no fault of his own, he needs a new home. He is medium sized and lanky. Healthy with medium to short hair and gorgeous eyes.

He is 4? maybe 5. His owner is a newly single mom with very young twins and a difficult work schedule, so it is terrible but she feels it best that another good family can spend more time with the little poochie. I wish I could own a dog very much and have wanted to for a long time, but owing to some timing uncertainties and a tiny apartment with a pet policy I will be unable to step up for poor Lincoln. Please ask all you know as you can never tell when the right person will find out that the timing is perfect.

Photos very soon, please help poor Lincoln!!!! Please and with cherries on top!

Thanks for your consideration and any and all efforts.

The A Fine Mess management is humbly indebted to you all for the assistance.


I will have the computer with me in the morning tomorrow so I can retrieve the photos of the pup up a creek.

Poor little guy never did anything wrong. I think I recall that he once ate a sock when he was about one year old. Now he needs a little loving in a secure structured surrounding, so please ask around, you never know the next person you ask may be the one. I found a home for a bunny that way once. I said "would you happen to want to provide a nice home for a bunny rabbit?" and the look in return, the stunned and silent drop jawed look with a guarded sparkle in the eye said it all.

I'll never forget. Her little boy had just lost his bunny rabbit to some scary coyotes who could not get into the hutch but managed to frighten the little buck-tooth softy to death.

It was sooo worth risking looking like a silly fool with the non sequitor question to a complete, or near complete, stranger. The next day we brought over the rabbit and the hutch so they would have nice fluffy accomodations.

Friday, February 4, 2011

This Is Not Good

Chris Matthews is upset and I am listening.

Should be fun.


More compelling than I suggest.

Update: I was called away. Matthews was a speech writer in the Carter administration and so has some interest in the Mubarak fiasco. He almost looks as if he had been crying. I am looking for the embed of the video but he is not secure in the giddy MSM "these people clamor for freedom" mindset.

For once he may be exercising intelligent analysis or have some inside track or something must explain why he is not a full on cretin over this complicated matter.

He is right. Clinton established a process which involved paying off, blatantly, with cash, states or entities that surprised our increasingly worthless intelligence systems. Think India and Pakistan with a nuke detonation.

Now look at someone who is far inferior to even the Clintons. Obama is trash, giving an Ipod to the queen is indicative of a clueless resentful piece of trash. He obviously does not like the Brits, and acts upon it.

Here is a little matter in which Obama promised to give Russia the serial numbers to the nuclear missiles possessed by Britain under the START agreement. That is traitorous to the point of bellicosity, which is redundant obviously. That is provocative and dangerous for the Brits, they should and by all rights ought to seek spooky clandestine retribution against the U.S. over this matter.

Remember that Obama has tasked NASA with providing inspiration and technology to muslim nations, and we do not know what that involves. Remember also that it is critical to maintain the nuclear arsenal to make it safe, let alone potent and reliable, and he has vigorously opposed those actions. If you still support this president as an individual while knowing his policies and choices you are at best a "citizen of the globe" not an American. Really though, I think you are a traitor, an enemy of liberty.

To watch him deal with Central and South America and hug Chavez while fumbling at best with Mubarak and the Suez Canal is to shiver and hate. I hate this individual, I love the presidency, I never thought I would hate any Pres more than Clinton, but I actually have found a difficult affection for ol' Bubba compared to this lunk of fecal matter with huge ears.

What is really going on? Lord knows, but I suspect that this guy loves the perks of the office and after that he just wants to give away our assets, print money and any quick thing to get through the day while he preens himself and repeats "I'm president" in his head countless times. I am also certain that when he harms this nation he feels it is a victory for his past ideals and the world. Any dent in the U.S. is a win for the globe and righting past wrongs for this pig.

"Washington lobbied London in 2009 for permission to supply Moscow with detailed data about the performance of UK missiles. The UK refused, but the US agreed to hand over the serial numbers of Trident missiles it transfers to Britain.

Professor Malcolm Chalmers said: “This appears to be significant because while the UK has announced how many missiles it possesses, there has been no way for the Russians to verify this. Over time, the unique identifiers will provide them with another data point to gauge the size of the British arsenal.”

Duncan Lennox, editor of Jane’s Strategic Weapons Systems, said: “They want to find out whether Britain has more missiles than we say we have, and having the unique identifiers might help them.”

While the US and Russia have long permitted inspections of each other’s nuclear weapons, Britain has sought to maintain some secrecy to compensate for the relatively small size of its arsenal.

Washington lobbied London in 2009 for permission to supply Moscow with detailed data about the performance of UK missiles. The UK refused, but the US agreed to hand over the serial numbers of Trident missiles it transfers to Britain.

Professor Malcolm Chalmers said: “This appears to be significant because while the UK has announced how many missiles it possesses, there has been no way for the Russians to verify this. Over time, the unique identifiers will provide them with another data point to gauge the size of the British arsenal.”

Duncan Lennox, editor of Jane’s Strategic Weapons Systems, said: “They want to find out whether Britain has more missiles than we say we have, and having the unique identifiers might help them.”

While the US and Russia have long permitted inspections of each other’s nuclear weapons, Britain has sought to maintain some secrecy to compensate for the relatively small size of its arsenal.--"

Another year with this scumbag. The journalists must be held to account. The foreign money and the online small donations must be accounted for, from the last election and the next.

Obama is an enemy to this nation, I say that with conviction and certainty.

Off topic, but did anyone see Pelosi's travel expenses, while she tries to get fuel prices to skyrocket and points carbon footprint fingers? She needs hot tar and filthy dirty pigeon feathers, diseased ones for her, in public and then on youtube. What a vapid plasticized whore.

Here is Chris Matthews, and when he makes sense we are all in trouble. He actually speaks ill of Obama.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


My contempt and outright loathing is no secret.

This satire of the media template by the Onion stands alone and should be shown to every 101 class in the supposed once and former craft of "reporting" now called "journalism".

I have posted on the change from reporter to journalist and "man on the street" to "vox populi".

Did I mention I hate journalists?

May I again?

I hate journalists, those folks at the NYTimes and Newsweek and Time and CNN and CBS and on and on...

They should show this to everyone who passes through the damn SALT institute, they fall into similar B.S. patterns. It's so real it's past funny and into we all deserve it for not isolating and humiliating the media class by now stage.

Anyone have an invite to a gathering with a journalist for me?

At any rate, here is the rubric for a story regarding anything which journalists put out in their sleep and expect us to fall at their glamorous feet, the prick pieces of fecal matter:

Kim Jong Batman

Not Safe For Work Language:

Anteaters eat termites?, worth watching? who doesn't feel just a little like this guy on some level somewhere or other?:

Obama scales back, and, after, one last:

This last resonates with an actual news story. Very very sad, no joke:

Sad Not Satire Here (do not click. It's really honestly too sad. Not joking):

So that was my first burst of "Cheery and Funny".

I may need some vitamin D or sunlight itself or something, for pete's sake, snow humor is cruel humor I suppose.


Time to post something cheery and funny.

I also have volumes of photos I have not posted, though I have not taken a photo in too long a spell.

A little poke around and some luck with the dreaded Firefox on this old platform may yield a dandy result...A crash or two will have me throw the computer across the room though.

Thursday, February 3, 2011



Canada needs some CPR along with the rest of the West.

I usually wish to read an interview with the likes of the folks that would conspire to render such an egregious situation, but it's just dangerously tiresome now.

Here is the Instapundit link, and "hardcore" is in fact a hardcore term for him to use, so it must be serious.

I need to have a friendly lunch with a journalist who can explain this all to me...I am getting a tad jaded on this whole liberal diversity thing.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Make a Nice Shirt

via Alfred

1,001 Inventions

An exhibit in Queens.

It's a racist examination of the feats and exploits invention-wise of Islam and it falls far shy of 1,001 inventions suggested over the course of time which includes it's history of "conquest" or abuse, enslavement, murder and religious tyranny at the height of their power.

What? That racism part doesn't fit with the religious monstrosity?

Well what can I say, the left leaves a dent with their childish repetitions of drivel, and they find criticism of Islam racist, so an inequity in the celebration would be just as wrong, no? Isn't that how they would regard a celebration of Westerners and their technological exploits?

At any rate I must make time to get down there and view the exhibit. That religion and region has probably contributed some crazy hi-tech camel bridle/bridal or something in the year 1600 that I must find inspiring. Be inspired or be a racist, and never mind the bomb vests.

If you attend this science program and ask the wrong question you should fear for your life, if you ask me. Better do a double take before commenting on that 14th invention from the 10th century and how close you seem to be to the end of those velvet ropes. The liberal media sanctions Muslim violence in no uncertain terms, and they are learning through that reward system what behaviors make them once again powerful.

Mohamed stole his son's wife, and the technology he used was that cult tract that "Allah" was feeding him. I think it was like some kind of meteoric, Jew hating Ipad.

Info below:


Why on Earth do we have Iranians building our nuclear plants?

Couldn't we have found some clever Indian hindooo or something?

File this one under "we deserve everything we get."

via Instapundit

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I gave some time and thought to him, but now I officially...

Too late, I have officially held the jerk in contempt for quite a while now.

However, Carla Bruni has just crossed the line into "Bobo", so I will mention once again my David Brooks cringe factor.

The guy just makes me crinkle the newspaper:



Very late and icy and dark and a small plane is going over. Would not like to be on that craft.

Ice and freezing rain against the windows right now, maybe it's a touch warmer up there, might be some white knuckles above.

"The Black Cloud of Islam"

I have noticed the strangest people saying the most optimistic things about the Muslim Brotherhood.

Odd, and they have actually asserted that, and I quote "Democracy will come to them, we all know, it is inevitable." Regarding the Middle East.

Really? More inevitable than honor killings in the Western suburbs?

There is a saying over there, in that "cradle", and I believe it is near-abouts to this: "One man, one vote, one time." One poll in Egypt reported that 80 percent of the populace believes that someone leaving the Islamic faith needs to be executed by the state. Western Europe will soon be voting for sharia, and for liberals to object? Well, several years is a comfort as an error rate? Liberals destroyed liberal Western values with political correctness and multiculturalism.

Here is a Pew poll with 84 percent returning death to apostates while 90 percent state a belief in "religious freedom". Islam means submission, you are free to submit. You may also die as an infidel. If anyone suggests to you that monotheism means that we share the same God as Allah, do not buy it. These polls may be poor, but Pew has respect, and the notion carries. You had the freedom to submit and live. A gentle question posed to any Muslim will reveal that they do not believe that the one God is the same for infidels and Muslims, and that means a tremendous amount to the Muslim. One God, it almost sounds like a trick question, but, no, it is "deadly serious man"---(I believe only one person will understand that reference, yes?)

Remarkable how they can go millennia wallowing in filthy despotism, peace be upon that slave owning head lopping Mohamed.

I also heard this: "I understand the Muslim Brotherhood has been nicer lately."



I don't know the answers, but that is the damned Suez Canal, despite Chris Mathews head muffling his usual shrill idiocy from deep in his colon.

Big big geo-chess games. I have zero confidence in Obama, in fact my loathing of Hillary is well understood, but I am rooting for some sly play and I would indeed believe Obama would sell out the West and declare it a victory for prayer bumped savages with a deep satisfaction. Maybe he can give them NASA on a more formal public level, they can figure out the "Arab Street" and more efficient stonings of the ladies.

Thanks again Muslim society and Middle East for keeping the real civilization on halal eggshells.

I have read some brutal things about Mubarak, and I certainly don't know the answer, I just wish we had someone better than a Kenyan Alfred E. Newman at the helm and a woman who wanted the whole shibang because of how she might answer the phone at 3 a.m. trimming the lines.

Ralph Peters, always a necessary read, does not reassure (via MaggiesFarm):

Yes, a democratic Egypt will see the Muslim Brotherhood represented in parliament. Well, guess what? In democratic elections, sometimes Al Franken gets a seat. Better to have the Islamists inside the tent, uh…waving out…than outside shooting in.

Which is all a way of coming around to that classic and prescient song "The Black Cloud of Islam". I have good friends who are Turks and understand the value of separating the religion from the cogs of civil society, although it is in peril there as well, it would be nice to have pro Western journalists to help at a time like this. They are the enemies of the West as we know, however.

Alfred has up a fine post regarding Roy Harper's trenchant work:

Fresh Air

Fresh Air with Terry Gross was particularly biased and frustrating the other day.

Specifically the author Robert Spitzer criticising the Supreme Court justices in the Heller vs. D.C. majority with a dangerous ignorance of the notion of an individual right to bear arms historically in the United States.

Spitzer reminded me much of the shameful Michael Bellesiles book, now a scandal and debunked, Arming America in which the thesis was that widespread gun ownership is a recent trend toward what had been essentially a mythical yet widely believed untruth.

It sounded so similar that I looked up both of their names, and, lo, here is Spitzer's review of Bellesiles steaming mess over at Powell's:

"Meticulously, even extravagantly researched, this book is a tour de force. Bellesiles has done what no one before has — examine the fact behind American gun mythology. This book will transform the modern gun debate by moving it from hysteria to sensible analysis. In every respect, a superb piece of historical work." Robert J. Spitzer, author of The Politics of Gun Control--

If you wish a compelling and I believe important examination of the history of those rights as they came to us through English common law might I recommend Joyce Lee Malcolms' "To Keep and Bear Arms: The Origin of an Anglo American Right" along with her other fine books.

That Spitzer fellow also pulls that tedious crap where he says "And I am actually a member of the NRA", yeah, in sheep's clothing. He really ought to be embarrassed. So should NPR, but we know how they must maintain their narrative.

Interview transcript here. He even contradicts himself in his own interview.