Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Processing Fee

So just the other day someone approached me with a 100 dollar Kohls gift card. They had no method of getting to kohls to use said card and offered to let me spend 20 dollars of it on myself if I drove him as a sort of gratuity in which we would both have a sort of value in the excursion.

I put it off and after putting it off I put it off some more. finally I really couldn't put it off any longer and so I went. It has been ages since I have been in that building and I was a little disoriented, it has changed quite a bit over time.

The gentleman was interested in Hawaaiian shirts and socks I believe. I am in need of so many basic staples I simply wandered around until I noticed some items of utility which overlapped with my meager price point.

Voila! Cuisinart had a cutting board (I have a very nice one, quite small-all I need-but I have misplaced it, no clue where the little bugger scampered off to) which is probably in the 20 dollar zone for this day and age. But wait!! there's more!! This little combo had a lovely ceramic knife with a rubbery handle of fine grip and a midnight coal dust in a collapsed mine satan's own sun doesn't shine hue contrasting lovely with the alabaster razor sharp ceramic edge. No peeler however. Perfect!!

So my question to all of you is of an over under variety. Part of the scenario I have already lost--I did indeed cut myself, drawing blood, more than just a bit, while opening the infernal packaging. Why must they package in that manner? So first blood is off the table, but that still leaves the instrument itself.

The over under is---how long until I cut myself with the ceramic blade? It was purchased Tuesday and there is a lovely prize for the winner.

All answers must be submitted to the comments section of this here post you are reading right now. God Bless, good luck, and may I clot like a champ!!!

Photos will be involved, in fact here is one from the crappy phone cam:

Grrr Blogger will fix shortly

Monday, March 28, 2011

D90 and D7000

So I am going to sell my D5000 and get the newly released D7000.

I have heard all sorts of things along the way and now that the cameras are out there I had thought that the numbers and environment would be fixed and easy to understand if not easy to decide.

The numbers seem to be going all over and in conversation someone who knows much more than I do suggested that the mess in Japan might affect availability and pricing.

I don't know, I do know that I thought the price would be quite a bit less than the numbers I am seeing. I thought that maybe part of that would involve the SMRP vs. the more approachable pricing world as it really tends to be out there...

I have seen numbers ranging from 1100 to 1700, ugh.

The lower end of that would see my camera finding a lovely new home while I pick up the new D7000 with it's far more robust alloy housing finding a fine future with myself. I do need a rugged and dauntless platform for the activities and lifstyle which are simply a matter of course around these parts so to speak.

Do I just ebay and then figure it out? Such different numbers...much more rugged though, saving some money won't help if the housing cracks...what to do-

...what to do...????

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kite Klutz

Flew a nice little kite with a friend yesterday in a beautiful graveyard/open space.

Today I am so ungainly it is just ridiculous. Dropping things, bumping into things, even bruising the spaces in between words as I respond or query in idle conversation.

The 'puter keeps crashing, I managed to get the photos on the hard drive but there are some hurdles on the way to posting them so far.

I will give Jimmy a gander as I roam for a minute before trying to post again. The idea of isolating or cropping/manipulating a shot or two is just right out before the get go.

Ah well, back in several...

That said let me add: Hey Gator, thanks for the flashlight again, hope the new abode finds you well...

Jimmy!! 700, sheesh, who ever would have figured it would be you racking up that career figure...

Mr. Adamses, sincere thoughts and prayers on this sad anniversary, God Bless, and also God Bless the wonderful Klara, she is an uber hund!!! Max is also missed. Honest prayers are being said.

Thank you muchly Homey and Cyn for the Christmas present. I went to use it recently and beat myself up on account of not finding it. I thought I had acted in a typically idiotic fashion and lost or misplaced the very cool and handy item known as 2 Go Ware and it's insulated satchel. Strange, I had actually told myself last year that I was getting a set of bento boxes
Zojirushi SL-JAE14 Mr. Bento Stainless Steel Lunch Jar

for the lunch process, no if's and's or but's about it. And now I have even better; gracias upon obrigados and then some!

Photos shortly in this space at top...


Error request 400 over and over and over

Grumble Grrrr

mumble gripe grrrr

More anon

O.K. Let's try again quick:


End of day now, one last last try and that's it!!:

another bad request 400

let's look that up

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Waxing Socratic

A fine article ending with a list of questions from a Russian immigrant, via Maggie's Farm:

Also via Maggie's Farm by way of Tigerhawk, what if you had purchased Apple stock with the money you had geared toward their product? Where would that leave you now?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Obama and Dems

ban doctor owned hospitals from starting up or current ones from expanding by banning them from billing medicare.

This came up in conversation several times recently and folks have difficulty believing it.

At the time of this WeeklyStandard post 45 had been halted:

There are more links at that post.


Before and after with compelling scroll function.

Tick tock, those reactors are cooking off one by one, what a mess. And just to keep them feeling at home a volcano in the southwest gets back from a fortnight holiday.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I will mention more on this tonight, no time now.

This is information which needs to be widely disseminated and clearly understood.

It raises questions that are germane to recent experiences.

More anon:

Sunday, March 6, 2011


12,000 year old fishing tackle.

The jokes write themselves.

I haven't thought much recently of the clovis debate, but I may look it up and refresh myself of recent finds and thoughts after reading this news.

That would make for an update to this post anon, but I am having screen (as in window--er, house, problems along with some washer dryer issues at the moment. Getting late already as well...)

Actually it is my fault for losing my keys and having to break in repeatedly, I damaged the screen hinge/hooks. I tried to crazy glue and gorilla glue but I think I need to step up to an genuine solder and keep my fingers crossed.

So long since I had to fix or replace a screen. Peanut butter and jelly along with some cheese and eggs and OJ cost 50 bucks tonight, what the hell must a screen go for?

Ugh, sigh, and all that.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Very Compelling Early San Francisco Film

Pre-quake, it mesmerized me, make it full screen, the quality is so nice.

Like a walk back through time.