Saturday, July 31, 2010

Speaking of Elegance

Some ideas are so simple and wonderful it is a mystery why we haven't grown up with them all around.

Some ideas are so damned perfect who cares if they work?

Via View From the Porch:

Rocket Propelled Chainsaw

rocket-propelled chainsaw

can we make them as small as a 12 g slug and semi auto and they run on some green ethinol or something to make them politically correct and they keep running until the fuel ends, like hours later so there are all these little chainsaws buzzing and spinning around all over the area and in the...o.k., I'll settle down.

I'll think about slingshots to unwind for a minute and then go back to real life...sorry 'bout that.

D90, D95

I am still looking intently at the rumors.

Do I ebay my D5000 for the last of the D90's, keep it, ebay it for the D90 replacement or...Canon?

Thoughts are sought and more than welcome.

It's one of the few things that I deeply enjoy, but being a pauper is something of a hurdle.

I worked with a man who was a photographer for over 20 years before he moved into teaching math.

He was completely a Canon man, no if's and's or but's.

The computer is an issue either way.

It's all nice in any event, what I have is very satisfying and I am still learning.

Old Photos

I don't know what to do about the damn computer.

Here we have three photos of a spider from a former residence, not my own.

I need an affordable computer with a pretty screen to see what all, so many new photos that I haven't been able to archive and keep safe:


I am looking forward to taking care of the famously angelic Abigail in a week's time.

Boy oh boy do I love that Pooch!!!

She's a genius, have you ever seen a dog try to twist a door knob with her paws? She thinks, you can see it in her willful eyes.

Time with Abby or Tuck is time which does not suck.

Wow is that bad, a photo of the exquisite lady that is Abigail will have to be the remedy to such doggerel, click to see the entirety of her glamour:

On Chelsea's Wedding

Aside from the telling political connections her wedding is said to cost 2 to 3 million dollars.

The Bush daughter's wedding was about 100k.

The media and the liberals are listening to crickets.

I loath the liberal class, be it Kerry dodging the Masstax on his yacht or the media ignoring pretty much everything about Obama and the ostentatious grandiosity of the Clinton's et. al.

This about sums it up, file under Wow, tell us what you really think and don't hold back!



Finally have that boat in the water and sucking up money left and right.

Finally have found a mechanic who knew what he was doing and the fat cork is now purring like ginormous twin kittens.

Ginormous doesn't get flagged by spell check? Odd.

I tried to take a couple of pics but it was evident that there was so much to be done that I was in the way if I was not lending a hand.

Let's see what came out, I have a poor sd card and I notice it on the recycle rate while snapping.

...o.k. grumble grumble.

The USB port is shot, the 'puter is telling me that I have gone over voltage or something. I will only try once more as I am afraid of shorting out or harming the camera.


Ughhh ARgggghhhh mmmmPPPHHHH!!!!

C o m p u t e r Through Wind owwww!@!!!!

Frik innnnn Ffraackkkk allll Uggghhhh!!!

CTRL ALLLTTT TEARS Teeth Gnassshhhingggg grmmppphhhhh....

Bald head towards screen

That's all, carry on.

Friday, July 30, 2010


I intend year after year to visit Rhinebeck and enjoy the vintage aircraft.

This Soros/Clinton wedding is enough to make me ill. Soros mentioned because, well, go google.

I am happy for the locals who make the money, I suppose.

Here's Your Hero

I couldn't make up the term Weiner.

What a douche of a piss ant hero:

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sopwith Camel and Spitfire

A video which at times is so startlingly beautiful that it doesn't even look real.

(If these videos seem clipped or are cut off you can double click on them and they should take you to the youtube origin. There is always more information there as well.)

via Maggies Farm and Borderlinesociopathicblogforboys:

borderline also had this stunning piece of 1930s parkour:

Bookmark that borderline site, I almost didn't click on this last one, I would have missed something remarkably cool, and I usually don't say that about marching bands:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Government Limited

"William Voegeli's Never Enough: America's Limitless Welfare State is one of the books of the year. George Will drew attention to Voegeli's book in his excellent column "The danger of a government with unlimited power." Michael Lind attacks Will and comes to the defense of liberalism. William Voegeli strikes back in "Why liberalism is dangerous." Voegeli has reignited a profoundly important argument that ultimately requires us to recover a basic understanding of limited constitutional government"

If you have the time, and it does take a bit of time, please read the George Will piece and the Michael Lind piece.

(Powerline wrap up via Instapundit)

Lind's effort is just sad for someone who intends to be arguing on merits and logic. In fact I think his tactic was to avoid common sense because it would defeat him right off the bat. Voegeli's work looks quite nice I have no doubt and I am a fan of the Claremont Review. His response in National Review (I wish they had a one page function) is lovely and well worth the reading. It is enjoyable.

Will provides a provocative Cliff's notes and can suffice if you have an understanding of the struggle between the notions involved in "evolving" and "breathing" interpretations of our core rights as humans on planet earth, and the viscerally understood notion of rights endowed by a creator, or, for atheists, pre-existing rights. This struggle is being lost over time to the schools and the media and the never ending expansion of power remitted to courts and politicians, local, federal and every step in between.

The idea that slaughter and the fourteenth amendment and incorporation and on and on is still argued is so discouraging.

That our president believes that the bill of rights was a problem because it did not provide a shopping list of services to be provided to all by some vast anonymous and yet governmentally centered entity (like some savage sacrificing liberty on a pyre in expectation of eternal bountiful harvests) disgusts me.

People who believe in an evolving document believe in suing over everything, but most of all their own deficits mistakes and vile natures.

God help this country. Liberty and prosperity: a flash in the pan for humanity, because the progressives and humanists couldn't control their appetites.

(Many repeat links but I wish to refer to the material correctly...mistakes are likely, I will check and correct. These items are worth the time and thought...they drive our future.)

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes

I recognized the tune, a good one, and thought that I might have come to it in a roundabout way some time back.

It is the music in the Levis walking commercial, which is only o.k., there are some great stop motion and time lapse stuff around these days. I can do it with my new camera and am a dope if I don't play and learn.

Nice enough,

Here is the post which has the tune and jumps off to other neat stuff, perhaps.

Here is a link to the Levis commercial.

The Passion of Popeye

I guess this goes right up there with "Santa Clause: The Fascist Years"

So I Saunter On Over to Youtube

and I haven't cleared my browser history and it says Recommended for you:

And they are:

Dissolve Glass In Liquid Drain Cleaner

Make Duct Tape Glow

and Break Hearts with Liquid Nitrogen

They are all from NurdRage, here is the heart one:


via SayUncle this is a great little battlefield anecdote. God bless those Gurkhas:

Commanding officer: 'Did you get him?' Soldier: 'Yes, sir.' Commanding officer: 'Are you sure?' Soldier: 'Yes, sir.' Soldier reaches into rucksack and places severed head on table.

Commanding officer: ' ****!' If it happened in a Hollywood movie, the audience would either laugh or applaud. But there was no laughter the other day when this happened for real in Babaji, Afghanistan, current posting for the 1st Battalion, Royal Gurkha Rifles.

The precise circumstances will not be determined until an official report has been completed, but reliable military sources have confirmed that a Gurkha patrol was sent out with orders to track down a Taliban warlord described as a 'high-value target'.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Santa, the Fascist Years

The DOJ spent 30k and at some point the recipients showed students "Santa, The Fascist Years"?

The film is unpleasantly convincing...Finally the DOJ is on the trail of justice!

How do I watch the rest without paying?


Here is In From the Colds post.

Kitup has interesting wikileaks items, specific anecdotes.

Kit up also has this neat new wound care patch
(Procellera) which can be cut to fit and generates an electrical charge to help sterilize and close the injury, even deep ones, sort of creating it's own battery within the wound. That's clever and very cool. Quick Clot is still impressive. Worth the read.

A little electric zap and some accellerated healing are not new notions but the material sounds simple, elegant and ingenious. That's, like, the best kind of go read.

A Bag of Water

To keep away the flies.

"In both Nepal and Thailand people hang a plastic bag filled with water to shoo away flies..."

Michael Yon has it and a photo up on Facebook.


Man Drinks Beer For Every Mile

Every mile of the San Francisco Half marathon.

His tale is here at "Excersising While Intoxicated."

I've seen Jimmy put the speed walking to a similar test.

via Ted Williams Head.

The man knew it would not be easy:

He: "declared its intentions to drink 13 beers over the 13.1-mile SF Half Marathon. Realize that it is not possible to run a half marathon while carrying a 12-pack of beer. Sure, you could try… but the beer would get shaken up and explode upon opening each can. And then no one gets to drink any.

Perhaps even more problematic are the goddamned do-gooders and paramedics onhand in case of medical emergencies. They will take your swerving, stumbling, and vomiting as signs of delirium or fatigue, and then get all interventionny and try to take way your beer. That can not happen."

I have some experience bicycling in said condition. The man's site is bookmarked.

I don't think this man's name is really "Sarah" (it's not, he covers that) but who hasn't heard about a boy named sue?

Paul Theroux

I have really enjoyed reading his travel writings and have read The Old Patagonian Express.

Rachel Pook is currently blogging about retracing his steps.

I very much enjoyed Dark Star Safari, I should check the used bookstore around the corner for him. I do enjoy walking through a bookstore after my mind has blanked out about all of the books I want to look at, even though I took to jotting down in a notepad the titles and authors the notepad is usually in a separate rucksack or whatever you call those things. Backpack seems bigger, like just for camping...I think I settled on bookbag a while back...That largely facetious post (I don't have more than one GPS) was also about randoseru, those expensive randoseru...yikes the Japanese spend alot on bookbags and pencil cases. Like 700 or 1300 bucks.

Danny Choo is worth bookmarking.

The Rin and Her Randoseru figurine is rather, er, shall I simply say---Japanese.

Anyway I started with Theroux...

Author Dan Baum

Has an article on carrying guns in the newest Harpers, I checked but it is not available w/o a subscription.

He has, however, started a blog in the examination of why one would be inclined to like guns and/or the carrying of the devices:

He is writing a book on the matter.

Does Instapundit listen to Opy and Anthony?

I heard the show mention Skishing this morning at nearly the same moment that Insty linked to a WSJ article on the crazy practice. It is a sport which takes guts and some fortitude I am thinking:


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Snake Sandwich Guard Donkey

Pepper spray chaser?

JungleTrader has the info.

bad link before, should make more sense now.

Rabbit Update

Will link to the previous anon.

Nikon D90 Replacement


There is still a stack of them at Costco.

More if you look and scroll down the NR site.

Watching America

Years ago I donated to NPR and they have since secured my regret.

Watching America
is interesting and helpful, and they need a few bucks.

I hope they persist, they are asking meager sums...


Years and years ago I was not so compelled by knives. Really.

It was when I started to consider what they say about our technology and art that I became very and truly compelled.

Metallurgy and honing, the balance between robust and brittle...Those notions overcame my initial squeemishness regarding having and examining things which can and have hurt me. Those notions fascinated me. It's so simple and yet that material science is clearly and literally an indicator of where we stand as a civilization.

(I am looking for a link in the archive, here is a pretty graveyard photo, and there is material about photoreceptors, but I know it's back there, this light bulb link which I am leading up to)

And so with artificial lighting. So basic and so challenging and compelling. I can read about it and look at the materials and be fascinated to no end at all.

So what ever happened with Luxim, which I blogged about several years ago?


I just found it and someone had commented, which is very cool but I never knew!!

That could have been very educational, corresponding with someone who actually knows the industry, and I could have hooked him up with Scott!


Here is the original post:

Here is Johnny 5's site, ( and I will zap over a note to thank him for the comment and ask for any info on the state of the technology, which I, again, find fascinating and perceive it to be a very simple barometer on the advancement of the bipedal apes.

Here is Luxim's news page, I wonder if they are hiring?

Here's a bit also:

I will call Swanny and ask for his opinion as well, hopefully things are going well in the Southwest.

A quick glance indicates that folks involved in discrete farming are very compelled by this new technology.

In the DVD

Oh dear.

I paid $3 each for some movies from a hardworking gent in a local watering hole.

He usually has a fine copy of everything and a money back policy, so I bought with confidence.

Very poor quality this time, yeesh...I was looking forward to Iron Man 2.

Oh well, I guess I should not complain regarding the downsides of criminal activities.

Does Despicable Me have a laugh track and people obnoxiously muttering hip hop rhymes?

Thanks to surround stereo I have inner city jerks speaking from around the apartment at my screen.

Liberal Bona Fides

So I was taking a look at the posts of late and I get the idea that I might be mistaken for some kind of conservative America hugger or something.

I thought that if you didn't know me you might think that I wasn't some tofu slurping globalist progressive who gets all tingley legged at the sight of the Obama circle of marxist love, you know, that "O" wave thing?

I figured I'd best get right on it and establish my bleeding hearted America loathing Bona Fides by saying that I think rocks should be outlawed because we don't really need them and they are used as weapons by white middle class redneck jerks.

That and damn it if we just gave sharia a chance for a little bit our enemies would have to know we love them and then leave us to a future of freedom.

I also surely advocate sex-ed much earlier than those gorilla conservatives are comfortable at baby Einstein age or in the womb with some kind of ultrasound device like we are teachin' Flipper how to get all Nambla on himself...

Let's see...ban rocks...teach unnatural sex to zygotes...oh yeah! We should also give our nukes unilaterally to Islamic nations, not secretly, like the big O is trying with that NASA outreach, but right out in the open with a parade like Mayday in Moscow!

Well, you may not believe me, so I will put something behind it...

Starting right now I am linking here, and putting it up on the sidebar, a link to!!

Is that Bona Fide enough?

Can I bond with the left yet?

I may even watch Rachel Maddow!


I am cutting and pasting A. McCarthy's entire post because it is so succinct and spot on:

"Ground Zero Mosque Imam's Muslim Brotherhood Friends [Andy McCarthy]

My column this weekend, on the homepage, is about the connections between the imam pushing the Ground Zero mosque, Feisal Abdul Rauf, and two of the Muslim Brotherhood's American tentacles, the Islamic Society of North America and the International Institute of Islamic Thought.

The Ground Zero mosque project is not about religious tolerance. We permit thousands of mosques in our country, and Islam is not a religion. Islam is an ideology that has some spiritual elements, but strives for authoritarian control of every aspect of human life — social, political, and economic. The Ground Zero mosque project is a stealth step in the "Grand Jihad," the term used by the Muslim Brotherhood and its confederates for what they describe as a "civilizational" battle to destroy the U.S. and the West from within, by sabotage.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Showers and Conservatives

Via Maggie's Farm this, an apt shower reference.

Morgan Freeman

Holy holy cats.

I don't want to swear on this post. I may redo this in any event.

Via Maggie's Farm I have the gift of seeing Morgan Freeman speak my very own mind.

This is what I have been thinking and trying to articulate for what seems like ever.

This short clip is so important I will just enjoy the perfection of his statement and NOT say anything:

Not say anything other than God Bless you Morgan Freeman, you have my admiration as a man.

Friends For Hire

I just noticed this service whereby you rent a friend.

Sounds friendly enough, and we all know that I have lost both Rocksy and Shivers not too long ago, and the company hasn't responded to my request for a tune up on the ecosphere.

So what does anyone think?

I have always wanted to blog about going to Yonkers to see the Kimber plant.

It would make for some wonderful and very American photos, but it would cross state lines...

I just learned that in addition to the Thule plant Shelton now sports the Charter Arms manufacturing plant!

Maybe I can pay a friend to accompany me to visit both and blog about it?

With photos.

What a country!!

Please talk me down, It may make for a funny blogpost but it's pathetic and I swear I'll do it, I haven't slept in days!:))

Hold's too funny NOT to do.

So it will be done! :)

Christopher Picks

Christopher Moore says these suggestions contain links to material which are funny and I want to laugh so I will investigate further. I trust his judgementationalisationism.

I guess.

I even enjoy the process of looking, thank you Mr. Moore:

Spencer Ackerman

What a tool.

Just google his name and read, if you want to laugh, get nauseous, get sad, and laugh again.

He really enjoys that whole threatening violence thing, and I understand, believe me, however it would incite liberals to question a person's masculine properties.

Somehow I must have thought that young people would have seen through the media liberalism, that the pendulum may have changed it's direction.

Painfully it is clear that having the youth is having the future, and the liberal MTV globalism brainwashing worked as desired.

An obnoxious self righteous little turd is Spencer Ackerman, and no doubt so many others on that fetid Journolist. I still wish I had media detecting specs for the train commute leading up to that election.

I can't read Wired without thinking of this smug twat now.

Is his twitter name really "Attackerman"?, that is so pathetic.

He's a Rutgers grad...The Black Knights, isn't that a racist throwback construct? Who came up with that mascot and name, Fox News or white people?

Spencer show me how to be cool, please please please...You brilliant JournOlists showed us the way with a black-but don't call him Arab-president who is post racial and wouldn't have signed up for the gig if he weren't black-don't call him Arab-because his resume would have been laughed out of town if he were white...but throw people who question his competence through windows and call them racists even if they only ever questioned ability while you extolled race.

Eat shit and die, Spencer--Oh! forgive me, that's violent and mean sounding, and I know you wouldn't go there, forgive me, I'm white, I must be innately cruel and I'm a white male, so I must have a predilection towards violent notions which cover my masculinity issues.

What a typical self-conscious white liberal little big mouth.

Frank J gets pretty close with the pipsqueak little dog notion.

Anyway, that's our fourth estate for you. As well as our youth.

Liberal: It means hating the folks who struggled to give you all that you have, and struggling to give it all away from the comfort of what you were given. Add snotty and arrogant, toss in a dash of self loathing dramatic brat, don't forget a pinch of start fights you can't win and shake vigorously.

By the looks of Spencer that is our future, God help us.

Our republic is not going to make it unless we wrestle the fourth estate from the "progressives."

Not Safe For Work

I am pasting the tapes of Mel Gibson as condensed by Christopher Moore, very funny:

  1. Tape#8:Put my kilt on the bear.That's right, now put those yarmulkes on his big fake Jew bear boobs.Now lick my Oscar.Lick it!
  2. Tape#7:U bear training Russian Jew bitch! U trained bears to kill Jesus, in that slutty dress! You f*cked yarmulke-wearing Jew bears!
  3. Tape#6 Mel: Ur just an opportunist slut. U look like you'd sleep with an abusive drunken millionaire just for-- Nevermind
  4. Tape#5: Mel Gibson threatens to kill entire Hebrew School and bury them in the F*ing yard if she wears that F*ing Wonderbra.

Krista Branch

They will mock her.

Things of such powerful simplicity as faith and love of country are threatening to progressives, who make up such an overwhelming majority of the media space. They so overwhelm the media that a small opening such as Fox news is stampeded with viewers sick of the progressive narrative.

The song is over produced, but I support her and deeply wish for her success.

If only to see the mocking crowd wriggle like a worm under a branch...

(I just checked and there are indeed articles jeering her. I can understand crickets chirping and silence, but what could this person possibly be harming by advocating a love of her faith and country? If she barked about her love of that child raping thieving head lopping lying slave owning wife-stealing lunatic Mohammed the progressives would shout about her culture and assume their quaint ways (both progressives and foreigners) are superior to our own...kill your daughter because she went on a date and the media will keep it quiet because Americans like Mrs. Branch are too violent and ignorant to be trusted with the information. Where is the examination of Islam's history? Mrs. Branch's religion is brought in for sarcasm, where is my lesson in the life of Mohammed from the progressives?---Islam won't allow for the depiction of the human figure or instruments. Yes, instruments...I will provide links to those who don't wish to look it up for themselves. Yusuf Islam has been faced with this quandry. Where is the bio-epic of Mohammed? Oh yeah, the movie makers, and I'll check with Mel Gibson, are shy of making one because, oh, I can't remember why something bad might happen...but never forget Thomas Jefferson was a sicko with his slaves!!! Progressives are suicidal in their embrace of and rejection of culture. Yes that was a less than cohesive rant, but be that as it may...)

via Rattail Bastard who mentions the Chronicles reference:

2 Chronicles 7:14 (New International Version)

14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

Oh My Lord

Beer sold in dead animals!

How wonderful...soo expensive, however. $765 a bottle.

Much talk on the limited availability but not so much on the flavor or style other than vague "American hops" and potency. Stronger than Tactical Nuclear Penguin? Should we tell Jimmy or seek refuge in ignorance?

via Althouse

Last Post

Having some issues with that sleep concept.

Pink in the Light

These are older.

But it makes me want to get a waterproof device.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Close Look at Sunrise

Well...I can understand that there have been some troubles...I am really quite unhappy with Comcast.

That bench is familiar. I will post the shot of it which I like quite a bit tomorrow---er---today.
Posted by Picasa

Squam Sunrise

Helicopter Friday

It's been a long time.

Perhaps a helicopter Friday tomorrow...I need someone to hold a camera...

Helicopter Friday either way.

Update: Working on it...will have to be a Helicopter Saturday but there is a surfeit of material.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The gentleman I just spoke with was reasonable, patient and helpful.

He is also the reason I can post this tag, which is to say that I have been more than a bit frustrated over the last several days.

No internets since the weekend, and the way it played through Comcast was, just, wow...

It is already late, so be it.


Last night (night before, UGH) I did remain sleepless enough to hear an interview with a gentleman who wrote a book entitled:

Fur, Fortune, and Empire: The Epic History of the Fur Trade in America

and now I am trying to remember that great bookstore out in the PacWest area because they may have interviewed him...with a P....something...Damn it!!...I will hyperlink above and wait for the damn name...


O.k., that took longer than I care to admit, but I thought that they may have one of their nice interviews.

NPR's was quite compelling. It was with Tom Ashbrook and well worth a listen.

I am back online, for whatever that is...grumble...ugh...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

June Allyson

I used to enjoy learning language, I should Audible some refreshers.

Now that I think of it, I have no idea where my photos from France are, it was before computers and all that...I remember a couple of a dog and a cat in bed wearing Victorian night gear on the streets of Paris. They were charging the tourists to take photos. Probably says a lot about the French. Tourists also, I paid.

TCM has the Movie Good News on right now, completely atypical to what I would normally leave on, in fact I might normally shut the television off of entirely, especially at this hour.

The girls are pretty and dressed well, also I am wondering how old they were.

Ages looked different when people dressed so much more nicely, they are probably 20.

Regardless I stopped on the channel and noticed the "French Lesson" song, had no clue and looked it up on the computer.

She is pretty, the song is cute, and she even has little pockets on her polka-dotted librarian dress.

Larry King determined that she is not Jewish
, (I don't know why this is even a topic, but every time I search her name for the video that is not working it is prominent in the suggested searches) she said she was Dutch (so was Anne Frank, Larry.) According to Allyson and King the man who bestowed her sobriquet, George Abbott, lived to 125, using which chronometry or horology or whatever you will I know not...

O.K., another look says he put in about a buck and eight...when he was about eleven his family moved from the East to Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1898. That must have been something. It seems he was also a "show doctor"-- a fixer called in to remedy other productions.

He married at 96 years of age, and this was cute:

The New York Times obituary read, "Mrs. Abbott said that a week and a half before his death he was dictating revisions to the second act of Pajama Game with a revival in mind. In 1994, at a mere 106 years old, he walked down the aisle on opening night of the Damn Yankees revival and received a standing ovation. He was heard saying to his companion, 'There must be somebody important here.'"[1]

The French Lesson (the actor was fluent in French and tutored her on set, if you wish to believe. The internet, you are never more than second from learning something pointless and possibly untrue!) This was difficult to find, and now that I check it is not turning over. Maybe your luck or connection will be better:

Sailor Girl's Beautiful Photos

She is still out there taking gorgeous shots for all of us who can't be on the water...

kind of takes you away...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Real Quick

Samizdata has a mention which suggests the chill involved when Journolists are seen in proximity to you and the facts...

"One of the biggest eye-openers you can have is seeing a story in the press which you have personal knowledge of. ...

Of course, it could be that you just got unlucky and that all the other stories out there are 100% bang on, deadly accurate.

But that seems rather unlikely, doesn’t it?

- 6000 ruminates on false media prophesies of doom regarding the organisation of the soccer World Cup in his native South Africa."


I love and I would like more folks to be aware of Michael Crichtons' sharp notion and talk on the matter.

Here is the quick clip, then I am going to sleep, but Crichton had it nailed tight:

"Briefly stated, the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect is as follows. You open the newspaper to an article on some subject you know well. In Murray's case, physics. In mine, show business. You read the article and see the journalist has absolutely no understanding of either the facts or the issues. Often, the article is so wrong it actually presents the story backward—reversing cause and effect. I call these the "wet streets cause rain" stories. Paper's full of them.
In any case, you read with exasperation or amusement the multiple errors in a story, and then turn the page to national or international affairs, and read as if the rest of the newspaper was somehow more accurate about Palestine than the baloney you just read. You turn the page, and forget what you know."

Michael Crichton

I have some more back here:

now sleep...not that you care about my sleep whenever you may read this...

Neat Items

I have a few that I want to dig up, and I have several sitting in the save pile because I was so tired I couldn't vouch for any spelling or what all...

That said I have this delicious feeling...---sleep.

It feels nice right I may remember dreams.

Take care and carry no further if this sounds silly or annoying...I understand.

enough said...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Tactical Corsets

Who said sexy has to be vulnerable?

Tactical Corsets Underbust Splash

via tacticalgear

That same list I saw over at View From the Porch has the essential Tactical Cheese Holster.

Yes I need a tactical cheese holster! Need you ask?


Noticed a mention over at a blog called "IndolentMick", he also had the mosque video:

Muslim Insult

Old School G-Grammy

My mom is (--er, shall I say "My Moms", y0) is a classically trained Ol' Skool capital G gangsta dig it!!yo...

You can see a little here, but more than that and we'd have to flat blast so many caps up into yo' ass the Swiss consulate would sue over stealin' their ideas about cheese holes nigga!

So, please, don't get up into our grills about my momms the celebrity "G", and you might get out alive---

AK-47 Ice Cubes

Adam quite kindly sent along this info on mixing your cocktails with some ammo themed ice.

Very cool indeed:


I just scorched my ring finger on the toaster oven and, surprisingly enough, I had a jar of aloe extract handy, so to speak.

It seems to have mollified the pain somewhat.


No photos this time though. It is not as glamorous as the mercy denied me by my very own bread knife. An incredible poem of simplicity in Germanic steel, that loaf splitting monster, I will repost some of that gore, for the amusement of all:

If you search the term "blood" on this blog you are returned several pages, and that is without the old blog's material.

Is that a good or a bad sign?

Update: Uh oh. Now I am eating some kind of Bratwurst red hot thingie and I have confused napkins. One has the aleviating properties of the cactus God has given us for the horrors of burns, and the other has a mix of Chinese leftovers. Little packets of cheap mustard and duck sauce from the bottom of the old "everything else" drawer that every kitchen contains.

I can never not eff up all I touch, shaking my head now in appreciation of my idiocy. Ugh, why must I be such a dumb idiot jerk face?

Now the blogger page is refusing to spell check this post on the finer points of my monsterous idiocity.

I fear I may eat a finger because I won't recognize when to stop munching so long as there is duck sauce.

Pretty Photos

Some flowers and a spider, these photos are engaging, they came out quite nicely.

They are at the site Beta Tauri

I noticed them from a comment the blogger left at Althouse.

I can't wait to get my computer and camera hurdles mastered, dangit.

Bringin' It to the Wild Hogs

Those girls over at Hogs Dogs and Lace aren't fooling around.

Christie's biggest turn off is "a empty cooler"! Sweet.

You'd better keep that cooler full, if you know what's good for you...

Via Samizdata:

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I feel some confidence that I may be able to sleep soon. This is no joke, I feel fairly terrible, and fear a reprise of last night. It has left me goofy and gunshy.


I have screwed up that post.

I apologize, I think it is saved and I will be able to ferret it out and correct it properly.


It had something to do with flirting and demographics and I think it wasn't a bad post...I wonder if it saved on the blogger auto save function...

The most important part, in my estimation, was the reference to sleep.

I want to sleep so bad.

You couldn't have any idea.

God bless and good night!!!


A nice post involving water-proof cameras and diving is up over at Anthroblogogy.

I received a Pentax 35mm pointanshoot as a gift years ago and it worked admirably on the trip through Alaska, I still use it on occasion.

I am charging my Nikon now and will use it no matter what tomorrow.

(that big icy earthy thingie in the distance is Denali, just so you know)

Of course I originally only intended to round up the one photo of the pontoon plane and now I can't even find it...the above will have to suffice for now...

Go check out Anthroblogogy, I would love one of those Pentax's for kayaking and fishing, they seem perfect.


It is soooooooooo late and I cannot sleep...I cannot sleep in a way that kind of even hurts. Lord I groan under insomnia.

Wasn't there an Odd Couple episode and a MASH episode on such matters?

I am Zombie and it is a awful ugly suffer dagnabbit%@^#^!!!

grumble a few minutes longer and then back to the rotisserie to try once again grumble

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Plea For Our Wildlife

I received this message with a sincere request for support:

Dear Matthew,

Help Get the Lead Out - Make your gift today.
Most people think environmental lead poisoning has been banned because lead has been removed from paint and gasoline. But thanks to the NRA, 83,000 tons of lead are shot into the environment every year. Year in, year out.

The effect on wildlife is staggering. Bald eagles, golden eagles, peregrine falcons, condors, herons and doves die incredibly painful lead-poisoning deaths. Wolves, bears and panthers are also poisoned as the lead works its way up the food chain.

To stop the needless carnage, the Center for Biological Diversity is launching a once-in-a-lifetime campaign in August to ban all lead bullets everywhere in the United States.

It's the biggest anti-lead poisoning campaign in history, and we need your help to succeed. Please donate generously today to our Get the Lead Out campaign and help us save bald eagles and condors from the terrible pain of lead poisoning.

We squared off against the NRA to shut down lead bullets in condor habitat in California and won. We're fighting the NRA now to replace lead bullets with copper and steel shot on federal lands in northern Arizona and southern Utah.

We'll win there as well, but the real showdown will come when we move to ban all lead bullets nationwide.

There is simply no reason to keep using archaic, poisonous lead bullets anymore. Nontoxic steel, copper and alloy bullets are readily available in all 50 states. Lead bullets can be taken completely out of circulation within a year if we can muster the legal firepower and political will to make it happen.

The NRA will spend millions to stop us. It has already fired up its membership by accusing us of being "extremists." But what's so "extreme" about insisting that golden eagles not starve to death because their digestive system has been barbarically shut down by lead poisoning?

The NRA will spend $100 for every dollar we spend. It will pull out all the stops against us. But despite that, we can win this battle if we have your support - just as we did in California.

Please, donate generously today to our Get the Lead Out campaign to help level the playing field against the NRA juggernaut.

Thank you for your support,

KierĂ¡n Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

P.S. Eagles and bears aren't the only ones needlessly poisoned by lead bullets. Children and pregnant women are as well. A recent study found that between 20 and 87 percent of game killed by lead bullets contained unsafe levels of lead when served as food. Please help us stop all lead poisoning for all species, once and for all, with a donation to our Get the Lead Out campaign.

I have responded thusly:

Hello Kind Sirs,

I live in CT and the Eagles have made a grand come-back, I love them. There is, of course, much road to be traveled yet, and great struggle ahead.
I love the outdoors and feel compelled to write this note as a response to a communication I have received from you fine folks.

Please do not confuse guns or ammo with a hostility towards the outdoors.

It is the 2nd Amendment enthusiasts and the sport anglers who have done the most for this nation's wild spaces, this I deeply believe. We wish and struggle for the health of the Wild because we love it so.

I understand the need to transition away from lead, without hysteria. It will take more than one year, and there should be caveats for rounds to be used in self defense which will not be unleashed to disrupt organisms out in the field.

Please respond to this note if you will, I send it in honesty with a constructive intent.

I thank you for your determined efforts and I respect your love of our delicate Earth deeply, I share this need to protect and preserve.

Carefully choose your adversaries, they may be difficult to determine..

They are some of the ones in office, they are some of the ones with legal degrees, they are some of the ones on zoning boards, and they are intermingled with individuals who may be sincere and may also be misguided. A difficult web of society, I wish success for those who work to preserve our spaces, and I foresee an accusation of being misguided myself.


Thank You Sincerely,

Also, please let me know in what way I can volunteer in the NYC tri-state area, my love and concern for our environment is deep and genuine,



I will post any responses here

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

M1 Garande





I have wanted one for a very long time. The shop not far has a beautiful commemorative M1.

via Firearm Blog:

Monkey Dhimmi Update

Another post regarding Taliban monkey gunners over at the indespensable Firearm Blog.

I wonder what Michelle Obama thinks about these primates being exposed to such prejudicial violence?

tmp dropzone p201006281404501998362253 tfb Monkeys with Machine Guns photo