Thursday, August 30, 2007


A post is in the draft pile because after several minutes I realized plain text is easily misconstrued. And as a rule of thumb it is never for the better...


Well I posted to Armavirumque earlier, and Instapundit links to Kimball's article. I will make no comment. This time for real.

It is wise

to invest in strong magnets.

I read that somewhere.

Great products.


He was involved in Ramparts.

Interview linked through Armavirumque

For the Cats

Some tough times.

But they do the jobs we won't

Another item that everyone who is not a journalist/politician/illegal has boiling blood over. Expect no changes.

And this gem was farther down.

What glee! Notice the date!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Quite a few years ago there was a book, and a great read, called "The Hot Zone." Marburg info is here.

(The book is obviously about Ebola, which is not in the news again)

Marburg is in the news again...the "host" search has been in the popularmedia. (Monkey in "Outbreak" film.)

It was mentioned in the book "Lab 257," which had much info, and no smoking gun, however...There are portions of the book which mention the efluent from Plum Island which would suggest that they regularly released viable waste...or rather waste viable for pathogens. Maybe the book is incorrect, who knows...

Guns Guns Guns

Jimmy links to this article on the concentration of gun ownership. Somehow I feel this may be off but hell, let's take the victory with a grin!!

It's almost like gun ownership in the hands of more people than just the government and the criminally minded could have something to do with Liberty itself.


Kim's response. (He started National Buy Ammo Day)

D'oh!!!----yesterday was a Buy Ammo Day!!!--Jr. version.

Joyce Lee Malcolm has had fine books and articles, I have this book and it was very informative.

Old Links

Until I can bring it all back under one roof the older links, for anyone who would have a need, are at

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Blogger comes through

The fine people over at blogger have restored my posts, I need to unconfuse the situation, which I will, and then anything that you may have wanted to click on will be back. They were very prompt and I would aboslutely like to give them a giant THANK YOU!!!!!

Thank you Nick!!

You can bet I will not go near the "Next" button and will be backing things up from now on!!!


Jimmy went and had a blast.


Controversy. Again, and whoops, guess who?


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That big thing up there was moving faster than the camera settings. I understand it was to be seen better farther west. My camera suffers with low light.
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Monday, August 27, 2007


having mentioned that, what are the chances I can get a photo around 4:51-ish? The sun is right in the ballpark later on...and may make a good gloaming shot if I wake up...

Who knows?

Dear Ra

Or should I say Khonsu?

We all are aware of the process, no?

An eclipse tonight.

Who was it with the chariot and the sun? And didn't his son, Phaeton, do something untoward?

Video of impressive shadow puppets. (watch to the end and you will see the connection.)

Coming Soon

Actual photos of yours truly. But for now, in the interim of the delete disaster, a couple. I have good links to some NatGeo material and, well, there is plenty to blog. So stay tuned. Blue fish tourney was this weekend. Sea Robins were abundant. Otherwise skunked.

Lady Slipper

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Two of the best

Have boo-boos.


I have a mayday call into blogger regarding the spam associated with the next tag at the top of blogs. I have been informed that it is a pervasive problem and that they may be able to help with the previous deleted content. I have not heard back from them but there are good helpful people out there and I will put them on the links on the left of the blog. If anyone knows any avenues to help regarding the previous content or contacting the folks at blogger please, and another please please, let me know.

Thank you
Chuck and Thank you Nitecruzr!!!

Spammers and various Mongers really need to be tarred and feathered at the least!!!

I'm frustrated angry and sad over the pointless needless saga...

If anyone needs a link from the older material here is a cached link that may help.

Who invented

The word "hello?"



I am coming to the conclusion based on some info that I had overreacted in striking down the blog and am waiting on info regarding any possibility of restoring the previous content but so far things are bleak.

better now

It's fixed now. Now all I need to do is figure out how to get back all of the old content. That might be bleak...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Do Not Come To This Blog


I need some help but this looks bad...don't visit...

Spoke too soon...

O.K., Better

It's safe to come here. You never know, maybe I will someday get the old blog back. I had to delete so much stuff I don't know what was virus and what wasn't. It's gone now. Sorry for the difficulty but whomever had any part needs to suffer. I really mean suffer, I am waiting and watching...

blogspot help

So I am looking to get whatever idiocy that has been foisted upon my blog gone. Even if the whole thing is lost and I have to just start over. Yeah, help...WTF.

Don't click on this link until I can tell you it is o.k.

A Fine Mess

The blog had a problem link. I have had difficulty fixing it and may have deleted the entire deal. I will monkey around and see what I can do, I hate lots and lots right now. Any help is appreciated.