Monday, August 31, 2009

Seth Thomas, Richard Russo, CT, and the Great Utopian Zucchini

Well here is a circle of several posts.

I recently mentioned the Great Utopian Zucchini's selfless efforts to raise money for the restoration of the clock ("After nearly a century of chiming the hours, our old Seth Thomas clock tower...has fallen silent.".) down in New Harmony, Indiana.

I noticed that the clock (sharp, eh?) was a Seth Thomas...(In 1813 a man named Seth Thomas came to the hollow to manufacture clocks. By 1856 Thomas was labeling his clocks with "Thomas Town." He helped route the Naugatuck railroad through Plymouth Hollow, linking us with the brass center at Waterbury.)

There is also a clock in Thomaston, Maine:

Town Clock With Flowers

I now remember that I had previously conjectured on the matter of Richard Russo's choice of Thomaston for a locale in "Bridge of Sighs."

I was ignorant until I recently went to Maine that Thomaston is nearby Mr. Russo's abode Down East.

I must have been wrong in that Thomaston conjecture.

I have some train photos from Thomaston, CT back there, and they round out the mistake nicely. (I do enjoy that Old Naugie and the RMNE working train museum):

Some Grand Trunk and their railroad here (this last with Grand Funk music reference.)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our Political Class

How sleazy is this doctor on the Oregon Death Commission, or whatever they call it.

No they won't pay for chemo, but they are so progressive in Oregon that they will pay for her suicide. via No Pasaran:

Monday, August 24, 2009

Rat Sleeping Bag Mistaken for "Rat Eating Plant"

This little fellow is so content in his cozy camping device out on holiday, God Bless him.

Scientists have come up with yet another cockamamie theory to explain away the reasuring and mundanely obvious. They think the plant is eating him. I am not making that up and, yes, I too am embarrased for those "science people" yet again.

Just look:

Nepenthes attenboroughii

I noticed the link on Instapundit. He bought into it as well, but he usually is so canny he can readily be forgiven.

The dead give away for anyone paying attention?

It's clearly a City Mouse, and you can tell by the rugged geology and flora in the frame that he is IN THE COUNTRY!!


Ipso Facto He Must Be Camping!!!

I remember seeing pitcher plants very often while I was growing up, and if they were large enough I too would have slept in them. I slept everywhere.