Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Lightening strike.

Paper Skull

Via Boortz print out and craft your own paper skull with moving jaw!

And don't ever forget Gereratorblog!


In Horn of Africa who commandeered highly explosive freighter being pursued by U.S. Navy.

Fascinating...surprised there isn't more attention.


I'd like to see this speaker, but logistics preclude.

Sleeping Pills

for kids. Why would that make a list of bad products? (I'm not even buying the concept. I really think they are stretching here.)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Candy

The type you give says something about you, and this is from the Washington Post via Yahoo so it must be true!!!

I voted for the peanut butter cups in the pole and they are kicking the other candie's nougatie butts!!!


Follows me and does not wish to remain contained. I must get down to the basement and vacuum again.

A couple of links while I sit down for a second.

Pat Crawford makes excellent works in the knife realm.

Many, many years ago I purchased a survival staff (walking stick/blow gun etc.) I need to pick up a fitting because it will serve as a sturdy monopod for the camera.

These look very handy, they would make fine birthday/holiday gifts from those not on tight budgets to anyone who appreciates finely crafted items that are sure to get much use.

This is impressive more as jewelry than tool. Who could work something so lovely? When I went to Alaska I thought beforehand that if I were to get something to remember the trip it would be either a knife or I thought, what if I found a beautiful pen made with mastodon ivory? I really had that pen on my mind when I finally hit the first shop that mentioned ivory and what did I see? A gorgeous pen in ancient mammoth ivory!! Alas the price was far greater than I could realize, oh well. I have nice pens and knives, I took the experience far more deeply than I ever would something material. I never saw another one so it was remarkable to have something so specific in my brain and walk right up to it straight away.

Scientific American had an article about Damascus forging years ago. The man who wrote that has a paper up here which I believe is the same article but trimmed a little for a younger audience. SA does not have the archives freely available. The PDF version is here. Art history and science, what's not to love.

Political Correctness

and Tacitus.

Via instapundit, read through to the end...

Sunday, October 28, 2007


UPDATE: Regarding the images...They were taken on a gray day in late afternoon late last week, Friday actually. Click to enlarge. I swear to God that when I took these photos the anomolies WERE NOT THERE. I did not see them!!! No lie!!

That's about all I can say, as for what you see, well, some things defy explanation I suppose.

Well it is Halloween so I wandered through a graveyard snapping photos of who knows what, all at great personal peril. Afternoons are just as perilous, no?

Anyhow look for ghosts, there must be one in there somewhere!!

I felt as if I were being watched!!!!

Southford Hike

Sunday Hike

Well the dashing trio took the Sunday hike again today, and we were received with jubilation by the forest Gnomes. They broadcast rainbows while the woodland Nymphs shimmied in their gossamer as they sang for us. I managed to catch one of the magical rainbows in this shot, with Homey and Doc. The Gnomes are very tiny so the rainbow's arc only gets so high.

More photos very soon so plan on getting something nice to eat and drink and finish splitting that wood for the fire.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Certainly the will of the people is at play here, as noted below.

Slap a Congressman--

Update: Wow---Lovely!!!

Backhand a Congressman---figuratively of course!!! Don't ever actually grab one or two and scare the crap out of the lot of them...that would be bad as it would certainly inspire them to actual effort. (We all know that working more days per week is worse than if they steal our money and pile up vaguely worded laws to effect the greatest latitude in application and coercion at a lazier rate, say four days a week.) I advocate against it. It would be awful to learn that several of these "Reps" had been given a hard time...Really, I'm going to repeat it to myself until I am convinced and I recommend you do the same.

What kind of pickle are we in? This is beyond pathetic. Don't grab and tar and feather or frighten your "representative" because---what? While I must advocate against it...I solicit arguments as to why letting them continue with gerrymandered voting as their only peril is preferable.

Terabyte Thumb Drives

Within "a few years."

Haunted Swing

in Argentina!! It's ghost powered and all true!!

via coasttocoast

Someone also sent this in (to coast2coast that is,) which puts questions of spectral existence to eternal rest once and for all, a ghost in coffee!!:

And don't miss the Jack O'lantern Spider!!

Also via C2C Neanderthals with red hair.

And the 15 most famous photos of ghosts.

And my next rig, though I'll insist that it be finely gimballed.


I know a woman who has taken up smoking in middle age. The opinionjournal article linked to is amusing.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Wooly Rhinocerous

Stolen!!! Wow do I hate thieves!!!!!

I know where to get Mammoth hair cheap, locally!!!

I gave it out for Christmas one year, to mixed response.

Inquire if you have a need.

Swiss Army Sale

Will be next weekend.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

What's new with monkeys?

Let's check Monkey News, I wonder what's in that Monkey Wire?

This was well covered, but notice the image of the Monkey with baby. That's designed to get you feeling guilty about knowing that monkeys rampaging throughout a city and creating injury death and disease is correctable and necessary. (whoops--my mistake. That should read "unnecessary.")

Oh My God!! I go to Science Daily all the time and did not know they had a monkey section, I'm a idiot dolt head!!!

But worst of all (via Evilchili) is this video investigation which gets increasingly upsetting. Human nature, monkey nature--it's all just primary impulse and greed in the end. So sad really. I know I promised happy stuff but I must warn you, do not play this video at work or if you wish to maintain an idealized vision of monkeys: (update: it's actually not that bad, it's semi funny but a little off color and you have to wait to get to the joke.)

Beverage Challenge

Jimmy was curious but the offer for identifying the extra item still stands...all guesses valid!!

Stealth Bomber

and budget request regarding "an urgent operational need from theater commanders."

Via Americanthinker

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I promise more cheerful material for a spell. (opens video)


We should have known he would have behaved this way. That is not racist or some crude stereotyping at play. The Judge in wisdom not finite has deemed this knowledge worthy of mitigation.

"What do you expect? He was a friggin' Sardinian!!"

My question is: Which group ought to be the most shamed and embarrassed by these mounting episodes of culture exonerating behavior? The minority groups (accruing power salves the sting of shame no doubt.) The legal and political class. The media for passing glaring judgement relentlessly while pretending they have nothing to do with anything, they are some kind of anthropological observers.

I'm going with the media class is the most foul. This speaks volumes: The man is wrong, they pat themselves on the back in private, not God.

They are the final arbiters of what gets overlooked.

Language Tools

Can be very helpful. Tonight they are letting me down.

Often No Pasaran will have a link or Der Spiegel which can be glimpsed with the site translator.

But no Swedish. Why not Swedish?

I once used the language function to read an airline collectors display of--can't remember, salt shakers? wet naps?

Here's some fantastic barf bags, in English, but don't hesitate to use the device to translate it and send it to folks all over the globe. Hell, globe, yeah right. Translate it into Martian and forward it to the Martians in the shadows who do the work Americans won't.


for food or hobby.

Via Mr. Freemarket

ISS and Space Shuttle

Can be seen from down here, I've seen them.

Here is a NASA page with an applet that will help.

Heaven's Above
still appears available.

Here is another tracking page.

And yesterday I posted this one, which indicates the ISS and the approach of the Shuttle.

And NASA t.v. is here.


It's all so inspirational. Truly success has been achieved when the native lad is abused in such a fashion.

Where are the headlines and the fingers being pointed?

Instapundit linked to another article on this site.

Always look in on BrusselsJournal.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


This is an actual cell phone photo of a Jack-O-Lantern sent by Mike and Mikey. Mikey carved it...I was told to blow it up. Looks too freaky to be real...I believe they lied and that this was an actual demon they captured on the cell phone camera but were too embarrassed to seek help against...

Ted Williams

Moxie and taxidermy and glamor. It's all right here!!!

Also sadly but effectively cobbled radio antennae and a fine hat.

And a beverage for anyone who figures out the other item...

Sun, dock, the Cape

Cape Cod

Paddy and Laura and PJ have unbelievably gorgeous shots. Trying to put the sun/dock photos on...blogger is having issues...will be up shortly, they are stunning.


Don't forget to check in, they have replays but also great interviews and continuing coverage of the entire mission. It is an intense labor heavy effort which I believe may set some records. Wow. I know that it doesn't convey when you read the post but I have been looking for news on this mission and the things that pop up on searches are media trash, they are perhaps worse covering this than anything else.

Yup. No clue in the fourth estate. How depressing.

Senate History

These two characters seem to have Senatorial histories. Out of this world!!! It reminds me of the old Elvis-Nixon photo. Zombietime has had their efforts widely regarded and I honestly can't remember where I saw the link first.



Material regarding the service and some behaviors. (Amazon link but not for kids.) Any thoughts can be carried forward by those who would know more. There was a milpundit (I am giving him a bump-up or down- from "milblogger" only because I listened to him on the radio and read him before the blog thing. He was retired, I believe. I respected his concern and commitment. If he had skeletons in his closet I don't know of them. I remember a point before the roll out of Kuwait where he seemed disgusted with Sean Hannity, just a gut sense though. Ask if you are curious.) who noticed things which gave him the impetus to solicit information, but he has since passed.

When he had a blog he was soliciting info pending something he never had the chance to accomplish. I don't see the old blog pages so I can point nowhere.

Seeing that made me think of Hackworth. and how I meant to pick up a book of his, and will now that it is on my mind.

Hello Kitty


I suppose I already have the t-shirt--I should get the rifle.

via BoingBoing who cited Threatlevel

(update: I had an errant apostrophe in the "weeeellll" between the last 'e' and the first 'l.' It was flagged for spelling and removing it worked...for a spell. Just odd, I thought.)

Fire in So Cal

Jimmy has a photo up.

Shuttle Launch

60 percent chance of rain may delay it. A live feed of the launch prep

and launch on NASA T.V. can be found here. (scroll down inside the window for link.)

It's going to dock with the ISS whose real time position can be tracked here.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Couldn't resist

Having phone problems and saw this from my last phone. What a cutie!!

Sunday Hike

We took a hike yesterday and it felt nice to beat ourselves up a bit. We did beat ourselves up a bit, definite ankle turning territory was well covered. Soreness ensued. Felt like doing it again, which is good.

We eventually arrived at the regular park area, which is what you see here.