Sunday, September 30, 2007


Fun clanking on a train!!

That last large battleship gray electrical item is actually current freight, which the trains still haul, even in antique status.

Mare, like I said

Without being political, let's just say I consider the Mare of Easton beyond reproach!

Mare of Easton

I couldn't help but stop and say hello to my buddies on the way home.

Halloween is upon us--

Home team

Here's a couple for the home team.

PJ and Dad

Dad draws really good! But does he have to render Blue, while blocking Blue and his Clues???

Thomaston Dam

Historic Vehicles

I saw out of the window of the historic vehicle I was in, another historic vehicle. It was familiar. I did not expect it and I had a chill as I recognized it all.

Historic Train

Is that a snow rig?

Valley Train

Extra fortified with Gator goodness!!


of the North Pole!!!

I only did a couple of runs with the lead weight banging on me to get a feel, after that I felt like a poser.

The Old Naugie!!

This will involve a couple of posts.

The Commie

revolution is the only inspirational revolt to the fourth estate and the Democrats.

The taxes are always for the children and the disenfranchised and you are an ignorant bigoted monster to object to ponying more up to the enlightened redistributers.

I won't feel any optimism until the proper people get what they have earned. They feel immune, and, to date, they have been correct. And that includes Republicans.

Liberal Baby Boomer's

Utopia discovered in African cave dwelling bug society.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Oh my lord

Brain eating amoebas. It's all true. Let's hope they never spend time in outer space!!!

via Drudge


I have blogged about this before, the movie is in production. Ridley Scott was slated to direct but no longer.

Train Ride

This looks like fun who wants to go?

Possibly too late but worth checking.

Update: The train ride was great fun. Went earlier than the blues run, though. Prepare for excessive train photos and possible video.

Mohammad's Porkchop

Funny, I can't recall Jews in the U.S. struggling to make sure none of the other students could eat from their former menu. They must have been more tolerant and eager to assimilate. These Mohammadans are really too big for their britches, it's sad they can rely on an indigenous Dhimmi (definition on sidebar here) population as a devastating fifth column of useful idiots. (Thomas Sowell is always worth reading.)

I am grilling pork this weekend in a paroxysm of nostalgia for what used to be a robust nation and western culture. (scroll down for quote.)

Hmmm...with the history of the last 25 years you would think Hollywood players would be eager to produce a sweeping epic biopic of Mohammad so we could all be tugged from our ignorant red-state bigotries like lost children. They would show us how peaceful and beautiful is the Muslim religion and culture and founder. That film must be in production now, I'll look around. (I found this but the IMDB doesn't mention anything. Maybe it didn't get anywhere. Noticed this though. Bookmark Pipes.)

Oh, wait, making a film depicting Mohammad would get people killed. So they had better not go through the trouble of sweeping his thieving, killing, having sex with a nine year old, chopping off heads and taking slaves and stealing his son's wife with a remarkable edict from Allah under the carpet.

At the point where murder is sanctioned if a particular human is rendered in a cartoon or anywhere, you are worshipping a human. That is idolatry, but it is typical of the culture to get something so simple so completely, murderously, drenched in blood back-asswards. It is helpful in scaring the kafirs and cowing them before you.

Oh, and this is absolutely not the meuzzin update.

From Michelle Malkin:


“Lan astaslem.”

I will not submit. I will not surrender.

Get the shirt.

Buy ones that support!

The former "adopt a sniper" here.

Politically incorrect tshirts.


To have very short commute in coming months.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Not shocked hearing this one...

More of the LA time series:

"Orson says it's harder now to be an open conservative on a Hollywood set than it was back then to be a Communist."

via instapundit, and reading the earlier installments is well worthwhile.

Friday morning

caliphate/dhimmi/muezzin misery update pending...

Babe's House

Jimmy has some photos of the house that Ruth built!! (and a couple of the house that Jimmy built. He's giving credit beyond where it's due!)

That photographer looks vaguely familiar, and Jimmy may have more photos to trickle out, all in good time...

Couple of Photos

I don't believe I have posted these which were taken at Marty's. I posted many from that day but not these, there is a good one of Chris, but I think he will object. (maybe the hummingbird? I need to get all the blog stuff organized and together)

Update: That is Adam on the right. On the left is Brian, a fantastic gent from that isle across the pond. He is the consummate rocker. His band's schedule is always updated here.

"Next to My Computer"

I call this one "Next to My Computer."

It was elaborately staged. Anyone who knows me realizes what a wry and withering commentary is constructed!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


I posted this and the link was screwy, but it's fixed. Being a draft it would continue to sit far below.


Instapundit has been linking to this series in the LA times.




It's more than amusing, it's pretty telling. Read each piece which consists of Andrew addressing or responding to Arrogant Bigoted Hollywood jerk.

Breitbart's newsfeed is always helpful.

Yeah, Right

Nothing to do with the meteorite...nothing to see here people!!!

Let the cover-up begin!!

Lovely Political Appointment

Down in Virginia.

Scroll up for lovely Kansas City news. He links to this on a list of crimes committed by illegal aliens in PA.

Boortz also links to a Presidential candidate calculator. See who you should vote for here.

Planetary Design

Several years ago, when I began drinking more loose leaf tea, I decided I needed a mug with a built in French press. I didn't know if anyone made them but that's what would do the trick so I started looking around. It would have to be at least 16 oz., maybe more. I found just the item on Amazon, made in China by a company out of Missoula Mt.

It's great but I think I may need a new presser. They sent another lid a while back, they were very helpful. Excellent product if anyone's looking for a tea or coffee press.

I received some fantastic tea for Christmas around that time, I recommend the "Camel's Breath."


Might be stuff to see there.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


envy. Enough to make one shutter.

(All taken on the trusty DSC-N1...That's a sweet D70 though. No?)
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Dark Early

Richly colored Autumn Moon.


and water. The new season is well under way, despite the warmth and humidity.