Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beyond Nixon

This scandal has enormous legs. The problem is timing and dissemination. The NRA and GOP etc. should be patient and methodical, and when the MSM ignores this, hardcore, which they will continue to do, and after enough info has leaked out (get a plumbing team and a slush fund just to get the info), spend a gazzillion on commercials to inform the public.

Spend some time looking into Fast and Furious.

Spend some time looking into the culture at the BATFE.

Spend some time looking into the culture regarding the choices of A.G. since Clinton.

One party continually chooses a dullard patsy for the job.

The other party gets excoriated by the media when they chose stronger more independent personalities.

Don't take my word for it, just think Reno and Holder vs. Ashcroft, and lament liberties lost under all three.

The Dems corrupt style is all consuming...The GOP's has vile implications as well...