Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our Esteemed Colleague

Jay has sent along a piece of news which would tantalize the "Gator", if he still stopped by this blog.

I will post this Dwarf theme park link and hope that the honorable sir finds it along the way.

Poor feller get's less 'puter time these days, but I know he loves the little ones.

Thank you Jay!

UPDATE: Just to be clear, as these last several days have been rich in discussion of altitude: Gator is the one with less 'puter time.

Image: Dwarfs at Chinese them park

Kingdom of the Little People employees Yang Jinlu, 18, left,
and Zhang Yinghua, 37, are seen at work in Kunming, China.
(Shiho Fukada)

Oh!---and no jokes here!!!!

My niece has to take an asian bus in the next few days and I don't want any of the little folks in steerage (a.k.a. the baggage compartment) to feel insulted. The may take it upon themselves to keep kicking under her seat and she has the potential to arrive unrested.

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