Saturday, April 3, 2010


So did Anne Kornblut blow Obama a while ago and now feels free to wax less than sycophantically after her White House access process, or was she simply honest in her appraisal of his heinous extemporaneous manner?

Also via Anne, (that being Anne Althouse not Kornblut), Obama denies any demographic relationship to the white woman who gestated and birthed him, and, more importantly, her mother who raised him splendidly enough to become President.

Typical white woman, that grandma.

Would that we were all raised so well.

This in his response to the census which involved a quarter of a billion in advertising and vile political machinations...(acorn, anyone?)

He checked off African-American and not biracial.

He'd rather history associate him with his black dad who left him to be raised by the women.

In Obama's vernacular, was that "typical" of his dreamy father?

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