Friday, April 16, 2010

"If You Have Ever Had A PET Scan..."

I love pets, Hi Tuck and Abby and Klara and Quinn and Max!!

However this involves a different type of PET. Over the years I avidly kept up via the science periodicals on the progress and ultimate slump of the Superconducting Super Collider.

It seems that if you have had a PET scan, then the Collider to Never Dwarf the Large Hadron collider and you may have encountered some aspect of one another.

So I was listening to this last night: Doctor Mary's Monkey.

Wow did they have a bit on particle accelerators and the poor ladies demise.

The gentleman on the radio mentioned something like five million volts and no exit or grounding wound but seemed confident it was an electrical vaporization of the right arm etc. Sounded a bit silly even asleep at 2 in the morning, but interesting and worth some fun poking about.

Here is a mention of a man who stuck his head in a particle accelerator.

I keep meaning to get over to Brookhaven.

I guess I missed this safety round up.

Here is more from Brookhaven.

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