Saturday, May 7, 2011

Stealth Helo

I had mentioned several years ago, ugh, the topic of stealth helicopters, and that is one of the first things which came to mind reading about Bin Laden:

Images look dead, I should try and update or correct them etc.

Here is an Army Times article regarding the stealth helicopter used recently:

Those tail rotors don't seem symmetrically placed (can't quite tell). The scissor shaped set up was distinctive of the long ignored stealth chopper from Vietnam ops.

Damage control?

How many people can you fit in a stealth Blackhawk? Must have been tight.

Update: Here is Porter Goss obviously the worst poker player ever, look at 1:10, , and it jibes with the stated construction of the compound.

Bin Laden was using thumb drives. How do you get info off of a thumb drive at a distance?

It's really just an rfid that needs to be lit up, no?

The folks can microwave them and receive from satellites, a window and not worrying about your subject would work, no?

So what compromised the asset to the extent that you make a public display?

Don't know, and don't know the above...just a thought for a minute.

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