Monday, May 16, 2011


Again, you know who you are!

A couple of pics of the city taken quickly below. Hopefully I can get some more pics that were taken by another very proud family member. But don't worry, I won't put your pics up all over, I will get them to you to do as you wish, (the ones I took). Actually your Mom took a any rate:

Everyone could not be more happy for you!

Your brilliance and hard work are inspiration for us all:)

The one above sits kinda nice as a desktop background the way the 'puter material sits to the left and the eye is kinda drawn to the right, I think. FWIW.


Jimmy said...

Great Pittsburgh shots.

mc said...

Thank you Jimmy!!

Jimmy said...

My guess is the vantage point was from that "ratched chair ride" across from one of the rivers. I spent a day at the point where the three converge nursing a massive hangover on a Sunday after getting hammered that Saturday at a Pirates game! said...

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Cynnie! said...

Awesome photos my friend!