Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lyme Disease

I won't even venture into the whole doctor/ or changing protocol issues.

I will merely state that my new approach to ticks is to eat them.

I will eat each I find.

Follow for info regarding this brash new protocol.

Eat 'em up Yum Yum!!

Remember, Doctors hate to disagree with one another, and are sick of Lyme questions!!!

Er, that almost begs a bit of finishing wisdom, sadly there is none.

Questions are arguments to a snotty doctor. I will email them an offer to be less of an ass, and hope they don't charge a hundred bucks, but I doubt the bitch will respond.

Certainly she is in over her head if the challenge is to respond articulately.

So much in a diagnosis, it's true, however, one need not be, well, her.

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