Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Well This is a Sticky Situation

I just tried to use an old and tired Krazy was all frozen and useless.

I tried to poke the hole in the new tube and it exploded, squirted all over me and the couch and primarily my left hand, though as you try to understand your new limitations and risks the right hand grew an understanding.


Was that a joke they pull once in a while on the production line?

What an effing mess, what a damned Fine Mess.

Where it's even the least bit deep it just stays, posing a danger, biding it's time.

It does not need to be that deep at all, a surprise to me, I thought it may just cure.

Rats all and heck with things, I say.


This sucks but here is a site that tries to help:


Jimmy said...

Better refrain on hoding a beer bottle for a while....I can see the movie now....MC Beerbotllehands!

mc said...

Good one Jimmy!!

Glad to see you at the bluefish! I crawled off of a boat in the rain in Bport and wandered up to a stranger to call and see that you were all stil there and I'm glad I did!

Threw a couple of dice there, could have proved problematic.