Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Her site has some video of her time in Wisconsin.

When this woman says "...when you're faced with terrorism, intimidation, have two choices; you give in and you surrender, or you fight. And, I find the stance to fight more persuasive, and you don't know whether you're going to win or not, but, at least, you know, defend yourself, fight...I'm glad I'm still alive.." You can know she has been through it.

She has so much to fear, that gasp of breath is genuine, the media should be lionizing her, BUT THEY ARE AFRAID.

This is just true, undeniable.

To finish that quote:

"...they can kill me, but they can't kill Infidel, the book exists..."

I wonder if, perhaps, very near the definition of a benevolent religion is one in which you are allowed or encouraged to feel:

"God Bless that Infidel. God Bless that Atheist."

Watching a brave individual do what is so necessary at such peril is inspiring.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on death threats and Islamic doctrine from The Badger Herald on Vimeo.

Here are several paragraphs from the venerable New York Times. They are from the review of the book Infidel, and they belie the shameless dhimmitude and politically correct insanity of the institution.

They were honest:

"Ms. Hirsi Ali’s struggles to gain a toehold in her new country, and her perceptions of the West, told through innocent eyes, put flesh and blood on an immigrant story repeated countless times throughout Western Europe. Alienation, dislocation and the burden of too many choices warp the lives of people rooted in traditional societies based on clans and tribes. Ms. Hirsi Ali’s own sister, who joins her in the Netherlands, sinks into deep depression and psychosis...

Ms. Hirsi Ali, disturbed at the economic and social plight of Muslims, warned the Dutch that their liberal policy of helping immigrants create separate cultural and religious institutions was counterproductive. She deplored the crimes of violence against Muslim women committed daily in the Netherlands, to which the authorities turned a blind eye in the name of cultural understanding. After the 9/11 attacks, she was vocal in insisting that, despite well-meaning assurances to the contrary, there really was a meaningful link between the Muslim faith and terrorism.

“Holland was trying to be tolerant for the sake of consensus, but the consensus was empty,” she writes. “The immigrants’ culture was being preserved at the expense of their women and children and to the detriment of the immigrants’ integration into Holland.”

Ms. Hirsi Ali’s provocative comments on Islam and on the need for Muslim women to reject their traditionally submissive role (the subject of a short film she made with Mr. van Gogh) channeled mounting Muslim anger directly at her."

(update: I do know that she is involved in a scandal, one in which the press would be unable to avoid the word "torrid" able. Stand up to Islamic treatment of Western values, and women, and then sharpen your tabloid knives. I don't espouse [heh] home-wrecking, but I do realize the tabloid culture is on the short list for beheading.)

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