Monday, February 22, 2010

Johanna Oldendorff

So the other day I mentioned a blog called "Tugster", and a fine blog it is, very interesting and informative, the individual does a fantastic job.

Click this photo below to hop over to the post I am referencing today:

Today I have noticed that he has some shots of the Johanna Oldendorff, which at this time is carrying the salt which is helping me to navigate the menacing hills hereabouts with my poor, poor "balogna skins" that I must pretend are my tires.

I enjoy the man's photography and presentation, and I encourage all to venture over there and tell your friends. Very neat stuff.

I have seen this vessel...once upon a time...

Johanna Oldendorff.

I thought I had more, and may, but I did not tag things and the search function is not pulling up the key terms.

Bookmark Tugster and poke around his links to his friends, they have some wonderful stuff.

Lastly, thank you Oldendorffs for helping me squeak through one last season on these tires!!!


will said...

hey matt- thanks for the toot. there were 2 additional olderdorffs in the harbor today. will post about it tomorrow: salt 3 cheers

mc said...

Thank you for the note, I will check over and put up a link to the additional Oldendorffs.

Good stuff!

Alfadan said...

She has just dropped anchor in the Baltimore Channel of the Chesapeake Bay. What a racket that anchor chain made as the anchor dropped! She had a pilot to get to the mouth of the Severn River where she must now wait for access to Baltimore. Love the name.