Sunday, December 16, 2007

Time Top Ten

JB has a new venture and she links to Time's top ten everything. She comes across cool stuff and I hope to see much of almost everything.

Here is info regarding Brazil's recent oil discovery. Time mentions the matter in the top ten "Underreported Stories" piece. What a lot of guts it must take to publish an item on how you ignored or downplayed such important matters!! They are heroes over at Time.

Here is a random bad ship moment.

Adam has posted some Led Zep lyrics, but I am about to call and inquire as to the light posting the last couple of days. My hunch: he's been keeping the world safe for liberty. (ed.-as always) I just stuck that "ed" part in as if there were some kind of editor involved in this process, makes the place look a little more impressive, no?

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jb said...

Thanks for the plug, MC!