Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Awww Crap!!

Very bad news regarding Christopher Hitchens, he has esophageal cancer.

Very bad news to hear. His thoughts and wit are important. I deeply disagree with him on a variety of matters, but he commands respect. He stands for openness and erudition and perceives the danger of our insane political class and the MSM and the university dhimmis et. al., and speaks quite articulately on those matters.

I pray for him regardless of his notions of prayer and religion.

Go and read any of his work and wish him well please.

via Little Miss Attila

Little Miss also links to the lovely and meaningful observation by WSJ's Mr. Taranto regarding the write up of two Southern Senator's passing.

Byrd and Thurmond.

Yikes. A liberal is better off repeating "...carry on...nothing to see here...move along now..." than trying to assert that the NYTimes is not nauseatingly leftist with these two obits side by side and by the same writer.

I know the drill though. When in a discussion "not liberal" as pertains the NYTimes means "not communist enough so it doesn't count." I am thinking of a discussion with a baby-boomer named Ricky and a conversation of about a dozen years back. Some will recognize the name. I will add a librarian to that...oh well...

Two Klansmen, two Senators, obits written by the same NYtimes liberal. Daily propaganda.

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