Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Photosynthesis and Our Energy Future!!


The subject came up earlier and I was mistaken in thinking that I heard this as a TED lecture, it is a Poptech lecture.

Daniel Nocera gives good good news. Our fingers should be crossed with anticipation.

As I take photos I find myself working to frame them without the power lines at times.

I hope the power lines will be quaint someday very soon.

I had read somewhere that the platinum needed for all of the fuel cells would be an Achilles heel at the very least.

There seems to be good news on that front as well.

I also notice this 5.11 product, a very nice flashlight which charges in 90 seconds. (I have a 5.11 watch, thank you sir!) I have not looked closely but I would assume it must be one of the new generation of exceedingly robust capacitors which we have been reading about for a few years at least now...How could you not want that flashlight? Sadly, Luddites continue to walk among us.

Anyhow, enjoy the lecture if you are so disposed:

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