Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Boy Oh Boy

I hope that JournOlist material emerges, I want to heat up the popcorn right now.

I don't know how IowaHawk is so damned good at creating the hilarious juvenile atmosphere, and don't care. It made me laugh.

As for Charles Johnson and Andrew Sullivan---I too had great respect for them once upon a time.

I hope the left doesn't steal and hold hostage Breitbart's puppy and turn his leaf like they managed with those other formerly fine fellows.

Breitbart speaks very well and clearly here regarding his $100,000 bounty and integrity, and I very much wish him success in his tilting at the political elite and fourth estate.

Tar and feathers.

For the fourth estate first, then the political class.

There is no hope for us until the very air is downy with ignominy.

Lastly, just to be fair, here is Weigel as interviewed over at National Review.

Typical journalist, playing every angle against the center.

To hell with him. He is a weasel.

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