Monday, June 28, 2010

Freedom From/Freedom To

I have quite often said-(really?--yes, really) that the difference between good old fashioned liberty loving patriots and the lame "liberal" jack assess we are being overrun by is in the very sense itself of what "freedom" implies.

I have said that an older style patriot considers freedom a space through which "to" live out passions and dreams unaccosted.

A "liberal" perceives life to be lived within the nerfy safety of government and community which provides freedom "from" ill outcomes and the risks which may lead to them.

In the travesty which is the 5-4 decision of McDonald vs Chicago today--Imagine seeing that the court was one vote from telling you that you could not speak your mind--it is stated by each of the 4 dissenters that the second amendment puts people in jeopardy.

Ilya Somen has it summed up quite nicely over at Volokh. Read it all if you have the time, it is important.

The rights of individuals to self defense endowed by our creator are clearly seen through the prism of, not being free "to protect themselves" but needing the government to provide a space for them to be free "from harm".

We have all seen how well that works out everywhere from D.C. to Chicago to Canada to England to Australia, and Oh, yes, the U.N. is working hard to keep us "Free from" our own self reliance as well.

Terrible times.

Liberal, progressive, call it what you will, it is abandonment of personal freedom.

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