Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Stand By Imagery

Update Anew: Man do I loath the little prick who did this. It is difficult to separate the loathing from the understanding that he is/must be mentally ill. Funny how that happens. I think I have heard of it before...


I am beyond sick and tired of the castration performed by politically correct media and social engineers regarding how people express themselves.

A good deal will be made by liberals of Sarah Palin's map with the cross hairs. The image is valid, the link to murder is absolutely specious, and I refuse to alter clear communication for inert but accepted milquetoast norms established by a political and media class that I resent.

update: Jack Shafer in Slate speaks clearly:

So---with all due sympathies to the families and victims, and all due loathing of the perpetrator and potential accomplices-- I will post the screen cap of the map which will be used to flail Palin, a girl I get tired of seeing in the media herself:


Here's a snap of that DailyKos feller:

These individuals are targets to be countered and defeated. I won't even address the killing aspect as having anything to do in a sane mind with the imagery.

As far as assassination imagery used in the liberal left pantheon of protest, it is unending. ( I have read that post twice and am now looking through some of the others that are more clear with the same sentiment...blogprof is usually better...the new link will go here ______________

(also you will be inversely rewarded in your perusal. That sight takes a strong stomach at times and much of the material is off topic, a libertine sty, but there are lots of pics of protests staged by those who hate the tea party and are conveniently angled out of the msm wire photos. If you don't see that which I refer to look further and drop an email or comment)

Here is a zombietime compilation:

So, flat out, before I see others respond, may the left who choose to highlight gunsight imagery rot in their own vile attempt to control the ways and means of communication. Language and imagery do not add up to murder.

Having said that the reactions to the representative republic which is our nation will be dire. This hurts. It is now an excuse for those who are already removed from our opinions and norms, those who believe they live a separate existence apart from the laws they make for us, to not have to face us closely to explain their decisions and actions in our capitol.

This act threatens our citizen participation in our own political choices and liberties.

I hope the individual who did this is treated with extreme prejudice by those who have him in custody.

Liberals are hopefully racing to make sure he is protected and given warm meals and not frightened or insulted, as they have for muslim terrorists.

Speculation on a "tea-bagger" ought to be taken very lightly as she was pro immigration enforcement and pro gun, although there were people angry at her Obamacare position.

Again, this is awful and dire for our participation in our own rule, and the media as always can be relied upon to view this in the most juvenile terms and narratives.

I wonder if it could have been an extreme left winger angry at a blue dog for obstructing single payer and not opposing war and for tax cut extensions etc...or it could just be another massacre lunatic.

Update: Unfortunately it looks like we have a real whackjob Timothy McVeigh style kid of 22.

He uses some freaky beyond tea bagger rhetoric of clearly insane processing.

That's a shame. Again, this damages the necessary feedback and town halls which have helped this nation since before it's existence. The bastard will have driven a security wedge between us and our representatives at a time when that gulf was already far far too dividing.

I hope he gets some serious treatment.

Update: There are now nascent rumblings asserting that the individual was Left Wing. Sadly, if he was left wing his actions will have fewer repercussions upon our liberties and associations with our representatives. I say this because the media will lose the story at a much more accelerated rate, that's a fact, period. Also there will be a far milder attempt to abrogate liberties and pass laws attenuating, say, the 2nd amendment, for the same reason. The politicians will be reluctant to bring up left wing whack jobs.

Sadly, on a level with less visibility, the politicians will draw back from the public contact. The public's hostility is bound to increase for other matters, and this matter will weigh upon the security which intercedes our access to our reps.

This is a bummer.

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