Monday, January 10, 2011


Jimmy called and mentioned that Instapundit has some material regarding the mess in Arizona, which has become, or it sums up, the mess that is our political class and our media class.

I listened to NPR and it was awful. Maura Liasson was on Fox with patently ignorant questions coming from a clear political arena. "why does anyone have a need for those high capacity magazines"--if you don't know guns go and read up to find out why that is such a telling and pathetically ignorant question. She should not have any access to public moneys.

I looked at NPR online and the comments section is just deeply discouraging.

How does a person blame hyperbolic political rhetoric for murder while condemning others with hyperbolic political rhetoric?

By being a liberal.

So, on Jimmies sound wisdom I shall take some time and go over Instapundit's links, which should take a spell and yield a field of common sense.

In light of the blowhard liberal nonsense over a LIBERAL murderer (one of theirs kills and they are blaming us. That seals it. Liberals know nothing of responsibility. They only know how to muck things up and lay blame. The more they screw up the more blame they can throw around and the more opportunity for them to glean power in the process. Rahm's never let a crises go to waste gets right to it. They would love to make this nation fail, blame everyone else and divvy up the booty and the power. If you are a liberal and not shamed by what you see then you are an enemy to Western liberties and freedoms. You are a cub scout tyrant.)

I knew this would happen Saturday. The gloves are off, my rhetoric will soar.

Oh--this also seals the deal on me taking a class to get a multistate carry permit.

I need to renew mine and while I am at it I will get a 30+ state concealed carry permit, just to feel it get warm as I love my constitution and country more and more while the liberals love freedom of speech and our nation less and less.

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