Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beyond Words or Understanding

I don't feel politics enters into this grievous and lurid horror story regarding a doctor in Philly.

(ChicagoBoyz address here.)

It is a difficult read and you may wish to pass, it involves the notions of late term and infanticide, add insanity and filth and the notion of torture also comes to mind.

I don't believe this insane individual should affect the discussions regarding "sensible" abortion laws any more than the insane individual in AZ should affect the notions of "sensible" gun laws.

I do not intend to get into any discussion of abortion or gun laws right here, and yet---

Funny how the one will get all the attention despite the lurid and traffic driving potential of the other.

Really, if you have the stomach go read and ponder on how much media space would be granted if it weren't surrounding that coddled and untouchable media baby, late term abortion. Obama is all for it, that's a fact. (Many articles on his quiet support of the latest and worst modes of the actions depicted here. Just don't use a gun.)

Bad press however, nope, the JournoListers will not abide.

CNN, a network that had a politically adversarial driven show called "crossfire" is now stooping to new depths insisting that discussion generates insanity and crimes against humanity---when they can use it against the second amendment and anyone to their right.

Are you a journalist?

You would have a whole heck of a lot to prove to me before I would trust your ass, let alone have any regard for your skills involving observation, research or deduction.

Rot in hell journalists, is that inflammatory?

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