Sunday, March 6, 2011


12,000 year old fishing tackle.

The jokes write themselves.

I haven't thought much recently of the clovis debate, but I may look it up and refresh myself of recent finds and thoughts after reading this news.

That would make for an update to this post anon, but I am having screen (as in window--er, house, problems along with some washer dryer issues at the moment. Getting late already as well...)

Actually it is my fault for losing my keys and having to break in repeatedly, I damaged the screen hinge/hooks. I tried to crazy glue and gorilla glue but I think I need to step up to an genuine solder and keep my fingers crossed.

So long since I had to fix or replace a screen. Peanut butter and jelly along with some cheese and eggs and OJ cost 50 bucks tonight, what the hell must a screen go for?

Ugh, sigh, and all that.

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Jimmy said...

12,000 year old MC watch?