Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Processing Fee

So just the other day someone approached me with a 100 dollar Kohls gift card. They had no method of getting to kohls to use said card and offered to let me spend 20 dollars of it on myself if I drove him as a sort of gratuity in which we would both have a sort of value in the excursion.

I put it off and after putting it off I put it off some more. finally I really couldn't put it off any longer and so I went. It has been ages since I have been in that building and I was a little disoriented, it has changed quite a bit over time.

The gentleman was interested in Hawaaiian shirts and socks I believe. I am in need of so many basic staples I simply wandered around until I noticed some items of utility which overlapped with my meager price point.

Voila! Cuisinart had a cutting board (I have a very nice one, quite small-all I need-but I have misplaced it, no clue where the little bugger scampered off to) which is probably in the 20 dollar zone for this day and age. But wait!! there's more!! This little combo had a lovely ceramic knife with a rubbery handle of fine grip and a midnight coal dust in a collapsed mine satan's own sun doesn't shine hue contrasting lovely with the alabaster razor sharp ceramic edge. No peeler however. Perfect!!

So my question to all of you is of an over under variety. Part of the scenario I have already lost--I did indeed cut myself, drawing blood, more than just a bit, while opening the infernal packaging. Why must they package in that manner? So first blood is off the table, but that still leaves the instrument itself.

The over under is---how long until I cut myself with the ceramic blade? It was purchased Tuesday and there is a lovely prize for the winner.

All answers must be submitted to the comments section of this here post you are reading right now. God Bless, good luck, and may I clot like a champ!!!

Photos will be involved, in fact here is one from the crappy phone cam:

Grrr Blogger will fix shortly