Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jimmy's Horseradish


Jimmy's horseradish with some lox spread (make sure it's salmon heavy, no silly poorly mixed crap, which I was disappointed with at my local bagel shop. An unfamiliar girl charged me more than usual for my bagels, did not have the compliment I desired in the bagel assortment and the lox spread turned out to be incompletely mixed and waaay light on the seafood. Grumble.)

Where was I?

Jimmy's horseradish and a robust lox spread on a lightly toasted onion and garlic bagel, proportions essential for the magic...and...wooooowwwww!!! :)

Texture and flavor and heat and aroma and sinus circus beyond the pale!!!

A grand slam of a delight!

Very very cool and I still have several bites left!


Beer soon, soon, soon---


Jimmy said...

I'm glad you survived. Have some kielbasa going in the broiler and will have some of this concotion shortly!

Jimmy said...

By the way this is old Bertha's recipe. She is smiling right now!

mc said...


Swanny used to get some crazy good kielbasa around Easter. I believe a Korean Deli was involved, I will have to check over there this week.

He was always very clear to me "I don't read your blog" spoken forcefully as if I had asked. It was for people like him that I even started the blog, to take pressure off of the inboxes of folks.

You want stupid crap? Go to the blog. This way I am not deluging everyone with garbage.

He seemed to find something about the blog stupid or offensive, I don't know which, and it matters not.

I will raise a blessing to Bertha and ask you later who she was, grandma?

Adam said...

Are you drunk yet?

Jimmy said...

Adam, asked and answered!

mc said...

difficult desert crossed. difficulty begun.

mc said...

May I merely add that no horses were harmed in the production of Jimmy's horseradish.



Harmed never.