Friday, April 22, 2011

Muchas Gracias Jimmy!!

Jimmy rocks!

If Jimmy recommends something, be it a market, a neighborhood, a restaurant or clubhouse, you name it, if he endorses it you can take it to the bank.

I just met up with him and had my favorite little growler filled. The market is enormous with a huge cheese selection and a bar built right in stocked with items not available over the border because of the idiots representing this state, curse them, may they rot in hell. No joke, they need to dismantle scores of laws, instead they go to the capital and pass laws that are already covered. Interested in freedom inasmuch as they wish for us to be free from the potentials of others freedoms.

They wish to make us safe from liberty, right down to our beer selection, the pricks.

How did that rant start?

Oh yes! I saw the selection which our state denies us.

He also makes a hell of a horseradish, wow is it hot this year!!

So here I am for a moment, not having a nice chilled pint, though I would love one. Sunday? Saturday? Later today?

Well, simply not right now is all for the moment. On with the day...

Alright, yum. Just had a freshly toasted onion bagel with lox spread and very hot horseradish and some ginger ale.

Again, yum.

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Jimmy said...

For anyone who has sinus problems, this batch will cure you!