Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Buy a Gun Day

I have a store credit that cannot be cashed out, the money was originally used to purchase a rocking horse for a little girl.

It can be tough to figure on what a child will cotton to, but I suppose Buy a Gun Day is as good a day as any to use that credit. Not sure there is anything else in that shop to put the money towards, but I will check.

I should check on what birthdays are coming up, it would help for that, but failing a gift I think supporting the 2nd in the first ten is dandy and important, so's to speak.



alfred said...

This Just In...

Hot Texas broad covers Fred Eaglesmth!

How apropos?

Jimmy said...

As long as you don't buy anymore knives. I think you are safer with guns.

mc said...

Point well taken Mr. Jimmy,

It's a little like cars vs. aircraft. More likely to hurt yourself with something as mundane as a car, but boy when that air craft has a bad day it's a real doozy. (ironic with that doozy ref. having it's car origins...)