Friday, April 22, 2011

Very Important Guidelines

Andrew Klavan on how to behave during an Islamic massacre.

You wouldn't want folks thinking you were in the least small minded or that you would judge anything at all on any level based on the screams of alahu ackhbar (go ahead, comment on the spelling. Make a complete ass of yourself, the opportunity beckons) and the explosions, smells and running blood of that peaceful religion and social structure which those savages wish to subjugate the planet under...

Ululate Ululate Ululate BOOM!!!!!!!!

Take a moment to reflect upon the lives of Jesus and Mohamed today. Was one evil?

What a piece of crap Mohamed was, and his followers are just that, followers of his vile decisions and depredations as exactingly as they can manage with the assistance of the Hadith and their insane mullahs. The grandparents of todays muslims aspired to an increasingly benign and productive life by engaging in Western societal practices while striving to leave a world in complete contradiction to the hideous disaster that young Islamics struggle to strew across the current landscape.

If you are a Westerner and can drive by a mosque without discomfort on some level you are a problem for freedom and a tool for vile cult addled tyrants and their soldier.

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