Monday, February 7, 2011


Update: I will post photos of the cute pooch. The Owner, CC, is a fantastic photographer. I have had problems with firefox because I am trying to function on a level that is 7 years, at least, older than this computer can handle. I am also stubborn.
much cuteness here soon...

Hi everybody,

I am going to put up a couple of photos of a cute doggie named Lincoln. It turns out that, through no fault of his own, he needs a new home. He is medium sized and lanky. Healthy with medium to short hair and gorgeous eyes.

He is 4? maybe 5. His owner is a newly single mom with very young twins and a difficult work schedule, so it is terrible but she feels it best that another good family can spend more time with the little poochie. I wish I could own a dog very much and have wanted to for a long time, but owing to some timing uncertainties and a tiny apartment with a pet policy I will be unable to step up for poor Lincoln. Please ask all you know as you can never tell when the right person will find out that the timing is perfect.

Photos very soon, please help poor Lincoln!!!! Please and with cherries on top!

Thanks for your consideration and any and all efforts.

The A Fine Mess management is humbly indebted to you all for the assistance.


I will have the computer with me in the morning tomorrow so I can retrieve the photos of the pup up a creek.

Poor little guy never did anything wrong. I think I recall that he once ate a sock when he was about one year old. Now he needs a little loving in a secure structured surrounding, so please ask around, you never know the next person you ask may be the one. I found a home for a bunny that way once. I said "would you happen to want to provide a nice home for a bunny rabbit?" and the look in return, the stunned and silent drop jawed look with a guarded sparkle in the eye said it all.

I'll never forget. Her little boy had just lost his bunny rabbit to some scary coyotes who could not get into the hutch but managed to frighten the little buck-tooth softy to death.

It was sooo worth risking looking like a silly fool with the non sequitor question to a complete, or near complete, stranger. The next day we brought over the rabbit and the hutch so they would have nice fluffy accomodations.

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