Monday, February 21, 2011

Lincoln Doggie In Need of Home

(Update: Thanks very much to Alphecca for the link, the more who know the better a shot at a loving home for this little guy)

So down a few posts but a number of days ago as I have not been posting much I told of the lovely dog Lincoln, who needs a home.

I have some photos now and the computer hasn't crashed so I certainly wish to get this post out clearly and quickly.

I would be willing to drive hours to place him in a loving home, so distance is maybe not as great a problem as you may think. The dog lives close to Hartford, CT.

I believe that his caregivers spelled his name "Lyncon" or "Lyncoln" or some such waay too cutesy uniqueness or such.

That in itself surpasses the abuse and indignity any mammal ought to experience in a lifetime, but he needs a home.

I will be spelling his name Lincoln and may even make reference to the famous "Lincoln Tree" which is another matter, we'll see if this computer keeps ticking.

I had hoped to have more and better photos but I also want to post this while this old Dell is ticking right now.

Officially here is the note I was sent, along with the photos above of this sweetheart. You never know, all it takes is remembering to ask as you move through your days. Ask and listen, the happy owner could be speaking to someone else at the coffee shop or who knows? I placed a rabbit that way once and absolutely turned around a very sad child's time by asking a stranger right out of the blue.

Lincoln is a wonderfull little doggie:


Thank you so much, I just sent some more pics that C.C sent me. He is a Husky. I believe full. They did get him from a pet store I remember. He's bigger than Quinn, he's gotten bigger probably b/c of no exercise the past year or so like he should have. He is a good boy, he's good with the babies so his tempermant is good. He was good with Quinn when he lived here.

Just feel so bad for him, Corley loves him she just can't handle everything anymore. Still can't even believe it.----

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