Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1,001 Inventions

An exhibit in Queens.

It's a racist examination of the feats and exploits invention-wise of Islam and it falls far shy of 1,001 inventions suggested over the course of time which includes it's history of "conquest" or abuse, enslavement, murder and religious tyranny at the height of their power.

What? That racism part doesn't fit with the religious monstrosity?

Well what can I say, the left leaves a dent with their childish repetitions of drivel, and they find criticism of Islam racist, so an inequity in the celebration would be just as wrong, no? Isn't that how they would regard a celebration of Westerners and their technological exploits?

At any rate I must make time to get down there and view the exhibit. That religion and region has probably contributed some crazy hi-tech camel bridle/bridal or something in the year 1600 that I must find inspiring. Be inspired or be a racist, and never mind the bomb vests.

If you attend this science program and ask the wrong question you should fear for your life, if you ask me. Better do a double take before commenting on that 14th invention from the 10th century and how close you seem to be to the end of those velvet ropes. The liberal media sanctions Muslim violence in no uncertain terms, and they are learning through that reward system what behaviors make them once again powerful.

Mohamed stole his son's wife, and the technology he used was that cult tract that "Allah" was feeding him. I think it was like some kind of meteoric, Jew hating Ipad.

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