Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"The Black Cloud of Islam"

I have noticed the strangest people saying the most optimistic things about the Muslim Brotherhood.

Odd, and they have actually asserted that, and I quote "Democracy will come to them, we all know, it is inevitable." Regarding the Middle East.

Really? More inevitable than honor killings in the Western suburbs?

There is a saying over there, in that "cradle", and I believe it is near-abouts to this: "One man, one vote, one time." One poll in Egypt reported that 80 percent of the populace believes that someone leaving the Islamic faith needs to be executed by the state. Western Europe will soon be voting for sharia, and for liberals to object? Well, several years is a comfort as an error rate? Liberals destroyed liberal Western values with political correctness and multiculturalism.

Here is a Pew poll with 84 percent returning death to apostates while 90 percent state a belief in "religious freedom". Islam means submission, you are free to submit. You may also die as an infidel. If anyone suggests to you that monotheism means that we share the same God as Allah, do not buy it. These polls may be poor, but Pew has respect, and the notion carries. You had the freedom to submit and live. A gentle question posed to any Muslim will reveal that they do not believe that the one God is the same for infidels and Muslims, and that means a tremendous amount to the Muslim. One God, it almost sounds like a trick question, but, no, it is "deadly serious man"---(I believe only one person will understand that reference, yes?)

Remarkable how they can go millennia wallowing in filthy despotism, peace be upon that slave owning head lopping Mohamed.

I also heard this: "I understand the Muslim Brotherhood has been nicer lately."



I don't know the answers, but that is the damned Suez Canal, despite Chris Mathews head muffling his usual shrill idiocy from deep in his colon.

Big big geo-chess games. I have zero confidence in Obama, in fact my loathing of Hillary is well understood, but I am rooting for some sly play and I would indeed believe Obama would sell out the West and declare it a victory for prayer bumped savages with a deep satisfaction. Maybe he can give them NASA on a more formal public level, they can figure out the "Arab Street" and more efficient stonings of the ladies.

Thanks again Muslim society and Middle East for keeping the real civilization on halal eggshells.

I have read some brutal things about Mubarak, and I certainly don't know the answer, I just wish we had someone better than a Kenyan Alfred E. Newman at the helm and a woman who wanted the whole shibang because of how she might answer the phone at 3 a.m. trimming the lines.

Ralph Peters, always a necessary read, does not reassure (via MaggiesFarm):

Yes, a democratic Egypt will see the Muslim Brotherhood represented in parliament. Well, guess what? In democratic elections, sometimes Al Franken gets a seat. Better to have the Islamists inside the tent, uh…waving out…than outside shooting in.

Which is all a way of coming around to that classic and prescient song "The Black Cloud of Islam". I have good friends who are Turks and understand the value of separating the religion from the cogs of civil society, although it is in peril there as well, it would be nice to have pro Western journalists to help at a time like this. They are the enemies of the West as we know, however.

Alfred has up a fine post regarding Roy Harper's trenchant work:


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