Friday, February 4, 2011


My contempt and outright loathing is no secret.

This satire of the media template by the Onion stands alone and should be shown to every 101 class in the supposed once and former craft of "reporting" now called "journalism".

I have posted on the change from reporter to journalist and "man on the street" to "vox populi".

Did I mention I hate journalists?

May I again?

I hate journalists, those folks at the NYTimes and Newsweek and Time and CNN and CBS and on and on...

They should show this to everyone who passes through the damn SALT institute, they fall into similar B.S. patterns. It's so real it's past funny and into we all deserve it for not isolating and humiliating the media class by now stage.

Anyone have an invite to a gathering with a journalist for me?

At any rate, here is the rubric for a story regarding anything which journalists put out in their sleep and expect us to fall at their glamorous feet, the prick pieces of fecal matter:


pjceltic said...

This weeks "This American Life" does a piece on the editing of the Onion...

mc said...

Really? I will go and look, that sounds certainly worth a gander.