Sunday, August 22, 2010

Adam Nails It

So this McAllister bloke is wondering about Obama's address regarding unlimited corporate spending and freedom of speech around elections.

I have a litmus test for sucker. It's real quick and easy and virtually unbeatable. If you fall for Obama's hypocritical rhetoric, you are a sucker.

Anti-Obama Bumpersticker - Suckers buttons

Adam has a fine riposte regarding this video of Obama on Youtube.

To quote:

"Adam Devalt
Dude, be careful not to piss on the couch, because it sounds like you're tripping that hard again.
Do you seriously believe that this inexperienced and pompous POS could have ever ascended to his "throne" without the aid of both corporation...s and foreign entities. Obama is Soros' sock-puppet.
I agree the system is broken. BTW, I consider myself neither right nor left. I try to distrust and hate all comers equally.
Backing away in disgust is not the same thing as apathy.
--On a lighter note check out track #5, Phil takes a bass solo at about 15:50 that will melt your face
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10 hours ago"

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