Monday, August 23, 2010


It has been ages since I have worn moccasins. So long ago that I felt more haunted by the notion of them than I seemed to feel like a consumer with a purchase in mind.

Boy am I glad to be wearing them now.

Sadly and ironically I have never liked wearing socks, and I have hiked and biked my way through years of fouled boots and sneakers replaced of noxious necessity long before their potential was kicked through.

Knowing this I have embarrasingly flinched while donning the moccasins inside.

What would filter and delay the spigots of sci-fi hazardous waste otherwise known as my feet thereby giving my suede booties a fawn's chance in a forest fire?

Hmmm...uh oh...whatever may help it must also be comfortable. Very comfortable, otherwise why the moccasins at all?


Hideously I have arrived at BLACK DRESS SOCKS.

Thin, so thin that I feel comfortable in the scout boot.

They breath.

Yet they are enough to interrupt, however briefly, the corrosive powers of my dogs, (I hope.)

I must now address my ears. --- Hold on a second --- Could I be some manner of cyborg whose power cells have breached their containment systems?

Nah. Just Irish.