Friday, August 6, 2010

God Bless America

Before the date passes let me make note.

I met Paul Tibbets, and was deeply honored to shake his hand.

I thank(ed) him for his service and courage on this date in 1945.

I am not seeing much in the news today.

I did hear quite a bit, and worth while, of a lynching of 80 years ago.

The media (NPR) gave a morbid note of mob hysteria, intended to make us all feel poorly of ourselves, and deeply so...

It was a very engrossing story, and staggering in it's implications.

(if i missed something else...let me know)

Then nothing for the shame that the liberals consider Hiroshima?

I must have missed it...or...

We must be winning the media space!!!

I doubt that...

This tells you much of our compass.


Jimmy said...

Well said do you still have the bat?

mc said...

Hell yes, staring at it in the container right now!!

I should describe that day...