Monday, August 23, 2010

Owl's Head Transportation Museum

I loved it.

If only my timing were felicitous enough to have had me watching the WWI flyers and taking a ride in a biplane...Still! What works of staggering beauty!...Each station a cocktail of time and history and craftsmanship, color and contour, brilliance and movement. Gears and cams, ignition, torque, leverage, warping, fabric, dope and velocity...Beauty all...

A few photos are, I think, in order. Expect, however, no particular order.

The folks were so nice, something I have found in train and truck museums and nothing of a surprise.

I felt very comfortable wandering and snapping. I think others should have come along, they would have enjoyed it.

I will hit "PUBLISH" right now, but more is in the pipeline.

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